Swimming Towards The Surface

Swimming Towards The Surface

Swimming Towards The Surface

Message from Reena Yadav on 4th Anniversary of IADLife Welfare & Research Centre.


Started swimming towards the surface.

4 years in IADLife.

I asked myself a question “what have I achieved in last 4 years?”

The answer I received from my inner self is the most honest answer.

“I have just started swimming towards the surface.”

For 4 years, I have held the fort with the right support system at IADLife. The right support system has come in our lives at the right time for the right creative purposes, be it service providers, clients, counsellors and many other people.

I have moved in the direction with IADLife that life presented to me.

While I grew professionally, I also worked on my personal aspects of my life. 

I walked through my insecurities. Whether they were my physical insecurities as I am an amputee or financial one as I am first-time business women, an entrepreneur who is still learning the nuance of earning through this business of healing or insecurities related to my co-creation of my family.

I have learned that people have come and have left from our space for right reasons. When they come I welcome them eagerly and when they leave I thank them and let them go.

The thing that I visibly see enhanced in my life is my willingness to change my life and my understanding of what change truly means.

I have worked towards my self-growth every single day in past 4 years in IADLife. There have been no holidays in my self-growth and no breaks. There have been only breakthroughs and ‘revelations’. Most of these revelations I write as IADLife Posts.

In last four years, I have learned a lot and I know as long as I am on this planet I will continue to do so. My willingness to share this knowledge with anyone who is willing to hear has been making me better and better as a life coach. This I can vouch for with all my might. I am getting better at my business aspect as well.


It took me some time but I did realise that I am in this line of work because I care.

I have not once shied away or dodged from a question that has come my way. I have answered every one of them. Questions came from clients, extended family members and other people. I know for certain I am only getting better at answering them.


It’s only now that I realise that only reason I did not get the help from those of who decided not to support, was because only I could have done this work in IADLife in the way I am supposed to.

“It is not that people don’t help because they don’t want to, they just may not know how.” 


For IADLife and me, the only way forward is the way up. And we are climbing step by step. I don’t work out of fear, but I do get scared sometimes. The good thing is we don’t have any other choice but to move forward. So we have made moving up as the way forward our priority.

I am grateful to IADLife to have come to my life when I most needed it. I am grateful for all the experiences that I have in IADLife. I am grateful to all the IADLife clients. I am grateful to all who have heard me, discussed with me and/or read me.

I keep an eye on the near vision and I have the gratitude of a very far and very large goal for IADLife.

I will remember to share with you as we achieve them. It will be my honor and privilege to do so.

Thank you for reading. I am grateful for every learning, teaching and every achievement we have had in all these four years in IADLife.   

I only wish for what is the greatest and highest good for me and IADLife.

Your contribution has been highly appreciated, it’s your blessing for us. Please continue to shower us with your kind blessings in future too.


IADLife founded on 30th April 2013.

Thank you and very best regards

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife


WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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