Fun of learning

When you let go the compulsion of excelling, then only thing left is the FUN of LEARNING.

Fun of learning

Dear friend!

What you are good at and what you need to work on or get better at is very clear to you as a candidate. The ‘marking system’ is for someone else. Marking system is not for the candidate. How the candidate appears in front of the peers and how the candidate will be judged in terms of social levels and career, is what marking system is for!

There has been an opinion that the marking system helps in creating a filtering system for the suitable jobs, for the ones that are hiring.

So when the hirer suggests that they are ‘looking for the best’, that becomes a misnomer, as this is being done for their convenience.

Intelligence, talents, skills, creative thinking which are responsible for the innovative work and rise in productivity in a company, is not hard pressed of the marking system.

Now if the hirers are not looking for the best then why do they have a cut-off.

Is the purpose of exams becoming proponent of studies focused on the previous year’s questions or question styles, to get marks. Where does that leave the ‘knowledge’ factor.

Knowledge on all subjects is necessary for students because that will give them a choice of knowing what they wish to pursue to gain expertise in future. Understanding the application in the present time along with it, will be useful for the student as prospective working personnel and for people who are looking for matching talents or skills.

Only thing that is actually of value for a student is the aptitude on street smart and book smart. Whatever they are good at, that part can contribute in the productivity.

The grading system could be knowledge oriented instead of exam and marks oriented. Focus of the grading system has to be on ‘motivation to learn’, rather than ‘finding out ways on accessing how much they have learnt.’

Parents place their responsibility of their children’s education on complete strangers. Then, how else will they know how much has their child learnt. If they move from one school to another, how do they prove to the new members, what their child knows. For that, parents and teachers need to have the willingness to spend time on each child to know their level of required knowledge.

If not, then marks oriented grading system may have been created due to lack of time and lack of patience.

If somebody is motivated by deadlines or pleasing someone else or under peer pressure then it will not be knowledge oriented. Only self motivation could be knowledge oriented. When, attaining knowledge, understanding or willingness or inspiration or the excitement of knowledge or how the knowledge is going to be utilised in life is the motivation, it is then that it is knowledge oriented. That comes from self motivation. Knowledge could be motivating enough.

The stress of excelling keeps you from ‘knowledge oriented motivation’.

Knowledge oriented motivation gives you a choice of single subject focus or being multi-disciplinary. It also gives you a choice to switch subjects and fields as and when necessary in your life. So, you can grow in many and any direction.

World requires people with knowledge. So have fun gaining knowledge. Have fun learning.

Thank you to my friend Priyashree for the discussion and contribution.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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