FOCUS to de-focus

You need to focus on what you don’t want in order to de-focus from it.

FOCUS to de-focus

Dear friend!

The moment you face an unpleasant situation, you either get too deeply involved in the details of ‘how you did not enjoy it’ or ‘dismiss it’.

‘Somebody or something’ has bothered you, harassed you or wronged you. Please don’t ignore. Please don’t be in a hurry and start giving the benefit of the doubt to that ‘somebody or something’.

Get clear knowledge and understanding of, ‘what is it about this ‘somebody or something’, that is not feeling right.’ Then you will know whether there are follow-up steps or learning in this situation.

Only when you address the ‘issue’ in hand, then the ‘after steps’ get clear in your space.

+How to focus and find out what is the learning?

Any of the following could be done in order to focus and to find out the learning.

# Go through the events in your mind or discuss with your counsellor, with details of your thoughts vibrations and the ‘somebody or something’.

# Go through the events as a third person. Here you view only the actions of you and the other ‘somebody or something’.

The above processes are not to see who is right, but to notice ‘somebody or something’ as per your inner thoughts vis-à-vis in its actuality. Either of the above steps works wonders when is done while tapping.

# Best way is to ask your Universe, “what is my learning here?” then, let the answer come to you in form of thoughts, signs, and symbols.


+What are the follow-up step(s) and how to choose which one(s) could be done?

Follow up step(s), are the action that you need to take, as soon as you have finished with finding the learning. The follow-up step(s) arise from/through the learning and sometimes is the learning.


#Letting go

# Moving on

# Standing up

# Introspection


The whole process of looking closely into the situation or giving it a cursory look is so that you finish off your learning with this kind of unpleasant ‘somebody or something’ once and for all. Once the learning is learned, this part of ‘somebody or something’, will leave your space. You most definitely deserve better.


If you jump the process to suppress and allow it to bottle up, you will react for the minut‘est’ next incident. Then you will find yourself unreasonable and go into guilt and start to suppress again because you are not getting the solution from this unexpected outburst.

The whole idea is to know (1)what you need to heal, (2)do the work (healing process) and (3)not be afraid to face life’s next ‘somebody or something’. As you complete your learning, you now attract only pleasant ‘somebody or something’ thereon.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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