be willing to be convinced

No one can force you. But be willing to be convinced.

be willing to be CONVINCED

Dear friend!

The IADLife Post “Not A Leaf Can Stir In Your Universe Without Your Permission”, would sufficiently describe the introduction to this post.

So it’s true, no one can do anything in your space without permission.

This is the fact. Please be willing to accept it. See some of the examples in your life, INTROSPECT. Is your role visible to you in these situations. Are you willing to take the responsibility of what happened, regardless how much of external influence seemed to play their part.

So no one can force you.

Every step you take, every experience that is attract, every learning and every achievement is all yours.

When you express, the Universe brings you what you express. Sometimes instead of embracing, you tend to resist. This is because, when you expressed, either you were not clearly or consciously aware or you did not expect such a speedy manifestation or your way of manifestation was stringent and predetermined.

As a result you do not accept.

Thus, you could lose out on what you asked for.

So next time when you see someone (humans, animals) or something (life situations, experiences) bringing an opportunity or suggestion once or more than once, and if you feel you are being forced, please be open to considering that it could be a ‘way forward’.

Your feeling of you being forced here is actually your resistance to move forward. Still no one can force you.

But if you could see how it could work in your favor then please be willing to be convinced.

Know this, affirm this – “Only good will come out of this.” And then see how the wonders open up to you. There is experience there. There is exposure there. There is expansion there. There is your enhanced self there.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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