Difference between Illusion and Imagination is more than your perception


Dear Friend!

Illusion is something you yourself have difficulty believing in. It’s unclear, blur, uncertain, unreliable.

Other attributes of Illusion are: It is sure certain, to be unreal. It is beyond your control. It’s marked as untrue. It could sometimes be scary.

IMAGINATION is clearer. It has a possibility of being true. It is sure certain that it may not be unreal.

The fact is both ‘illusion’ and ‘imagination’ are unreal. Both raises questions.

The main difference is the faith. When you view with faith and with your connection with source, you will know what is closer to real.

Nurture your IMAGINATION.

Use your imagination for creative visualization. How? Have clarity in what you desire. Every bit and every detail can be created in your mind. You have the freedom in your mind to be limitless. Apply this limitlessness. Write, draw, paint or talk (and record), what you imagine. When you add feelings and intention in your imagination, it collaborates with you into ‘creative visualizing’ all that you wish to bring true or manifest.

Your life can gain from your imagination. Choose your imaginative power well to enrich your life and your world.

Fear is an illusion. Dream is an imagination.

Knowing the difference between the illusion and the imagination helps in embracing what is beneficial to you, your life and anything else that you care about.

Ironically you tend to question your imagination but you accept your illusion even though it comes with a hint of confusion.

You can choose to imagine. Illusion is without a choice.

Concentrating on thinking on purpose can be imagination. This comes with practice. As your daily schedule, clubbing imagination with your meditation could be beneficial in two folds. During your meditation, you connect with the Source, Universe and/or Angels and take help in imagining what had been beyond your realm at the conscious level. Also, as it is co-creation with higher power and support, you are closer to manifesting what you are imagining.

Fuel and empower your imagination. Make the best use of your imagination. However and how much ever you let your imagination flow, you are always in charge. During the imagination process if you get aware that it is drifting in a direction that is not pleasant. You can choose to stir it in a direction and place that you find pleasant and fun.

You can imagine with your eyes open or closed, in position sitting or standing, timings and schedule could be short or long.

Imagination is a wonderful and effective way to affirm for what you want.

With regular imagination exercise, you will notice your growth, in your ability to give yourself permission to imagine more than you have been allowing yourself.

Some of the many perks of ‘imagination’ are that, you can change the feelings towards what has occurred in your space, change, tweak or replace what you think could possibly occur in your space.

Align the imagination with high vibrational feelings for magical results.

Use imagination well.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034







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