Create Opportunities,  not road block.


Dear friend!

How opportunities can be created from life situations can be clearly seen from the following case studies.

Z loved physical fitness. After her baby was 1 year old, she wanted to actively get into fitness regime. She included her 1 yr old in the exercise steps, so that she could play with her baby and also continued exercising.

P was given only editing and filing work. Initially she thought she was being assigned meager jobs and was getting very upset. She created an opportunity from this monotonous job, and learnt every aspect of filing organizing and became a very good editor. She then started getting larger editing jobs and was called in for consultation on organizing files. This gave her job satisfaction and pay satisfaction too.

Q had his in laws move in with his family after his father in law got transferred in the same city. They were there for few days but because he was so used to having his schedule as priority, anything else that kept him from that was causing him irritation. He created an opportunity here and started to wake up early to comfortably finish his routine work including exercising. His health started to get better, stress reduced and he started enjoying his in laws presence in his home. He even learnt chess from his mother in law who was an expert in it.

R bought her new car and saw the distance of travel from the office to home as an opportunity to practice to drive 40 kms to and fro. Because of this within a month she became a very good and responsible driver.

D noticed that his office elevator was always full when he arrived. His department/ cubicle was on  4th floor. Instead of cribbing he decided to climb the stairs on daily basis. One of the days while going through the stairs he met his future wife who had her office on the 1st floor.

Life most certainly is full of twists and turns. These may come suddenly or stay persistently. If you see these as a problem and go in a complaining mode. You are creating road blocks for yourself. The moment you find something uncomfortable or other than usual, start your brain machinery into looking for opportunities in it. Opportunities to learn. Opportunities to grow by adding skills. Opportunities of getting flexible and changing your ways.

Life starts to bring beautiful surprises like it happened with the case studies above.

Interesting observation is all the road blocks or ones you are seeing as road blocks are actually part of your support system whether it is at human level or life experience level.

Another interesting observation of human behaviour is, humans are dissatisfied with things that are easy. This dissatisfaction is your road block to creative changes or progress.

Many years ago, when steam iron was introduced. Market survey indicated that, initially it was completely rejected by the masses. Reason, people were so use to the heavy ironing machine that, when something like steam iron that was lighter and was still doing an efficient job, came along, it was not believable by some human mind that something that earlier took so much effort can be done so easily just by using an alternative.

What can be considered as easy could also be considered as an opportunity to create space in your schedule and your mind. This space in your schedule and mind could be for your new creative ideas to be brought to reality.

Please note, yet another important and obvious point. Anything that seems difficult is not a road block.

As has been seen from the case studies, how the seemingly obvious road blocks were beautifully recognised or converted into opportunities. Road blocks could be your capabilities or your handicap. Your family members close and extended, friends, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances. Life situations that may seem unnecessary. But when you are willing to closely and patiently see, they could be gold mine opportunities.

Opportunity to explore.  Opportunity to do things differently. Opportunity to do things in an innovating manner.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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