curious with FAITH

Difference between Questioning & Having questions is same as doubt & curious with faith.

curious with FAITH

Dear Friend!

The way to have the right answers that direct you to the right path is to have right questions.

The major reason for being confused and/or being lost is; you don’t have the habit or you don’t give yourself permission to ask questions. If you are this, then you are likely to not like receiving questions either. In this case, you are either becoming ‘frog in the well’ or you are constantly reinventing the wheel. All your creative resources ‘time, money, energy’ would be going into either understanding the knowledge that you have collected from various sources medias and books or it goes into ways and means into convincing yourself that you need not or are not supposed to ask.

When you don’t ask questions, you don’t receive answers. When you don’t have answers, doubt creeps in. Then you are constantly questioning.

When you ask questions easily and freely, you have answers. This gives you enough knowledge. Knowledge is clarity. Clarity gives the confidence to have courage. Courage gives experience in facing life situations. This gives faith.

So why don’t you ask questions? Your past experiences are what dictate this behavior. Now you can decide to change that.

When you know that you can ask, you are not afraid of new, unknown, unexplored. So do allow yourself to ask.

If you notice most of the skeptics are into questioning. It seems like they are challenging the bearer of the answers; person, books, media or anyone else.  This could lower the vibration and cause friction. When you understand that these skeptics are untrained ‘questioners’ who do not know that they can have a question and they are entitled and thus will receive an answer. Clearly, this concept has been denied to them in past and they are still approaching their present with the past behavior.

So, if you have had a background of inexperienced questioners, that is if you have been stopped and/or snubbed during the questioning, then you can start to train yourself to have questions.

How to train yourself to have questions? For that, first be willing to know more. Allow yourself to form a question then remove the fear aspect from it. Fear of being ridiculed for asking ‘silly’ or ‘easy’ or ‘obvious’ question. Fear of being rejected of answers. Then never ever stop asking questions.

Answers are not always received from people or person. Answers could be received through other mediums. Social networking sites, movies, documentaries, radio, write up in open areas like hoarding, billboards, also through thoughts and of course books. Be open to receiving answers from various sources and in various forms. Many times answers are very different from what you had anticipated. Where you were expecting lengthy wordy answers there you might get subtle yes or no. You many even receive answers in the form of numbers, symbols, pictures or a dialog.

Interpretation of answers is based on your existing knowledge and belief.

Sometimes answers lead to new questions. Be persevering in getting the answers that make sense to you by a follow-up question.

Once the answers are received, there could be you who can delayer it for yourself and others so that you remember and recall as and when need be. Then there could be you who get the answer but don’t need to further delayer as understanding itself suffices.

Having questions comes from a surety that it will be answered and you shall be able to understand it.

Having and presenting your questions will also assist in the busting myth called ‘shyness’. In truth, it has only been ‘lack of having and presenting questions.’

Ask questions out of curiosity to quench your interest.

Promote yourself to ask questions.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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