Finding Creating BALANCE

Life is all about finding and/or creating that ‘BALANCE’

Finding Balance
Dear friend!

When you consciously start your healing journey, there are several types of studies and teachers that may come your way. Some may mean one thing to you and the other may mean something completely different. Can one set of understanding be befitting all situations?

So what/which to follow? Or in this confusion do you start to doubt and contemplate quitting. Only to come back with some determination, which is short lived, and then succumb to the same confusion of “what/which to follow”.

Real answer is the ‘balance’.

Let’s get into some examples that will support the understanding of finding and/or creating that balance.

In your effort to be in good health, fitness and energy you start to exercise. The day you have had a full schedule and you are tired to workout, motivating yourself out of the bed and into the exercise field is the true self love. To decide when to give yourself rest and when to get disciplined, is your internal responsibility. Love yourself enough to know how much you want to be fit and look great, now. This will lay the path for rightful balance of exercising and relaxing, that is most effective for you.

With children, as parents there has always been a question when to and how much of work do you do for them. The balance between when to monitor and guide and when to give space for growth has to be individualistic decision. You are definitely going to be their parents for this life time. You supporting them directly or getting them the right help is your parental responsibility profile. In midst of all the routine of/for your kids, your career, health, relationship and self-growth needs to be an integral part of your daily schedule too.

Such ‘balance’ makes you decisive in your life and keeps you from getting overwhelmed. ‘Balance’ helps you stay on the path and keeps you from quitting completely.

Balance also helps in choosing:

#When to suggest and when to take instructions

#When to affirm or afform or tap (EFT)

#When and how much to give

#When to hang on and when to let go

#When to be completely dependent and when to be completely self-reliant

#When to show care to others and when to self-focus

#When to be comfortable asking and when to let go and give it away as gift

#When to confront and when to introspect

Life is customised for you. ‘Balance’ is the non stringent way to live your kind of life and still don’t feel out of the pack. No more comparing or feeling left behind. ‘Balance’ let’s you get the most out of life learning.

‘Balance’ allows different perspectives for the same path to be an option. Now there can be discussions and you will know that you need not disagree right away as there are many ways of achieving the same or similar aim.

So find that balance or create that balance and keep moving forward in your healing journey. Find out what suits and works for you. Find out what it is to be YOU.  Live like you. Fulfill your aim.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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