it is getting easier

“I am not there yet, but it is getting easier by the day to get there.”

it is getting easier

Dear friend!

Healing and enhancing one or more than one aspects of life, is a combination of several journeys. All these are parallel processes moving forward. All are interconnected.

They are like several lanes of the common road. Lanes are suggestive of areas where the healing solutions are required. Sometimes each lane could represent the healing solution that is being applied in one area. And because you need more than one healing solution in one area, the lanes appear wider than others and thus that seems like a road in itself.

How gigantic is the effort required depends on the understanding and willingness in implementing the healing solutions! The input of the effort to carry out the self-work decides the length of the road.


When your get into the healing process. You wish to see the progress report.


When you see success in your healing, you want to show it to others. Mainly because you have been amongst them when you were going through the pain and stress of what required healing. If and when you are up to it you may even share details of your healing process, show gratitude to place from where you have learnt your healing process, show acknowledgement to the teachers who have taught you and you could also try to inspire someone to take the healing directly or just by being an example in their space.


When you have ‘questions’ you ask your counselor.


But, what to do when the road is longer than you expected i.e. the process takes longer than you anticipated and the results are not as envisioned by you and or thought by the one(s) who is/are monitoring you?


What do you do? What do you say?


When you are being sponsored, you are answerable to the sponsors.


You start to question the single person effort that is going in your healing process. Given that the healing process is a lot of self-work, the temptation surfaces to shift the ‘effort load’ on others for whom or because of whom you initially were taking the healing.

Or so you thought.

Ironically the only person who can do the work is you. But you did not want to acknowledge what you already knew. The truth is that you and many others will benefit. So just like any other responsibility that you have found tough to handle, you do the same thing with your healing. You bring it to the attention of the sponsor on how resource intensive it is. As a result, you either shift or share the responsibility. And if the effort put in by you, for your healing is not acknowledged and/or appreciated then, because of lack of desired response you STOP.


Just ask yourself ‘when did the incentive to a have or to live a beautiful life within you and significant other(s) get diluted?’


You think you can temporarily stop as the confidence to pick up where you left has been gained by all the work you have already done. This itself speaks volumes of the healing process that has worked.


Even then, you constantly keep asking yourself questions regarding the process and progress. You feel the change but don’t see it or have not reached your decided goal.


To all this, you can say “I am not there yet, but it is getting easier by the day to get there.”


You say it and see how soothing it is both to you and whosoever you feel you are answerable to.


Say it to the mirror when you are standing in front of it. When in doubt or when you need the update. This will promote you to keep on going on the ROAD.


Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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