Say it RIGHT


Dear friend!

The argument between the service provider and a mother of two aggravated. Her voice deepened as the conversations continued. She made a statement “I don’t want to pay you more than this.” The service provider said, “you can have this back too.” Reacting to that the lady, frantically started to look for the 10 bucks that she wanted to give away and found 20 bucks note.”  She tried to pay him off. But, she could not find the 10 bucks that she wanted to hurl his way. She took the 20 and said, “take it but it will not benefit you.” To that, the guy reacted, “you keep it.”

In the case study above, something happened that made a 10 and 20 bucks the prestige point. Has it ever happened with you where you don’t mind parting with 100’s while giving away an extra 10 or less is unthinkable at that moment? The reasons sound so logical that you stand by and fight to defend your decision of not giving.

What are you saying at this point? What message are you passing to the Universe?

“I don’t want to give this person or spend on that thing.” according to you but what you are actually saying is “I don’t have it to give you or to give this person or spend on that thing.” You are so convinced that you do not want to spend your resource(s) on this.

Let’s understand this closely, “in your mind, there is a categorization or chambers according to which you budget the resources.” If there is a category where your resources run low you will not be able to extend the expenditure of the resource(s) here.

The only factor that can be responsible for the expanding of the budget of the resource(s) is ‘your willingness.’

Your willingness to see the larger picture.  Your willingness to accept the learning and move on. Your willingness to notice your resistance. Your willingness to not use shortcuts.

Thinking/words that are limiting in nature is known to you and has been part of you for a long time. Therefore, using these words/thinking comes easy, even though the fact is that there are better words to express. Usage of this language is ‘shortcuts’.

Instead, if you are willing to assign time and effort on the thinking/words that will benefit you.

Then you will never hear yourself  say the following:

I did not mean that. I did not mean to say that.

I have said it. And it has yet to come true. Yet to manifest.

A little bit of ‘effort on words’ goes a long way in communication.

Revisiting the earlier case study: “If the lady meant to say, “I really don’t want to give you because I don’t agree with your demands. I cannot agree with you at this point.” Suppose the guy pursues the conversation. She could have stood her ground and said, “You need to be able to explain better why am I to give you anything extra.” If the guy was still able to explain then the lady could give herself a chance to reconsider or refuse. But, because both parties have had enough chance to communicate. Chances of situation resolving in a better vibration are higher.

From this ‘what if’ example you could learn that many times, many of you have in a hurry ended up affirming what you truly did not want to in this way.

Give your words your time, energy and attention. Say it right! And Receive what you rightfully have asked for.

If you need the help ask for the guidance for ‘what to say, to receive what you truly want!’ In case there is confusion or uncertainty then ask for your ‘greatest and highest good.’

May you receive best of everything!

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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