attitude and GRATITUDE of larger picture

Micromanage but keep the ATTITUDE and GRATITUDE for the larger picture.

attitude and GRATITUDE of larger picture

Dear friend!

‘Work completion’, is and has to be the aim or goal. Complete the work beautifully could be an extended goal. Let’s focus on achieving this.

For a work, one or more than one person can be required for it’s completion. Each person contributing to that work is the personnel for that ‘work’. Each personnel provides support in a unique manner according to their suitability for the work. Some qualities of the personnel are flexible and have scope for expansion and exploration. While other qualities of the personnel are stringent and not willing to change.

There are qualities that do not align with the aim/goal of the project.
Then there are qualities that drive or accelerate the work.

You may notice that in a personnel there is always a percentage of qualities that benefit the work and there is a percentage of qualities that do not align.

You could choose to focus on the percentage of the qualities that are aligning and profiting the work in a particular personnel. This will shift your attention towards only the actual productivity and thus the progress in the work.

Sometimes regardless of the percentage of the nonaligned qualities, you have a choice to let go the personnel. Having given yourself that choice, it would be wise to let go the qualities that do not align rather than the person.

If you can let go of, taking the responsibility of changing those qualities in a person and rather direct your concentration on qualities that are useful for the work in the personnel, you will notice that there is more work getting done and less or no animosity. When you see prosperity in work your gratitude for the qualities that are helping in fulfilling the work starts to increase. Where there is gratitude there is high energy flow. In such high energy level, you will only attract that drives you and your work.

The following case studies will support the understanding of micromanaging whilst keeping an attitude and gratitude of the bigger picture.

An IT team lead was getting bogged down by the debugging work in a computer program, not being detected and corrected before submitting to the project head. This was keeping him from confidently presenting the updates to the board member meetings. Quality check entailed spotting and rectifying the bugs. This was the responsibility of one of the personnel. When the team lead reviewed the qualities of this personnel he noticed that 90% of the qualities brilliantly matched the requirement of the goal of the project. The percentage of his qualities that did not align was 10%. This shifted his mindset from upset to being ecstatic because of the swiftness with which the project was moving forward. This shift in focus filled him with renewed energy and therefore instead of complaining to the HR (human resources) of the company to replace him, the project lead decided to delegate that part of the work to some other team member. He also was ready to do it himself if the occasion calls for it. This certainly was a win-win situation overall.

A house help was noticed to constantly miss out on what she was trained to do and what she was being instructed to do for the house cleaning. The house owner started getting frustrated and contemplated replacing her. She even discussed with her friend. Her friend suggested she keep her till alternate arrangements were made. She told her to be mindful of the fact that the new person will have to be trained from the start, and that could require more of the house owner’s time. That prompted the house owner to review all that was getting done because of the present house help. She noticed that the majority of the work was being taken care of. There were, however, few minor details that needed attention for a change. The house owner decided to politely bring it to the attention of the house help or do it on her own or get it done by someone else. She was grateful for the time saved. She saw that she could now invest the ‘saved time’ in her career and in carrying out her other daily creative ideas. This helped her be grateful to her friend and to the house help too.

Quality oriented decision does reap larger benefits. Being grateful for the qualities you desire for your work will attract more of what will support your work. Keeping in mind the bigger picture of the whole work helps in focussing on what is necessary for the forward movement of the work and your life.



Best wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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