What’s in a word?

“What’s in a word? The essence is in the meaning.”

what's in a word

Dear friend!

Words have a dictionary meaning. These definitions and description have affect on you individually. Based on the significance it has had in your life, the effect and the impression of the word could vary.

The same word may mean something pleasant to you but to some other it could mean something hurtful and there are yet others, who could be indifferent to it.

There are going to be instances when a word keeps nagging you and you are left with the only choice and that is to face it. Best way to change the effect of a word is to change the impression of it in your space. Invoke the writer within you, rouse the story teller within you and come up with a story that can create an impression that changes the effect of the ‘word’ in your space. When that starts to happen. (1)First the shift of the impression and effect is towards a neutral one. (2) Followed by the second effect where you have a choice. Here make the effect loving or funny.


“Don’t throw like a Girl.” Many could take offense here to the word ‘Girl’.

Step 1: Neutralise the meaning : What if you change the meaning to “Don’t even try to throw like a Girl, they are too good at this and you may never get there, so you as well throw like you.”

Step 2: Make it loving or funny: So the reply could be “But, I wanna. Someday I will get there.”

Another example

“Meet Ms “A”, she is handicapped and has one arm”, an entrepreneur was introduced to the prospective clients.

Step 1: She replied “Yes, hello I am handicapped”, by acknowledging she is neutralising the effect. If she resisted the self acceptance as a handicapped person, it would have bothered her more and thus affected her interaction with the prospective clients.

Step 2: She continued “ However I have both arms, one is the phantom’s limb, felt and seen by the wise. Like the emperor’s new clothes.”  She made is funny. And this kept her in good vibration to excel in her business meeting.

Life situations are described in words. These words that are used to describe these life situations becomes closely associated with them. So much so that understanding of the words become synonymous with the particular life situations.

Some you may want to change. Others you may like to treasure.

Every time there is a word that bothers you. Find out what that means to you.

To make it easier for you to change the meaning sometimes you could find out if/what can you be grateful for, related to that word!

For example for the word ‘old’ be grateful for it’s ‘antique’ quality for material things and it’s ‘experience  on the planet’ in humans

In changing the effect, the word(s) have on you, it paves yet another step closer to getting over the resistance(s) towards being your unlimited self.

Smooth ride ahead friends.
Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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