only how you achieve matters

It does not matter how it was done by others! You don’t have to be others. You have to be you.

Only thing that  matters  is how YOU ACHIEVE.

how you achieve

Dear friend!

If you are wondering about the ‘how’ of the third party achievement. Then, you have been focusing too much on others.

When you see a third party  achievement you could admire and/or get inspired. Then you can find out how they achieved what they achieved. After this, you wondering about their achievement has to stop. Bring the focus on how you would do, what requires to be done, in your way to achieve, what you wish to achieve.

When you decide to follow in the footsteps of the one that has inspired you, you may acquire the knowledge of the start and finish and experiences in the journey of the achiever.

From here on create your own goal, path and experiences. If your admiration is too high and self-faith not so much then there is a possibility that you might end up imitating. The imitation comprises of not just the outline of the journey of the achievement and end point of the journey, it also encompasses the hardships, the setbacks, the milestones and the results both in quantity and quality.

You can only appreciate and admire an achiever. You aspire the achievement. When you become a copy cat to an achiever you need to remind yourself that.

Create your own milestones, your expectations on reaching each milestone, your experiences every moment in the journey.

Create what you wish to feel on every step, every milestone, when you finish, after you finish.

Observe but don’t get influenced.

When you find others misshapes and misfortunes missing from your experience of the journey, don’t go into self doubt that, you are doing it wrong.

For you, only your way is the right way.

Set your own intention about your achievement. Let your achievement be your story. Trust what you have designed for you.

The same suggestion would go to anyone who is now getting inspired by you.

If you could know that every person on this planet has unique experiences and that makes the person UNIQUE. You could learn from other’s experiences. But, you are neither going to be live their experiences nor are you ever going to be them.

You achieve. Then celebrate with who ever you wish to. Have fun along the way.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034




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