stay in ‘the situation’ with HOPE

There are two reasons you continue to stay in a situation,

Fear and Hope.

Reduce the fear. Increase the HOPE. Convert it into FAITH

stay in 'the situation' with HOPE

Dear friend!

Have you found yourself not leaving ‘the situation’ that has been overwhelming, scary, irritating, frustrating, hurtful and/or difficult! Have you wondered about escaping from ‘the situation’ and yet found yourself adhering to it!

There are two logical explanations to why you choose to stay in/with ‘the situation.’

First one is you don’t leave out of fear. Fear of leaving could mean stepping into the unknown or uncharted, where support system is unclear. It could also mean stepping into the world where experiences and situations are un-chalked. Fear of leaving could mean fear of being left out or missing out. Fear of leaving could mean fear of unrecognised/recognised patterns to pursue you in known/unknown manner, if you leave.

Second logical explanation for your staying is the ‘hope’. Hope of that things will get better. Hope of that things will change. Hope that you will know what to change about you. Hope that you will find the willingness to change. Hope that you will finish the learning and have the enhanced life passing through ‘the situation.’

So next time when you notice that ‘the situation’ is anything but loving and you are staying with/in the situation, please know that you did this because you made this your choice and not because of lack of one.

Now that you are here to stay in ‘the situation’, while you are here, increase the hope. Start to list the things you could be grateful for in ‘the situation’. This will take some intrinsic research work in ‘the situation.’ Digging deep and moving in layer by layer will trigger finding out what works in ‘the situation’. This is an amazing process that jump starts a neural machinery within that churns out the skills, talents, knowledge, behaviour, habit that you always had but you needed for it to re-surface. All these, within you that you are getting re-acquainted with will only work in your favor and start to move you towards your enhanced life. You will start to inculcate them in your everyday and then every moment of your life.

As this happens your hope converts to faith.

Now stay with faith instead of ‘the situation.’ During or after this conversion, ‘the situation’ starts to change or has changed completely. And you can now choose to be with ‘the change’.

You can carry out the same process for any ‘situation.’

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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