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What’s in a word?

“What’s in a word? It’s all in the meaning.”

what's in a word


Dear friend!

Words have a dictionary meaning. These definitions and description have affect on you individually. Based on the significance it has had in your life, the effect and the impression of the word could vary.

The same word may mean something pleasant to you but to some other it could mean something hurtful and there are yet others, who could be indifferent to it.

There are going to be instances when a word keeps nagging you and you are left with the only choice and that is to face it. Best way to change the effect of a word is to change the impression of it in your space. Invoke the writer within you, rouse the story teller within you and come up with a story that can create an impression that changes the effect of the ‘word’ in your space. When that starts to happen. (1)First the shift of the impression and effect is towards a neutral one. (2) Followed by the second effect where you have a choice. Here make the effect loving or funny.


“Don’t throw like a Girl.” Many could take offense here to the word ‘Girl’.

Step 1: Neutralise the meaning : What if you change the meaning to “Don’t even try to throw like a Girl, they are too good at this and you may never get there, so you as well throw like you.”

Step 2: Make it loving or funny: So the reply could be “But, I wanna. Someday I will get there.”

Another example

“Meet Ms “A”, she is handicapped and has one arm”, an entrepreneur was introduced to the prospective clients.

Step 1: She replied “Yes, hello I am handicapped”, by acknowledging she is neutralising the effect. If she resisted the self acceptance as a handicapped person, it would have bothered her more and thus affected her interaction with the prospective clients.

Step 2: She continued “ However I have both arms, one is the phantom’s limb, felt and seen by the wise. Like the emperor’s new clothes.”  She made is funny. And this kept her in good vibration to excel in her business meeting.

Life situations are described in words. These words that are used to describe these life situations becomes closely associated with them. So much so that understanding of the words become synonymous with the particular life situations.

Some you may want to change. Others you may like to treasure.

Every time there is a word that bothers you. Find out what that means to you.

To make it easier for you to change the meaning sometimes you could find out if/what can you be grateful for, related to that word!

For example for the word ‘old’ be grateful for it’s ‘antique’ quality for material things and it’s ‘experience  on the planet’ in humans

In changing the effect, the word(s) have on you, it paves yet another step closer to getting over the resistance(s) towards being your unlimited self.

Smooth ride ahead friends.
Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Just acknowledge

“Don’t be apologetic. Just acknowledge.”

Just acknowledge


Please do share with all those who you think could benefit from it.

IADLife Blog :

Dear friend!

As soon as you realise your mistake you might say ……

I am sorry, I am so sorry, I am really really sorry.

You vehemently, profusely and repeatedly say apologetic words, which is encapsulated with guilt and fear. But, why would you do that.

To know this, you need to understand what happens when mistake happens.

When a mistake is made, the following takes place within :

(a) All your past punishments that you got starts to surface as a memory, where you were easily convinced or cajoled into agreeing, that you deserved it because you indeed did commit a mistake.

(b) Other memories that join in to surface are that of you being branded and categorised as an offender.

(c) The un-forgiveness that resulted in punishment and the branding of you being accused, keeps you on guard of the next possible mistake.

(d) If the mistake still happens and you agree that it is a mistake, then even before the past hurt of punishment and branding comes in forefront, you jump to the final part of accepting defeat and you apologize.

There must have been instances where you did not truly make the mistake and yet because of the past branding you have no one to defend you. Eventually you get programmed to accept what is told by others and you straight off declare yourself guilty. You are so unforgiving towards yourself that you forget that you could be your own advocate.

The size of the mistake truly does not matter. It could be something trivial or possibly a major one.

From now, suppose you make a mistake and you realise it or it is pointed out to you. Then, instead of becoming gravely aware of your guilty self and abandoning yourself, stand by yourself. ACKNOWLEGE that it happened and you would like to learn from it, and most definitely in future if you wish, do what you did, differently.

You first forgive yourself then apologise.

When you hurriedly get into guilt, you don’t give yourself a chance to see that, you really would have already done it differently than the norm and that it was not really a mistake.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Be on your side and see how that enriches your life with learning and self-belief. After understanding what has happened, acknowledge. That will help you and many others.

‘Sorry’ is a beautiful word that cleansers all the hurt and guilt. You don’t need to say it with fear, say it with self-faith.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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generosity is what you are willing to spare

“Generosity is not about giving what you have. Generosity is giving what you

can or are willing to  spare.”


genrosity is what you are willing to spare


Dear friend!

Who so ever told you that you have to, have to give.

After giving if you feel as if you need to look for resources from elsewhere for your own need then, then this giving is a form of depriving yourself. This by no measure can be GENEROSITY. Please do not use this as a push that forces you into doing more. If you are a procrastinator in something, then make your ‘willingness to share’, be your motivation.

The more you have, that much more you can share.

When you have something. That is entirely yours.

When you have enough and you have extra and you are comfortable in giving your entitlement, portion or share, then and only then you could spare. Also, when you have and you are willing to spare from what you have, it is then that giving is you being generous.

Many a times under social or peer pressure or due to false notion of what ‘giving’ is, you may hastily give away of what you actually need without you having any extra to share. There are situations when you have a lot and instead of sharing you wish to save, then you really need not give. In many situations it might seem that you do not have a lot, but you truly have the willingness to spare. In this situations, your willingness to share is enough to have you and the other party content.

‘Giving’ to seek approval or under pressure will leave you discontent.

When you feel the loving satisfaction of giving, that my friend is GENEROSITY.

Be kind and considerate where you primarily need to be, then extending the same to others just happens.

Be generous to yourself. Others gain from your contentment. They receive lovingly and willingly from you and so will you. This increases your receiving, for you know that you are not snatching anything from the giver, but the giver is sharing with love.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Real And Reel Life

“one of the difference between real and reel is that we receive rewards and awards for playing happy roles.”

Real And Reel Life


Dear friend!

The plan of the Universe and God is very simple. It is to see you HAPPY.

This has been very cleverly conditioned in our life processes. To have anything in your life, you need to be happy first. So you have just one job and responsibility, and it is to keep the precious YOU happy.

Make being happy your habit. Find ways and reasons to be happy.

You being happy raises your vibrations and it is then that the following happens:

(a)that the communication between the Universe, God, your Higher self, Source and You flow, so you receive guidance lovingly

(b) Life manifests beautifully

(c) You receive easily and seamlessly

(d) You understand ‘learning’ in a situation comfortably

In reel life however awards are given for playing melancholy, sad, tragic or serious roles too.

In REAL life play happy roles. Act happy roles, but do it in faith. Imagine and visualise yourself being happy by yourself, by people, while doing various activities. If you like motion pictures you could choose the fun and happy ones, to watch.

Being in high vibration is the key to all manifestations happening amazingly. Being happy keeps you in high vibration.

If you are sad and stressed you will still manifest. But, that may not be to your satisfaction. And even if you do receive it you may not enjoy it.

So, to receive and enjoy awesome manifestations, stay happy.

Note : You can learn more about being in high vibration from ‘Ester and Jerry Hicks’. We at IADLife are truly grateful to them for our learning on this.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife


“Not expecting anything”, is when the generosity accepted itself is the approval.



Dear friend!

Every action has a response.

In your life, when you show generosity, you may either (1) look for a ‘thank you’, ‘appreciation’, ‘testimonial’, ‘feedback’, ‘something materialistic ‘ or (2) you may just refuse to accept anything from the receiver.

Here where you look for something to in return:

(1)Your end result is to receive. You are clear that way. However, if you don’t receive what you wish to receive you feel rejected and are disappointed. And that dissuades you from giving in future.

Here where you are expressing to not looking for something in return:

(2) The understanding here is that you don’t need or expect anything in return.

So, the communication to others and your universe is that you don’t want to receive. You are blocking anything that the receiver would have wanted to give you that could help them receive from you more easily. You are so focussed on being able to give selflessly that you don’t notice that your rejection of something/anything in return is in turn rejecting them. You are also sending a message to the universe that you are not open to receiving. As a result, you stop all receiving. This will not serve you well because when you stop the inflow, the reservoir starts to empty and then the outflow gets affected.

But, there is a way to accept without expecting.

Truth is that APPROVAL is all that you ask for. This is regardless of the form you see it in, and whether you ask for it clearly or you refuse it openly.

The fact that your generosity is accepted, that itself is ‘the approval’ and that is enough.

Understand and accept this, and you will get comfortable with yours and others generous action or step.

You are happy, truly grateful and thankful that, what you are giving is being or has been received graciously. That is the only approval that you seek. When you are willing to accept that, it is then that you can use the phrase ‘not expecting anything‘. The true rephrasing of this is ‘not expecting anything else’.

When you quite honestly and highly appreciably have the clarity that you are expecting something in return, you could just do one thing and that is not be particular and be open to receiving that what you have asked for or something higher.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife


GOOD dependency is one with the RIGHT people

Dependency is a good thing, choose the right people to be dependant on

“GOOD dependency is one with the RIGHT people”

GOOD dependency is one with the RIGHT people


Dear Friend!

Dependency or dependants are terms that resonate responsibility.

Either you are to take responsibility or you are to be someone’s responsibility.

Based on your past experiences, if you have not received support lovingly and/or if asking for support was made difficult for you and/or if you have observed suffering and the anguish of others of asking and receiving support then, you will avoid, be-little and/or dread ‘dependency’.

Dependency is for money, love, care, material things, opportunities, information, acknowledgement, guidance. Fact is we all are always going to be dependent on someone or the other for something or the other.

When an aversion is developed for dependency or dependants then that becomes your resistance to ‘receive’ easily. Because of this you are also blocking your receiving. Even in co-dependant relationships you will find it difficult to express your dependency and receive support respectfully. You will also not be giving support comfortably, lovingly and easily. That is because you are not receiving acknowledgment of your giving support to the dependants, as per your expectations. All this is because you don’t want to have to, do anything with dependency or dependants.

As a result you are just stopping yourself from experiences, exposure and thus expansion.

In the dependency/dependant life experiences, people abandon you and you may feel you are being left in a lurch or you may do that to people. Here you need to know that people participate according to their capacity to respond and according to your capacity to accept. And this applies to you too.

To get comfortable with the dependency you could customise how or how much and who you are dependent on. Similarly for your dependants you may decide how and how much they can be dependant on you.

For the non-optional ones who have chosen you to be dependent on like your children or some other connections , you need to make a choice. If you support them then make them your choice, here too decide on how or how much you can support.

Allow others to be dependant on you. Do that according to your expanded comfort zone but not if you are uncomfortable. Give yourself a chance to take the responsibility.

Dependency is only a form of sharing.  Dependants are ones you share it with.

All of this only trains you be dependent on your self and thus makes you self reliant with self love and self respect.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife

“ACTION” is the best way

“ACTION” is the best way to get over resistance.

“ACTION” is the best way


Please do share with all those who you think could benefit from it.
Dear friend!

Resistance is recognised by sudden upsurge in angry or fearful feelings, when you show interest in your self ruled ‘far fetched’ desire. These feelings are also recognised as lump in the throat, heaviness in the forehead, sudden jolt near solar plexus chakra which is in the middle of your ribs and/or pressure in the center of heart chakra, amongst others. This will be followed by you feeling energetically low.

Resistance comes from conviction of being in lack or of unpreparedness.

You want to be fit, but you resist going to a gym as you don’t look good enough in sports clothes or you don’t agree with looking presentable enough in the swim wear or you don’t think you have found the right trainer or the most effective exercise. You love to work-out but you are stopping yourself by looking for convincing reasons which are excuses that keeps you from achieving what you set out to achieve.

ACTION : get up right now and do some movement. Walk or jog for 5 mins, do 20 crunches/situps/ pushups/ jumping jack/ lunges, in exactly what you are wearing and where ever you are, where ever you can.

You love to know more and want to increase your knowledge  but you have eye problems or you are just not getting around to reading the book. But when you order the  book and it arrives, but you have not gone past the preface or contents.

ACTION:  If you have the book, open it and read a paragraph or a page right this second. If that book is not around, read anything that is around you for next 3 to 5 mins.

Same thing with any other situations that are causing anxiety when you think of doing it, but not doing it, although you really want to do it.

Writing gratitude . ACTION: Look around and/or say the 5 things you are grateful for this very minute.

Resolving relationship situations. ACTION: Use EFT/tapping*, find place to tap and start 5 to 10 mins to have a self conversation on the relationship, right this moment.

Same goes for money too.

You want to write. ACTION: scribble a paragraph on your thoughts right now.

You want to contact or connect or clarify with some one. ACTION: type a short message to him/her/them, as you read this. Send it when you are ready. Or, just make that call.

Anything you want to learn cooking, language, painting, driving, cycling. ACTION : Take any one or more step(s) impromptu. Even if it is making the inquiry.

Please note this, writing a plan is also an action, but participating in it with your physical movements it is the real action that will get you results.

Question is can you apply in all areas?

For example, how will it apply it in dieting? Even when you are not even eating now or in next hour. Here, just go and shift the food items you wish to eat or avoid in your kitchen. Or, write it on ‘post-it’ and stick it where you can see what you are going to have in an hour.

Similarly, there is some action you can do in anything and everything.

Focus on the action not the life situation that is keeping you from doing it.

Next step is that you find every reason to keep doing action for your life’s desire. Don’t wait for the perfect ideal situation. Situation will become conducive, only when you do the action. Even if you stop. Take some action as soon as you get reminded of that. Eventually the actions taken, takes over the resistance. You start to see the results of your action. Opportunities, support and creative ideas start to pour in. This is your resistance diffusing. So the visibility of connection with the Universe becomes more evident. It is as if the resistance was never there.

Wishing you an ACTION packed day.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

Note EFT/tapping* : For more information on this, please contact IADLife.