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Difference between Illusion and Imagination is more than your perception


Dear Friend!

Illusion is something you yourself have difficulty believing in. It’s unclear, blur, uncertain, unreliable.

Other attributes of Illusion are: It is sure certain, to be unreal. It is beyond your control. It’s marked as untrue. It could sometimes be scary.

IMAGINATION is clearer. It has a possibility of being true. It is sure certain that it may not be unreal.

The fact is both ‘illusion’ and ‘imagination’ are unreal. Both raises questions.

The main difference is the faith. When you view with faith and with your connection with source, you will know what is closer to real.

Nurture your IMAGINATION.

Use your imagination for creative visualization. How? Have clarity in what you desire. Every bit and every detail can be created in your mind. You have the freedom in your mind to be limitless. Apply this limitlessness. Write, draw, paint or talk (and record), what you imagine. When you add feelings and intention in your imagination, it collaborates with you into ‘creative visualizing’ all that you wish to bring true or manifest.

Your life can gain from your imagination. Choose your imaginative power well to enrich your life and your world.

Fear is an illusion. Dream is an imagination.

Knowing the difference between the illusion and the imagination helps in embracing what is beneficial to you, your life and anything else that you care about.

Ironically you tend to question your imagination but you accept your illusion even though it comes with a hint of confusion.

You can choose to imagine. Illusion is without a choice.

Concentrating on thinking on purpose can be imagination. This comes with practice. As your daily schedule, clubbing imagination with your meditation could be beneficial in two folds. During your meditation, you connect with the Source, Universe and/or Angels and take help in imagining what had been beyond your realm at the conscious level. Also, as it is co-creation with higher power and support, you are closer to manifesting what you are imagining.

Fuel and empower your imagination. Make the best use of your imagination. However and how much ever you let your imagination flow, you are always in charge. During the imagination process if you get aware that it is drifting in a direction that is not pleasant. You can choose to stir it in a direction and place that you find pleasant and fun.

You can imagine with your eyes open or closed, in position sitting or standing, timings and schedule could be short or long.

Imagination is a wonderful and effective way to affirm for what you want.

With regular imagination exercise, you will notice your growth, in your ability to give yourself permission to imagine more than you have been allowing yourself.

Some of the many perks of ‘imagination’ are that, you can change the feelings towards what has occurred in your space, change, tweak or replace what you think could possibly occur in your space.

Align the imagination with high vibrational feelings for magical results.

Use imagination well.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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be your best ADVOCATE

You don’t need to be everyone’s unsolicited counsellor. Just be your own best advocate.

be your best ADVOCATE

Dear friend!

Has this happened to you?

You start something nice and new. You rush to share with the first person you want to seek approval from.

This is the person you look up to and think highly of.

The moment you have the first interaction with this person on this new and exciting idea or venture, the person shoots your enthusiasm down.

Then starts the convincing game.

Sure…But….Yeah….May be you are right…However….

‘Agreeing with the person because, that person’s opinion matters, but not agreeing because your deservability does not agree with the opinion.’

So you try ‘the convincing’ and when you don’t want to put in any more effort there you start speaking the ‘curbed enthusiasm’ language.

For example: ‘You are right, this probably isn’t a great idea.’ You start shortening your aim/goal. You even start to change them according to the approval level you are receiving. Your affirmation for self, alters according to the result of the convincing.

So what happened there? Why did you not support yourself?

You respect and possibly admire that person you were seeking approval from. Then why did that person’s comment curb your enthusiasm? When the approval level runs low in your own self then you seek approval from someone to who you are giving or willing to give approval easily. And of course, you do so, expecting the same in return.

‘But we are social beings, we need people to share right?’

Yes, indeed you do! You love sharing with one or few or many. In that case first, share and discuss with yourself. Be your best supporter on this planet.


Now go share.

When you are sharing with another person then, you could be grateful for the comments that you receive. This is because it is a reflection of your thoughts. If the comments are tough to handle or in a different direction than motivation and they are prickly then, it’s an indication and it originates from your ‘self-doubt’.

Let’s make the process fun and useful for you.

To have fun with this process either record the conversations or make notes. Afterward, look at your notes. This will amazingly tell you what all you need to prepare. Where do you need to put in more resources to succeed in the task or project or work.

“Allow people to come in your space. They are constantly giving you an idea of where you have reached and how far you need to go.”

However, keep the attention to yourself. Whatever you are doing, if you are preparing the pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages list, then make it with regards to yourself only. You convince yourself and your case is solid. You don’t need to defend yourself to anyone else. Most of the time the case becomes weak and your scale seems to tip more towards how others would react, comment, support and/or stop you.

If you could just know that the judge and jury are the same and it is the person the mirror when you are standing in front of it.

The ruling is in your favor when you favor yourself. See in this task what pleases you, how you are supporting yourself, what are your limiting comments to yourself, where is it that you need to be true to yourself.

Only your own support for yourself in all situations will get you right support from others in all situations. All the resources, ‘time, energy, money’ that you might have spent or have been thinking of spending on others could be channelized towards what you wish to do and for you.

Do try this.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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LUXURY of tomorrow

“Is the luxury of having tomorrow, keeping you from taking the action now.”

LUXURY of tomorrow


Dear friend!

You ask for, say ‘your want to focus more on what you are passionate about’. If the passion is your career or office work, then universe brings you the opportunities to do so. You will suddenly have an increase in workload with timelines that you are required to meet. You get an option of choosing your passion over other situations that had been coming up as a blockage or resistance, for example having other family members to attend to and additionally having some unannounced guests.

Here the choice to prioritise is yours. Either, you opt for this opportunity that has been presented to you to gain consistency towards what you are passionate about, address your resistance by making arrangements for the house members and guests in the way you know best. Take help from your support system or create a support system of the people or situations that have been your blockages before.

Or, you choose to be with the family members at home and cater to your guests with your hospitality and availability.

If you decide to take the second option, then ask yourself why did you choose that? Is that because of the ‘tomorrow’ that you have. The pull and ease that had prompted you to decide on taking the known route comes from the confidence that you can try again tomorrow.

May you have the tomorrow and another similar opportunity. But, what if you take the option that just this once, needs your extra effort or push to get over the blockage that completes your learning and helps you receive what you had asked for ‘NOW’.

What happens when you do not use ‘tomorrow’ as an excuse?

When you do not use ‘tomorrow’ as an excuse, then you are busy enjoying your achievement today and making creative plans to be executed ‘tomorrow’. Instead of the dilemma of facing blockage(s) tomorrow or experiencing the guilt of not using the opportunity, you will be engaging your thoughts and actions on ‘creative next’. You enjoy the moment and look forward to the tomorrow. You have the preparedness that can only move you from one phase to another.

Appreciation of blockages and opportunities build up simultaneously. Tackling the blockages helps you embrace your opportunities. So you could be grateful to them too.

More and more ways to move forward becomes clear.

Make the best of the opportunity at hand. Let the next one solve something else.

Next time you get to meet your top boss of your organization be ready with all your discussion points. Use this opportune moment to pitch your ideas, highlight your skills and mention of an increase in your earning as an amazing motivation to take higher responsibility. Please do not conveniently miss mentioning one or the other, as you decide you can discuss the missed out point next to next time.

Grabbing and utilising the opportunity comes from you having the clarity in the direction you wish to grow.

So when you get a chance to talk to the one you like. Get clear about your feelings and tell that person.

Today is your opportunity. Tomorrow is another opportunity.

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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it is getting easier

“I am not there yet, but it is getting easier by the day to get there.”

it is getting easier

Dear friend!

Healing and enhancing one or more than one aspects of life, is a combination of several journeys. All these are parallel processes moving forward. All are interconnected.

They are like several lanes of the common road. Lanes are suggestive of areas where the healing solutions are required. Sometimes each lane could represent the healing solution that is being applied in one area. And because you need more than one healing solution in one area, the lanes appear wider than others and thus that seems like a road in itself.

How gigantic is the effort required depends on the understanding and willingness in implementing the healing solutions! The input of the effort to carry out the self-work decides the length of the road.


When your get into the healing process. You wish to see the progress report.


When you see success in your healing, you want to show it to others. Mainly because you have been amongst them when you were going through the pain and stress of what required healing. If and when you are up to it you may even share details of your healing process, show gratitude to place from where you have learnt your healing process, show acknowledgement to the teachers who have taught you and you could also try to inspire someone to take the healing directly or just by being an example in their space.


When you have ‘questions’ you ask your counselor.


But, what to do when the road is longer than you expected i.e. the process takes longer than you anticipated and the results are not as envisioned by you and or thought by the one(s) who is/are monitoring you?


What do you do? What do you say?


When you are being sponsored, you are answerable to the sponsors.


You start to question the single person effort that is going in your healing process. Given that the healing process is a lot of self-work, the temptation surfaces to shift the ‘effort load’ on others for whom or because of whom you initially were taking the healing.

Or so you thought.

Ironically the only person who can do the work is you. But you did not want to acknowledge what you already knew. The truth is that you and many others will benefit. So just like any other responsibility that you have found tough to handle, you do the same thing with your healing. You bring it to the attention of the sponsor on how resource intensive it is. As a result, you either shift or share the responsibility. And if the effort put in by you, for your healing is not acknowledged and/or appreciated then, because of lack of desired response you STOP.


Just ask yourself ‘when did the incentive to a have or to live a beautiful life within you and significant other(s) get diluted?’


You think you can temporarily stop as the confidence to pick up where you left has been gained by all the work you have already done. This itself speaks volumes of the healing process that has worked.


Even then, you constantly keep asking yourself questions regarding the process and progress. You feel the change but don’t see it or have not reached your decided goal.


To all this, you can say “I am not there yet, but it is getting easier by the day to get there.”


You say it and see how soothing it is both to you and whosoever you feel you are answerable to.


Say it to the mirror when you are standing in front of it. When in doubt or when you need the update. This will promote you to keep on going on the ROAD.


Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Discipline comes from motivation

Discipline comes from motivation. Strictness comes from lack of approval.

DISCIPLINE comes from motivation


Dear friend!

There are many and varied processes that can be concocted to achieve a task. An organised, methodical and regular way of this process is called ‘discipline’.

When achieving of a task originates, the intention is to achieve by some means. The means to achieve the end task is the set of steps that specifically lead to the end result. This set of steps needs to be carried out in a decided sequence and frequency.

This can be done in two ways.

One way is to keep pointing out all the things that need to be corrected in the steps, noticing and worrying about the flaws in you carrying out the steps, constantly cribbing about the outcome that may not be achieved. All this lack of approval either from you to yourself or to you from outside or from you to other(s) originates from fear. This only breeds stress.

Another way which is the only effective way is ‘motivation’. It aspires to make the carrying out of the steps seamless. This gives rise to DISCIPLINE. Here the approval flows in abundance. In the shield of such an environment there is gratitude for what is in place, celebrations of the mini milestones achieved, willingness to move forward, respect for process and still allowing variation in the steps that could be customised for you. With discipline, accomplishing the achievement is a certain outcome.

No matter how down and under you are during the task, you will always be mindful of the giving yourself enough approval. Giving yourself approval, entails affirming and/or afforming for your highest achievement while keeping faith in your greatest potential, boost your morale when the little milestones don’t look enticing enough to continue, willingness to entertain all kinds of excuses only to convince yourself to get back on track lovingly and under all conditions love and respect yourself.

Whether it is a task or ‘the’ task called LIFE, keep motivating yourself. Motivation keeps you filled with energy. Your energy filled self, keeps you ‘disciplined.’ Discipline can help achieve all kinds of goals. Then, there is no limit to size, length and effort level for the goals.

So next time you feel you need to finish something, get disciplined, use motivation.

Being strict is energy depleting. Fear of being scolded is persistently there. Self-esteem and self-initiatives get hampered. Results are not fun.

Motivation requires more detailed knowledge of the task, process, and person. Efforts are extended. Results are fun. The effort put in has longer shelf life. You can reuse it for other goals. You can inspire others to achieve the same or similar goals. Changes with motivation are permanent and there is guaranteed movement from one layer of healing or growth to another.

Strictness promotes escapism and shortcuts. It does not last long. It gives rise to addiction for quick results and quick fixes, within oneself or with other(s). Strictness could allow cruelty. Strictness teaches avoidance as strictness does not align with the divine way of addressing of self.

Motivation encourages you the do more. It tickles your creative buds and keeps you upbeat about exploring more, with you by your side. Motivate yourself every step of the way in your life. Then motivating others comes easy. Relationship with self-enhances and self-conversations become enjoyable and exciting.

And that is how a LIFE is meant to be lived. MOTIVATE.

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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movie called ‘MY LIFE’

You are the Writer, Director, Executive Producer, of your movie called “MY LIFE”, and you play the Lead.

movie called 'MY LIFE'

Dear friend!

Yes, it’s all you.

Go ahead create what you wish to see in the opening credits or opening titles.

Here’s an example:

“My Life presents….My Life Productions….In association with MY SUPPORT SYSTEM……A MY LIFE FILM….A SOURCE production….Casting by ‘MY LEARNING’….Costume design by ‘THAT PHASE of my life’….Music by ‘MY VIBRATION’……Edited by ‘MY LEARNING’ ….Production Designer ‘MY GROWTH’…….Director of photography ‘MY VIEW’…..Based on Character created by ‘MY EXPERIENCE’….Co-producers ‘HEAVEN ABOVE, I, ME, MYSELF’…..Executive producer ‘MOI’…..Produced by ‘ME OFCOURSE’….Story by ‘ME and SPIRITUAL MASTERS’….Screenplay by ‘I’……Directed by ‘MYSELF.’

Main lead and protagonist is YOU.

All the other characters and situations play the supporting roles and guest roles. Some character and situation play a pivotal role while others play small impact role, some have short stay role while others have longer duration role.

All these are the right people and right situation for your life.

These right people and right situation are in your space and keep coming in your space to provide you the learning that prepares you for the next phase of life.

You decide and direct every scene of your life. The only condition is that you star in your movie as the main lead. You cannot direct and not star in your movie. You also cannot star and not direct it.

Many times you star as the main lead but think you can transfer or have handed over directing to someone else. That will never happen.

You are responsible. You are responsible because you and only you have all the power. You are responsible for every single bit in your life. Everything is yours. The experiences, the gains, the learning, life enhancements, the hurts, the rectifications, the changes, and the growth.

You have written and are writing the screenplay for every scene. If you have not liked it then you can now write a fresh one. For the hurts, losses or damages, some of which that might have been permanent find out, what learning were you seeking through such an experience. This is so that you don’t inadvertently write something similar to a re-take, as you will not move further unless you have finished the learning. Also, this will facilitate self-forgiveness.

Now, write your life that you see in the highest light.

How to do that?

Get clear on what do you really really want.  Then create a script around it. The writing has to be ‘you-centric’. Write and re-write till you are satisfied. Every time you get an enhanced idea, rescript. Please do not laze out, and accept the previous version and say ‘its ok.’ Write your highest deservability.

Although you are doing all the work and have taken all the responsibility you are, however, never left alone. You have constant love and support from Heaven. You have a higher force that works in collaboration with you. You are guided, blessed, provided and protected.

Your worth and intelligence is so valued and respected that these higher entities do not interfere without your ‘willingness’.

What is willingness? How to show willingness?

Willingness is your ‘agreement of permission’. Your willingness is your solid, concrete and final ‘yes’.

Therefore it is in your favor to be aware of what you are showing the willingness to.

To show your willingness you can start by using the words you are comfortable with like, “I am willing”, followed by what is the willingness for. For example “I am willing to change”, this is you granting permission to higher entities like Source and Angels to bring you life situations that will help you and prompt you to change. Similarly with “I am willing to receive love”, here you will be brought life situations that will help you and prompt you to be loving and thus receive love.

Eventually with regular use of the words as above, ‘willingness’ becomes a part of your feelings and vibrations.

Once willingness and clarity of what you want to be or do, becomes part of your asking in the form of the script written by you then, your movie manifests in a way that it will make pleasant sense to you and you will know that everything is in your control.

So go ahead write the best script and be the best lead in your beautiful life.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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FOCUS to de-focus

You need to focus on what you don’t want in order to de-focus from it.

FOCUS to de-focus

Dear friend!

The moment you face an unpleasant situation, you either get too deeply involved in the details of ‘how you did not enjoy it’ or ‘dismiss it’.

‘Somebody or something’ has bothered you, harassed you or wronged you. Please don’t ignore. Please don’t be in a hurry and start giving the benefit of the doubt to that ‘somebody or something’.

Get clear knowledge and understanding of, ‘what is it about this ‘somebody or something’, that is not feeling right.’ Then you will know whether there are follow-up steps or learning in this situation.

Only when you address the ‘issue’ in hand, then the ‘after steps’ get clear in your space.

+How to focus and find out what is the learning?

Any of the following could be done in order to focus and to find out the learning.

# Go through the events in your mind or discuss with your counsellor, with details of your thoughts vibrations and the ‘somebody or something’.

# Go through the events as a third person. Here you view only the actions of you and the other ‘somebody or something’.

The above processes are not to see who is right, but to notice ‘somebody or something’ as per your inner thoughts vis-à-vis in its actuality. Either of the above steps works wonders when is done while tapping.

# Best way is to ask your Universe, “what is my learning here?” then, let the answer come to you in form of thoughts, signs, and symbols.


+What are the follow-up step(s) and how to choose which one(s) could be done?

Follow up step(s), are the action that you need to take, as soon as you have finished with finding the learning. The follow-up step(s) arise from/through the learning and sometimes is the learning.


#Letting go

# Moving on

# Standing up

# Introspection


The whole process of looking closely into the situation or giving it a cursory look is so that you finish off your learning with this kind of unpleasant ‘somebody or something’ once and for all. Once the learning is learned, this part of ‘somebody or something’, will leave your space. You most definitely deserve better.


If you jump the process to suppress and allow it to bottle up, you will react for the minut‘est’ next incident. Then you will find yourself unreasonable and go into guilt and start to suppress again because you are not getting the solution from this unexpected outburst.

The whole idea is to know (1)what you need to heal, (2)do the work (healing process) and (3)not be afraid to face life’s next ‘somebody or something’. As you complete your learning, you now attract only pleasant ‘somebody or something’ thereon.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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