learn – two things about it in life

There are only two things in life :

  1. a) Acknowledge what you wish or need to learn
  2. b) Be willing to learn


learn - two things about it in life


Dear friend

Students of regular educational institute or institute that offer courses, have it easy. Moment they enter the course they are told what they need to be learning. So these students attend the classes and appear for exams.

There is yet another institute.

Institute of life. Learning here comes as per YOUR willingness to accept the guidance. There are no compulsions, only necessity. If you learn it will be great. Else, something other than that will keep coming up for you to learn.

Life is about growing and learning and prospering. You have within you an innate need to know and add more in your knowing. Whether it is your life situations where you wish to know ‘what, when why and how’ of it. Whether it is a next step in life or career which plants a requirement of an added skill. All of which is only promoting you to learn and move forward.

If the situation is tough, boring or very interesting, whichever way the suggestion of learning comes to you, just keep asking. What am I to learn from this! When you are guided towards what you need to learn. Find out how and from where to learn. Even if the arrangement is unconvincing take that step, but you need to be comfortable.

Be willing to learn what you need to learn.

For skill attainment, be the sincere and diligent student that you need to be. Attend regularly, practice, do the home work, turn up the next time.

For life’s learning. Be willing to stay in the situation, but work on keeping your vibrations at good level for you to understand and learn.

Let go doubt. Notice everything but focus only on what you are adding in your life.

Applications of the skills and life’s learning will appear as you move forward in your learning. You will notice how your new grown self has these new skill(s) and learning(s) integrated into your life’s functionalities.

Skill or life learning both contribute towards your enhanced life.

So be willing to know ‘what next’. Be willing to ask yourself every morning, what am I willing to learn today! Be willing to check with yourself every evening what did I learn today!

If you don’t know what to learn and which direction to go, it actually indicates that there is a wonderful space in your life where you are willing to allow new divine learning.

You can say ‘today I am willing to learn whatever Universe has to teach me to take me towards my enhanced life.’ In the evening check with yourself. ‘What did you learn!’

Create a note book and note down all that you have been adding in your life in the form of skillset or life learning.

Learn and grow every day.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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