LUXURY of tomorrow

“Is the luxury of having tomorrow, keeping you from taking the action now.”

LUXURY of tomorrow


Dear friend!

You ask for, say ‘your want to focus more on what you are passionate about’. If the passion is your career or office work, then universe brings you the opportunities to do so. You will suddenly have an increase in workload with timelines that you are required to meet. You get an option of choosing your passion over other situations that had been coming up as a blockage or resistance, for example having other family members to attend to and additionally having some unannounced guests.

Here the choice to prioritise is yours. Either, you opt for this opportunity that has been presented to you to gain consistency towards what you are passionate about, address your resistance by making arrangements for the house members and guests in the way you know best. Take help from your support system or create a support system of the people or situations that have been your blockages before.

Or, you choose to be with the family members at home and cater to your guests with your hospitality and availability.

If you decide to take the second option, then ask yourself why did you choose that? Is that because of the ‘tomorrow’ that you have. The pull and ease that had prompted you to decide on taking the known route comes from the confidence that you can try again tomorrow.

May you have the tomorrow and another similar opportunity. But, what if you take the option that just this once, needs your extra effort or push to get over the blockage that completes your learning and helps you receive what you had asked for ‘NOW’.

What happens when you do not use ‘tomorrow’ as an excuse?

When you do not use ‘tomorrow’ as an excuse, then you are busy enjoying your achievement today and making creative plans to be executed ‘tomorrow’. Instead of the dilemma of facing blockage(s) tomorrow or experiencing the guilt of not using the opportunity, you will be engaging your thoughts and actions on ‘creative next’. You enjoy the moment and look forward to the tomorrow. You have the preparedness that can only move you from one phase to another.

Appreciation of blockages and opportunities build up simultaneously. Tackling the blockages helps you embrace your opportunities. So you could be grateful to them too.

More and more ways to move forward becomes clear.

Make the best of the opportunity at hand. Let the next one solve something else.

Next time you get to meet your top boss of your organization be ready with all your discussion points. Use this opportune moment to pitch your ideas, highlight your skills and mention of an increase in your earning as an amazing motivation to take higher responsibility. Please do not conveniently miss mentioning one or the other, as you decide you can discuss the missed out point next to next time.

Grabbing and utilising the opportunity comes from you having the clarity in the direction you wish to grow.

So when you get a chance to talk to the one you like. Get clear about your feelings and tell that person.

Today is your opportunity. Tomorrow is another opportunity.

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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