Discipline comes from motivation

Discipline comes from motivation. Strictness comes from lack of approval.

DISCIPLINE comes from motivation


Dear friend!

There are many and varied processes that can be concocted to achieve a task. An organised, methodical and regular way of this process is called ‘discipline’.

When achieving of a task originates, the intention is to achieve by some means. The means to achieve the end task is the set of steps that specifically lead to the end result. This set of steps needs to be carried out in a decided sequence and frequency.

This can be done in two ways.

One way is to keep pointing out all the things that need to be corrected in the steps, noticing and worrying about the flaws in you carrying out the steps, constantly cribbing about the outcome that may not be achieved. All this lack of approval either from you to yourself or to you from outside or from you to other(s) originates from fear. This only breeds stress.

Another way which is the only effective way is ‘motivation’. It aspires to make the carrying out of the steps seamless. This gives rise to DISCIPLINE. Here the approval flows in abundance. In the shield of such an environment there is gratitude for what is in place, celebrations of the mini milestones achieved, willingness to move forward, respect for process and still allowing variation in the steps that could be customised for you. With discipline, accomplishing the achievement is a certain outcome.

No matter how down and under you are during the task, you will always be mindful of the giving yourself enough approval. Giving yourself approval, entails affirming and/or afforming for your highest achievement while keeping faith in your greatest potential, boost your morale when the little milestones don’t look enticing enough to continue, willingness to entertain all kinds of excuses only to convince yourself to get back on track lovingly and under all conditions love and respect yourself.

Whether it is a task or ‘the’ task called LIFE, keep motivating yourself. Motivation keeps you filled with energy. Your energy filled self, keeps you ‘disciplined.’ Discipline can help achieve all kinds of goals. Then, there is no limit to size, length and effort level for the goals.

So next time you feel you need to finish something, get disciplined, use motivation.

Being strict is energy depleting. Fear of being scolded is persistently there. Self-esteem and self-initiatives get hampered. Results are not fun.

Motivation requires more detailed knowledge of the task, process, and person. Efforts are extended. Results are fun. The effort put in has longer shelf life. You can reuse it for other goals. You can inspire others to achieve the same or similar goals. Changes with motivation are permanent and there is guaranteed movement from one layer of healing or growth to another.

Strictness promotes escapism and shortcuts. It does not last long. It gives rise to addiction for quick results and quick fixes, within oneself or with other(s). Strictness could allow cruelty. Strictness teaches avoidance as strictness does not align with the divine way of addressing of self.

Motivation encourages you the do more. It tickles your creative buds and keeps you upbeat about exploring more, with you by your side. Motivate yourself every step of the way in your life. Then motivating others comes easy. Relationship with self-enhances and self-conversations become enjoyable and exciting.

And that is how a LIFE is meant to be lived. MOTIVATE.

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034




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