Learn by example or learn by being an example. But, do LEARN




Dear friend!

Authority. You may want it. You may say, you can do without it.

You learn because of ‘authority.’ Either you accept an ‘authority’ or be an ‘authority’ or challenge an ‘authority.’ You also experience resistance to learning due to ‘authority’.

Learning from an example is accepting an ‘authority’. Learning in the process of being an example is being an ‘authority’.
People have done lots. Part of that ‘lot(s)’, is public knowledge. You get inspired by this available information. When you choose to do so, you learn from that/them. There are several advantages to this. You are not rediscovering. You are learning from what has already been tried, tested and quality checked. There is reassurance in the times of doubts as it has proof of its success. Learning by example is thus motivating and is with evidentiary support. Even if there is a break then you would know where to come back to. You learn by example and can focus on what works.

‘Being an example’ is another way to learn. To be the example, you do most of everything in the learning your OWN self. You get thorough. You are aware of every nuance of the process. Your creativity is heightened. During the process, you get better acquainted with your talents, skills, and abilities. You invent, the new within you and in the process that you are working on. You will always be the first, ‘to have done that’.

Whether you learn by example or by being one, if you have the willingness to know and understand the process while you implement it in your life, then that will make you an excellent imparter. Of course, the choice is entirely your own. If you choose to learn, implement and share then that presents a brilliant chance for you to be a teacher. You will be a teacher that walks the talk. Also, know that you can decide to use the knowledge for your benefit only.

Sometimes when you are following someone else’s example to learn, you yourself become an example for someone else to follow.

So an excellent proposition is to be both i.e. learn from and by being an example. Do so as and when the circumstances call for it. You will learn more.

When you learn from an example you may feel safe and comfortable with the available guidance and guidelines. You know the possible outcomes and you know ‘how’s’ of the journey. You know exactly who your teacher(s) is/are.

When you learn by being an example it’s interesting with a mixed bowl of emotions to accompany. Possibilities are infinite and the journey is new. You don’t even for a long time in this journey know that you are being an example. This is because you are concentrating on your learning.

When you learn by example you support many like yourself just by being one of them. Your mere presence in the specific groups, your questions, comments, feedbacks is adding data to all your fellow group members. When you learn by being an example you are a pathfinder, because that is the only way you have to move forward in your learning. You gather all that is required; the ways and means, under all circumstances, do all that is necessary to complete what needs to be done.

Learn and/or be an inspiration to learn. Learning is important. It helps you to know your own self better. So never ever stop. Always find reasons to continue learning.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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