CHANGE for your highest and greatest GOOD

CHANGE, Only for your highest and greatest GOOD

CHANGE for your highest and greatest GOOD

Dear friend!

“I am willing to change.”

Place the center of your palm on the neck area. Stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and say this affirmation 10 times. Notice and note the change. The throat is the center of change. I am grateful to Louise L Hay, from whom I have learned this.

Therefore, when you have the irritation or discomfort, during a thought, conversation, listening or sleep, it is because of the resistance to change. This is a good sign. As this is also an indication that change is here.

What does ‘Change’ mean to you? Does it mean NEW or does it mean unknown! Does it bring excitement at the pretext to doing something new, different or more? Does it bother you that it might be a lot of additional work?

“I want to change for you.” Have you heard of this one? You may have wanted or you may want this for yourself or from someone.

You could want or you could have wanted to change for someone or something. You could want or you could have wanted someone to change for you.

Let’s look at these …..options/situations/ ‘wants’ a little bit in detail.

You want to change for someone or something. What happens when there is a variation of this someone or something in your space. Will you still continue or conveniently put the responsibility of change to later or just quit.

Who is to gain the most from this change? Answer this honestly to yourself. If the answer is YOU then, only you can be best suited to take the responsibility of your change. No one else.

You want someone or something to change for you. This is very flattering. This is also a big responsibility. So, ask yourself are you ready to be responsible for someone else’s change.

While you ponder over the above points, do consider this important INFORMATION too.

“For the change, look for motivation from outside temporarily, but also keep a look out for an internal motivation that is permanent.”

You could look at an outside factor for the motivation for change. Acknowledge it as an external factor.  Utilise it as motivating factor for your change. But, continue to explore and narrow down the internal factor(s) for the motivation for your change.

You could be the motivation for someone’s change. You could very well take the responsibility. Because you can. You could also motivate him/her/them to look within and search for a permanent motivation. Because ultimately it is the internal motivation which is going to bring out the changes.


Changing for anything external will fluctuate as the external factor has it’s/their willingness.

Change is important. Change is necessary. Change is the way forward. Change is certain. Change is growth.

Changing for internal factor or self is the real and actual change.

When you accept this understanding of ‘CHANGE’ then ‘change for your GREATEST and HIGHEST good’ only. For this is the most beneficial kind of change.

“I am willing to change.”

“I am changing for my greatest and highest GOOD.”

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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