movie called ‘MY LIFE’

You are the Writer, Director, Executive Producer, of your movie called “MY LIFE”, and you play the Lead.

movie called 'MY LIFE'

Dear friend!

Yes, it’s all you.

Go ahead create what you wish to see in the opening credits or opening titles.

Here’s an example:

“My Life presents….My Life Productions….In association with MY SUPPORT SYSTEM……A MY LIFE FILM….A SOURCE production….Casting by ‘MY LEARNING’….Costume design by ‘THAT PHASE of my life’….Music by ‘MY VIBRATION’……Edited by ‘MY LEARNING’ ….Production Designer ‘MY GROWTH’…….Director of photography ‘MY VIEW’…..Based on Character created by ‘MY EXPERIENCE’….Co-producers ‘HEAVEN ABOVE, I, ME, MYSELF’…..Executive producer ‘MOI’…..Produced by ‘ME OFCOURSE’….Story by ‘ME and SPIRITUAL MASTERS’….Screenplay by ‘I’……Directed by ‘MYSELF.’

Main lead and protagonist is YOU.

All the other characters and situations play the supporting roles and guest roles. Some character and situation play a pivotal role while others play small impact role, some have short stay role while others have longer duration role.

All these are the right people and right situation for your life.

These right people and right situation are in your space and keep coming in your space to provide you the learning that prepares you for the next phase of life.

You decide and direct every scene of your life. The only condition is that you star in your movie as the main lead. You cannot direct and not star in your movie. You also cannot star and not direct it.

Many times you star as the main lead but think you can transfer or have handed over directing to someone else. That will never happen.

You are responsible. You are responsible because you and only you have all the power. You are responsible for every single bit in your life. Everything is yours. The experiences, the gains, the learning, life enhancements, the hurts, the rectifications, the changes, and the growth.

You have written and are writing the screenplay for every scene. If you have not liked it then you can now write a fresh one. For the hurts, losses or damages, some of which that might have been permanent find out, what learning were you seeking through such an experience. This is so that you don’t inadvertently write something similar to a re-take, as you will not move further unless you have finished the learning. Also, this will facilitate self-forgiveness.

Now, write your life that you see in the highest light.

How to do that?

Get clear on what do you really really want.  Then create a script around it. The writing has to be ‘you-centric’. Write and re-write till you are satisfied. Every time you get an enhanced idea, rescript. Please do not laze out, and accept the previous version and say ‘its ok.’ Write your highest deservability.

Although you are doing all the work and have taken all the responsibility you are, however, never left alone. You have constant love and support from Heaven. You have a higher force that works in collaboration with you. You are guided, blessed, provided and protected.

Your worth and intelligence is so valued and respected that these higher entities do not interfere without your ‘willingness’.

What is willingness? How to show willingness?

Willingness is your ‘agreement of permission’. Your willingness is your solid, concrete and final ‘yes’.

Therefore it is in your favor to be aware of what you are showing the willingness to.

To show your willingness you can start by using the words you are comfortable with like, “I am willing”, followed by what is the willingness for. For example “I am willing to change”, this is you granting permission to higher entities like Source and Angels to bring you life situations that will help you and prompt you to change. Similarly with “I am willing to receive love”, here you will be brought life situations that will help you and prompt you to be loving and thus receive love.

Eventually with regular use of the words as above, ‘willingness’ becomes a part of your feelings and vibrations.

Once willingness and clarity of what you want to be or do, becomes part of your asking in the form of the script written by you then, your movie manifests in a way that it will make pleasant sense to you and you will know that everything is in your control.

So go ahead write the best script and be the best lead in your beautiful life.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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