generosity is what you are willing to spare

“Generosity is not about giving what you have. Generosity is giving what you

can or are willing to  spare.”


genrosity is what you are willing to spare


Dear friend!

Who so ever told you that you have to, have to give.

After giving if you feel as if you need to look for resources from elsewhere for your own need then, then this giving is a form of depriving yourself. This by no measure can be GENEROSITY. Please do not use this as a push that forces you into doing more. If you are a procrastinator in something, then make your ‘willingness to share’, be your motivation.

The more you have, that much more you can share.

When you have something. That is entirely yours.

When you have enough and you have extra and you are comfortable in giving your entitlement, portion or share, then and only then you could spare. Also, when you have and you are willing to spare from what you have, it is then that giving is you being generous.

Many a times under social or peer pressure or due to false notion of what ‘giving’ is, you may hastily give away of what you actually need without you having any extra to share. There are situations when you have a lot and instead of sharing you wish to save, then you really need not give. In many situations it might seem that you do not have a lot, but you truly have the willingness to spare. In this situations, your willingness to share is enough to have you and the other party content.

‘Giving’ to seek approval or under pressure will leave you discontent.

When you feel the loving satisfaction of giving, that my friend is GENEROSITY.

Be kind and considerate where you primarily need to be, then extending the same to others just happens.

Be generous to yourself. Others gain from your contentment. They receive lovingly and willingly from you and so will you. This increases your receiving, for you know that you are not snatching anything from the giver, but the giver is sharing with love.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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