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Real And Reel Life

“one of the difference between real and reel is that we receive rewards and awards for playing happy roles.”

Real And Reel Life


Dear friend!

The plan of the Universe and God is very simple. It is to see you HAPPY.

This has been very cleverly conditioned in our life processes. To have anything in your life, you need to be happy first. So you have just one job and responsibility, and it is to keep the precious YOU happy.

Make being happy your habit. Find ways and reasons to be happy.

You being happy raises your vibrations and it is then that the following happens:

(a)that the communication between the Universe, God, your Higher self, Source and You flow, so you receive guidance lovingly

(b) Life manifests beautifully

(c) You receive easily and seamlessly

(d) You understand ‘learning’ in a situation comfortably

In reel life however awards are given for playing melancholy, sad, tragic or serious roles too.

In REAL life play happy roles. Act happy roles, but do it in faith. Imagine and visualise yourself being happy by yourself, by people, while doing various activities. If you like motion pictures you could choose the fun and happy ones, to watch.

Being in high vibration is the key to all manifestations happening amazingly. Being happy keeps you in high vibration.

If you are sad and stressed you will still manifest. But, that may not be to your satisfaction. And even if you do receive it you may not enjoy it.

So, to receive and enjoy awesome manifestations, stay happy.

Note : You can learn more about being in high vibration from ‘Ester and Jerry Hicks’. We at IADLife are truly grateful to them for our learning on this.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife


“Not expecting anything”, is when the generosity accepted itself is the approval.



Dear friend!

Every action has a response.

In your life, when you show generosity, you may either (1) look for a ‘thank you’, ‘appreciation’, ‘testimonial’, ‘feedback’, ‘something materialistic ‘ or (2) you may just refuse to accept anything from the receiver.

Here where you look for something to in return:

(1)Your end result is to receive. You are clear that way. However, if you don’t receive what you wish to receive you feel rejected and are disappointed. And that dissuades you from giving in future.

Here where you are expressing to not looking for something in return:

(2) The understanding here is that you don’t need or expect anything in return.

So, the communication to others and your universe is that you don’t want to receive. You are blocking anything that the receiver would have wanted to give you that could help them receive from you more easily. You are so focussed on being able to give selflessly that you don’t notice that your rejection of something/anything in return is in turn rejecting them. You are also sending a message to the universe that you are not open to receiving. As a result, you stop all receiving. This will not serve you well because when you stop the inflow, the reservoir starts to empty and then the outflow gets affected.

But, there is a way to accept without expecting.

Truth is that APPROVAL is all that you ask for. This is regardless of the form you see it in, and whether you ask for it clearly or you refuse it openly.

The fact that your generosity is accepted, that itself is ‘the approval’ and that is enough.

Understand and accept this, and you will get comfortable with yours and others generous action or step.

You are happy, truly grateful and thankful that, what you are giving is being or has been received graciously. That is the only approval that you seek. When you are willing to accept that, it is then that you can use the phrase ‘not expecting anything‘. The true rephrasing of this is ‘not expecting anything else’.

When you quite honestly and highly appreciably have the clarity that you are expecting something in return, you could just do one thing and that is not be particular and be open to receiving that what you have asked for or something higher.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife


GOOD dependency is one with the RIGHT people

Dependency is a good thing, choose the right people to be dependant on

“GOOD dependency is one with the RIGHT people”

GOOD dependency is one with the RIGHT people


Dear Friend!

Dependency or dependants are terms that resonate responsibility.

Either you are to take responsibility or you are to be someone’s responsibility.

Based on your past experiences, if you have not received support lovingly and/or if asking for support was made difficult for you and/or if you have observed suffering and the anguish of others of asking and receiving support then, you will avoid, be-little and/or dread ‘dependency’.

Dependency is for money, love, care, material things, opportunities, information, acknowledgement, guidance. Fact is we all are always going to be dependent on someone or the other for something or the other.

When an aversion is developed for dependency or dependants then that becomes your resistance to ‘receive’ easily. Because of this you are also blocking your receiving. Even in co-dependant relationships you will find it difficult to express your dependency and receive support respectfully. You will also not be giving support comfortably, lovingly and easily. That is because you are not receiving acknowledgment of your giving support to the dependants, as per your expectations. All this is because you don’t want to have to, do anything with dependency or dependants.

As a result you are just stopping yourself from experiences, exposure and thus expansion.

In the dependency/dependant life experiences, people abandon you and you may feel you are being left in a lurch or you may do that to people. Here you need to know that people participate according to their capacity to respond and according to your capacity to accept. And this applies to you too.

To get comfortable with the dependency you could customise how or how much and who you are dependent on. Similarly for your dependants you may decide how and how much they can be dependant on you.

For the non-optional ones who have chosen you to be dependent on like your children or some other connections , you need to make a choice. If you support them then make them your choice, here too decide on how or how much you can support.

Allow others to be dependant on you. Do that according to your expanded comfort zone but not if you are uncomfortable. Give yourself a chance to take the responsibility.

Dependency is only a form of sharing.  Dependants are ones you share it with.

All of this only trains you be dependent on your self and thus makes you self reliant with self love and self respect.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife

“ACTION” is the best way

“ACTION” is the best way to get over resistance.

“ACTION” is the best way


Please do share with all those who you think could benefit from it.
Dear friend!

Resistance is recognised by sudden upsurge in angry or fearful feelings, when you show interest in your self ruled ‘far fetched’ desire. These feelings are also recognised as lump in the throat, heaviness in the forehead, sudden jolt near solar plexus chakra which is in the middle of your ribs and/or pressure in the center of heart chakra, amongst others. This will be followed by you feeling energetically low.

Resistance comes from conviction of being in lack or of unpreparedness.

You want to be fit, but you resist going to a gym as you don’t look good enough in sports clothes or you don’t agree with looking presentable enough in the swim wear or you don’t think you have found the right trainer or the most effective exercise. You love to work-out but you are stopping yourself by looking for convincing reasons which are excuses that keeps you from achieving what you set out to achieve.

ACTION : get up right now and do some movement. Walk or jog for 5 mins, do 20 crunches/situps/ pushups/ jumping jack/ lunges, in exactly what you are wearing and where ever you are, where ever you can.

You love to know more and want to increase your knowledge  but you have eye problems or you are just not getting around to reading the book. But when you order the  book and it arrives, but you have not gone past the preface or contents.

ACTION:  If you have the book, open it and read a paragraph or a page right this second. If that book is not around, read anything that is around you for next 3 to 5 mins.

Same thing with any other situations that are causing anxiety when you think of doing it, but not doing it, although you really want to do it.

Writing gratitude . ACTION: Look around and/or say the 5 things you are grateful for this very minute.

Resolving relationship situations. ACTION: Use EFT/tapping*, find place to tap and start 5 to 10 mins to have a self conversation on the relationship, right this moment.

Same goes for money too.

You want to write. ACTION: scribble a paragraph on your thoughts right now.

You want to contact or connect or clarify with some one. ACTION: type a short message to him/her/them, as you read this. Send it when you are ready. Or, just make that call.

Anything you want to learn cooking, language, painting, driving, cycling. ACTION : Take any one or more step(s) impromptu. Even if it is making the inquiry.

Please note this, writing a plan is also an action, but participating in it with your physical movements it is the real action that will get you results.

Question is can you apply in all areas?

For example, how will it apply it in dieting? Even when you are not even eating now or in next hour. Here, just go and shift the food items you wish to eat or avoid in your kitchen. Or, write it on ‘post-it’ and stick it where you can see what you are going to have in an hour.

Similarly, there is some action you can do in anything and everything.

Focus on the action not the life situation that is keeping you from doing it.

Next step is that you find every reason to keep doing action for your life’s desire. Don’t wait for the perfect ideal situation. Situation will become conducive, only when you do the action. Even if you stop. Take some action as soon as you get reminded of that. Eventually the actions taken, takes over the resistance. You start to see the results of your action. Opportunities, support and creative ideas start to pour in. This is your resistance diffusing. So the visibility of connection with the Universe becomes more evident. It is as if the resistance was never there.

Wishing you an ACTION packed day.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

Note EFT/tapping* : For more information on this, please contact IADLife.


ENHANCED LIFE is a race between the situations that keep surfacing for healing and your healing steps that you take.


Dear friend!

For fungal infections treatment application of anti fungal medications (topical use only) is prescribed three times in a day but advised to be applied as many number of times as possible. It is suggested, as much as possible to keep the surface infected by fungus covered by the anti-fungal medication topically. The reason for that is to allow the anti-fungal meds to compete with the growth of the fungus. Even if one spore of fungus is left, it can grow back into a full fledged infection. So even after you see the physical symptoms subside, you need to keep applying the anti-fungal meds for bonus number of days.

Your aim is to enhance your life. You self help or request help and take a healing step based on the life situation that you wish to change. The healing steps taken begins to solve that life situation.

Then, another life situation surfaces and another healing step(s), may be along with the earlier one is advised to be followed.

Many a times the whole process may look like an unending journey where the situations keep coming up and the healing steps are suggested one after the other, but you don’t seem to be reaching where you could stop putting all this work.

This COULD look like a daunting task.

But, what if you remind yourself of your aim. You have it in you to keep forging ahead.

You don’t need to wait till life gets to that perfect level. Keep doing other things that you love to do.

You could pause or change the pace, but to keep experiencing the enhanced life you need to keep taking the healing steps that you are guided towards.

Only promises are that you will enjoy your life, it will get comfortable and it will be fun.

Keep going. Great Work. Well done! Please don’t give up. You are so close.
Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife




Flattery  vs  APPRECIATION

Dear friend!

Differentiating flattery from appreciation is knowing the difference between ‘made up’ and ‘authentic’ respectively.

What you have been able to notice in others is the reflection of you. Whether it is good or great.

It becomes flattery when you see what could be appreciated and you feel the need to appreciate and you can appreciate, but you are not convinced or don’t want to or don’t care about appreciating. Flattery has an ulterior motive. Because it starts from a place of lack of conviction either of the appreciation itself or of delivering it, there is lot of false information used. Thus, creating an exaggerated, unbelievable version of the praise or a complete false one. Results expected as a return of the effort, lacks authenticity in receiving. When the results are not returned as per the calculated expectations the conversation is that of blame. It becomes about working on better delivery or creating a better lie. When the results are returned then it also becomes about recognising that the whole effort was based on falsehood. And is therefore non satisfactory in both scenarios.

If it is a successful attempt on flattery according to you, then you may give less importance in looking for what you appreciate and more effort on what you think the receiver desires to listen in order to reciprocate with what you have in mind or something similar.

APPRECIATION on the other hand are quality description that  you wish to convey, with or without an intention of reciprocation. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Appreciation is reflection of your own beautiful quality that you see in others.

Isn’t that amazing. Appreciation is authentic, honest, pure and real. Even a simple and small appreciation, such as “looking good” is highly effective. It promotes you to look for ‘what is’ rather than ‘what is not’. You stay satisfied and maintain a good energy level. Whatever you do from here i.e. this energy level, is fruitful and beneficial.

You appreciating gives you the skill of recognising what’s awesome in self and non-self, whether it is person or anything else.

This could really be a big plus in recognizing quality, skill and talent. An added career asset too.

Appreciation prevails and prospers. Choose to appreciate.

Differentiating between flattery and appreciation is necessary. This is because if you are not use to praising people openly or if your praises are  not received well or not reciprocated by gesture or words, you may not feel authentic and may go into self doubt.

If you understand something is worth appreciating, just do it anyways. No strings attached. This is the best way to get comfortable appreciating. More easily you appreciate, more easily you get to notice more and more fun and beauty, in and around you.

Result is, you prosper.
Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife


practice makes difficult EASY

Conversion of difficult to EASY is only through practice

Dear friend!


Practice is the only one way bridge from difficult to EASY.

By practice you can convert everything that was once difficult into something that is doable, seamless and EASY. Practice is the only way for you to see what is your best way whether it is skill building or an action step.

Skill building requires investment of resources time and money. Having noted that, what you need to acknowledge is that your biggest investment is your willingness to practice. While the requirement for practice is frequency which needs to be scheduled and followed diligently, the other very important and necessary attribute of practice is focus. Pay attention to your practice. Best way to bring out the sincerity in your practice is to know ‘why’ are you practicing i.e. what is your final goal of this practice. This clarity motivates you to stay, abide and respect the routine of the practice.

Now let’s address the practice of action steps and how it contributes in skill building too.

Never underestimate the difficulty level of an action step. For example if you desire to eat alone in a restaurant. Regardless, how simple the action step appears, if carrying it out or doing it has not happened yet and you wish for it to happen, then it is ‘difficult’. Here you create many mini action steps. The practice here is to take one or more of those mini action steps faithfully. Another aspect of practice in ‘action steps’ is to know that you need to do them regularly. If sitting solo in an restaurant is ‘difficult’, there could be many such action steps that you might find difficult. So get into a practice of noting or finding out what action steps do you find difficult, and start doing them.

Skill building is not just about the skill. Finding and arranging the right trainer, components, travel and everything else pertaining to the skill building are contributors in skill building. These comprise as the action steps towards skill building. Thus the practice of doing the action steps are also responsible for getting proficient in the skill.

Practice is the only way to know what is possible for you. Keep going. You are doing it excellently.

Keep practicing.
Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

practice makes difficult easy

DESIRES are your ‘guiding lights’ to life purpose

Your DESIRES are your ‘guiding lights’ to move forward in life towards your LIFE PURPOSE.

Dear friend!

These are what your DESIRES are/do for you:

  1. a) Prepare you towards the next step by adding skills and knowledge.
  2. b) It’s a direction pointer.
  3. c) It’s a navigator, shows you the route/way.
  4. d) It is instrumental in bringing the changes required for the next step in your enhanced life.
  5. e) It suggests you to embrace the learning(s) as these are the milestones you need to cross as you move along in this journey of life.

Surprisingly the steps you agree to take may have little to do with the desire itself.

As you develop various life enhancement skills, you notice your confidence towards other areas start to blossom. You grow in mind, body and spirit. You start to aspire for and in areas you had not thought possible. That is genesis of your new desire and thus a venture towards your next step.

As an exercise remind yourself of one desire you did not meet. Imagine what could have been possible, if the steps were taken. You don’t need to ponder on what you missed. The exercise is to help you gain confidence in the next step which is to notice your most recent desire. Find out what can you do to have it. What changes and knowledge additions are required. Just focus on that. Truthfully and amazingly you never need to think of the next to next step.

Very importantly, please please be mindful of not letting your preparedness for the step towards the desire become resistance towards the way forward.                                                     For example you desire to look a certain way on the day of your public speech. Just because you are not ready according to your idea of being ready, you procrastinate. When you feel you need to do more to receive your desire, then, instead of focusing on how perfectly you are going to achieve your desire, you could shift your attention towards your learning in the situation. Here, your learning could be to ‘accept yourself exactly as you are’ and continue to make changes where ever needed from thereon. Therefore, do not postpone receiving your desire or your move towards your next step.

Now, if you are willing to believe then know this that you are not just randomly strutting on this planet. Your presence has a reason. Your existence is valued. Every step you take is always towards your real reason to be on the planet. This my friend is your ‘Life Purpose’. The desire intends you to urge you to follow. The desires are meant lead you to your life purpose.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

DESIRES are your ‘guiding lights_ to life purpose

Work on your DESIRE today

Work on your DESIRE today. Don’t wait for it to become desperation.

Dear friend!

It starts with a very pure thought of ‘like’ and your mind and face smiles. In fraction of a second you have lived your life with your ‘like’. Your heart beats faster than normal, your smile is now a grin. Your body language is of a small child, who has just received it’s most favourite toy in the whole wide world. You may even jump, maybe let out a little scream of joy as your body slightly swings from slide to side.

Just then, you put your curled up fist at the intersection of your mouth and cheeks and look around and you stop yourself, as you become conscious of your PRESENT around you. You start to stop yourself from swinging, smile from your mind and your face starts to disappear. Your eye balls move side to side fetching reasons why you cannot have what you have ‘liked’. This is you giving yourself the reality check. At this point your mind has already started judging based on whether your deserve it. So to convince the outcome you weigh the pros and cons. You think of all possible scenarios and comments that you might have to address.

The first reaction was when you realised you had a DESIRE.

The follow up reaction was when you realised you will not let yourself have the DESIRE.

What if you knew that your DESIRE  is Universe’s way of communicating with you about your next step in life. These DESIRE(s) lead you and guide you to what lies ahead. You following up on acquiring your DESIRE entails the journey which is full of beautiful learning(s) that the Universe intended to bring to you.

Heed to your DESIRE. If you for any reason you postpone or cancel taking step towards the DESIRE, it will keep being around more like a tease. You may even convince yourself that you don’t need the DESIRE and that you can do without it. DESIRE does not disappear it just mutates into desperation. You will start to notice the life situations that are pushing you into the similar direction. But, by now other reasons start to dictate your final goal and your attention is more towards solving the life situations in an urgency.

To enjoy DESIRE being a desire and not becoming anything else, you need to love and respect it.

As soon as you recognise a desire. Make a note. Acknowledge that you have a desire. Start to work towards it. Look for reasons and ways to fulfill it. Take action steps. Starts with you writing it down.

May your desire manifest beautifully.
Reena Yadav, IADLife

Kind attention :

Thank you to my friend SriVidya Rao for her excellent memory to remind me of this post. Also, for the discussion, which lead to the genesis of this post.

Work on your desire today

PROMOTE but do not push

While Motivating someone. PROMOTE, do not push.

Dear friend!
When you are motivating someone, always promote but do not push.

Pushing shows that you have less patience. It shows that you think you have less understanding of your knowledge. Therefore, you want the other(s) to either get convinced with what you are offering lest they question you further and you are unable to hold your ground. As a result, you hurry them up because you are afraid they will not listen to you and your effort of explaining goes down the drain. Pushing also runs the risk of showing that you care less.

Pushing starts when frustration rises. Ironically, sometimes pushing starts to avoid the formidable frustration.

Everyone can choose to motivate. Whether you are motivating a child or a grown up, a senior or a junior, a subordinate or a superior or your OWN SELF.

Recognise whether you are a promoter or a push’er’. Make a choice. Choose to be a promoter.

Being a PROMOTER gives you an opportunity to trust your self and the one you are motivating. Being a PROMOTER shows that you respect, value and trust your knowledge. Being a PROMOTER, you give yourself the respect of trusting that you are motivating yourself/someone, based on what you want to share with no hypocrisy involved. Also, you are giving the other person the respect of making their own life’s decision, going through their own life experience and still you are standing by them.

Pushing brings out the resistance and may trigger people to move in a different direction than suggested or advised. Pushing lowers the vibrations and thus, even though the action is taken, results may not be wonderfully received.

Recognise the attributes of a promoter and push’er’, so that you recognise which one are you being when you are supporting someone or when you are being supported. The moment you understand that you are being a push’er’ or being pushed, you can choose to continue or to put a stop to it.

Your conversation could be:

“You know what, have laid all the cards on the table, you can decide. You will make the best decision for you. I am here to support you.”

Be your own awesome PROMOTER. This is the best support you can provide to yourself.
Reena Yadav, IADLife