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Types of RECIPROCATION in loving conversations:

(a) I agree with you

(b) I agree to disagree with you



Dear friend!

Conversations and communications are ‘key’ to flow in information.

Conversations lead through love and respect need not have fights. If there is flight then either or both parties are trying to convince, without giving enough respect to the other’s point of view.

During a conversation where there are no fights, there are only two reciprocations:

(a) I agree with you

(b) I disagree with you

Anything outside this is, ‘either of you trying to change each other to speak their language so that either or both of you do not have to put in any effort to prove your point.’

When you either ‘agree’ or ‘agree to disagree’ then, you just place your viewpoint in each other’s space as information.

When you are not in agreement with each other, then you can be in agreement to disagree. When you agree to disagree, it’s mutual, it’s calm, it’s loving, it’s respectable.

‘I don’t agree with you’ or ‘I disagree with you’; the moment you say this, you are telling the other person that you think the other person is wrong. Having confidence in what you agree with is more important than convincing the other, that they are wrong.

Beating people, showing arrogance to people, being rude to get your points through to the other person is a shortcut. If you are doing this, then this is because you think that you are too much in a hurry or you have no chance of convincing the other.

When you either ‘agree’ or ‘agree to disagree’ then, you are not trying for the other person to start speaking your language. You are saying that this is your information and that you are clear about it. However, you are willing to keep the other’s conversation in your space for future consideration.

This is a mutual very beautiful way of saying let us stay with the two view points. You don’t have any compulsion that “you have to speak my language” or “you have to understand what I am saying right away.”

This gives way or allows for the conversation to continue in a smooth manner. And then there is a possibility that as you progress in the conversation, then either of you will agree with each other or again not so. But for the communication to flow and continue, you are giving approval that allows the other person to be in your space and continue sharing, what has yet to make sense to you. In your books, in your understanding, you are not agreeable to the other person’s information, but you are still allowing the other person to speak in your space.

This kind of patience and respect for each other’s words comes from the willingness to know and solve things.

An important point to consider: You try to listen to and reason to conversations with the other person, only if you feel safe.

In other situation, leave.

Have a loving conversation flow.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Self-doubt i.e. when you doubt yourself. You are doubting your ability, You are doubting others understanding.




Dear friend!

Something wonderful happens or you do something wonderful. Your question on your deservability strikes, soon after. You are constantly wondering if you are good enough or if you did enough or you have enough. All these self-doubt(s) change your vibration to a lower one and the wonderful and beneficial results that have/were coming to you literally takes an about turn. This confirms your doubt that you had, I did not do enough. Translating it to, I could have done more or differently.

If you are willing to accept that, ‘at that point whatever you are supposed to do or have done was the right measurement.’ The next chance, if you get you can strategize to do more or differently. But, at the moment that was enough.

When you get into self-doubt, you are second guessing yourself. Everything that goes into the act is under scrutiny. You every step goes through the magnifying glass. You are wondering about the ‘what if’s’. ‘What if’, it was done differently?

This is to indicate you doubt your abilities, in every aspect. You do that mainly because you have lessening connection with self. Self-doubt also arises when your focus is on what others are thinking about you or of you.  You are trying to be ‘others’. Ironically you still establish little or no connection with others because you cannot be ‘others’. As a result, you start to doubt others understanding.

For example, a student writes an exam paper and goes over every question and re-lives writing the answers many times after the submission of the paper. The student does so because of the concern about what to reply to classmates or parent(s) when questioned on ‘how did you write your paper?’

Guy dating a girl decided not to continue with the relationship. The girl went on and on through the conversations and actions exchanged between them to figure out what could have been done differently for him to stay in the relationship with her.

A girl met with an accident that resulted in permanent physical impairment. She mentally walked bit by bit of that day’s routine, to see how she could have avoided that mishap.

A chef was cooking for very important guests and food got spoilt.

You catch the drift.

No amount of rethinking can change what has already gone by. You could use this time more creatively by investing your time, energy and affirmations in getting ready for your next ‘something’ in your life.

Rethinking and reliving an action could be beneficial only if you doing this for the purpose of knowing how to do it differently or documentation purpose for example to publish a book. Other than that you doing this will be getting you only into self-blame.

Re-do every bit in your mind if you must, but this time look for what you are grateful for. Recall all that gives you pleasure. Appreciate yourself. Support yourself to prepare for the future, rather than lamenting about the past. Bring the focus on self. If others are involved in discussion or input then, value it. Do not be apprehensive about their honesty. Take the information from them at face value. Collect the data from them ‘as is’, do not adulterate it with your understanding of their understanding.

Convert your self-doubt to self-conviction and self-confidence.

Affirmations “I am enough”, “Am I doing enough”.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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ULTIMATE solution

Self-healing is the ultimate solution to all situations that require Healing.


Dear friend!

You have a fight at home with your close or extended family member or you don’t get along in your office or your teacher is uninspiring and unappreciative. What is that you do?

Do you storm out of the house or the scene to get away from the situation? If the situation is unresolved on your return, do you wish for them (close or extended family member), to leave your space for good?

Do you contemplate of resigning right away? Do you start updating and uploading your resume on job sites or wish for that colleague to leave your department, floor or company?

Do you discontinue or disconnect with the teacher?

All the above are the quick fixes by a runner. You most certainly are not advised to stay in the situation if you feel unsafe.

However, if you feel safe and can handle the discomfort, it is advisable to stay on. This is to complete your learning here.

#What does “complete your learning” mean?

In life, learning comes to us from our teacher. The teacher is anything that gets your attention. It could be human, animal, thing or situation. The principle of ‘attention grabbing’, applies here too. If it does not manage to get your attention the first time, the intensity of the ‘attention grabbing’, increases. Therefore, ‘teacher’ could sometimes seem to be bothersome, hurtful, irritating or bugging.

#What is this “learning”, which is being talked about?

The learning is a qualification that you have asked for, to support and contribute to your next phase of life. As the process is sometimes bumpy, it can be seen as a ‘nudge’ forward. It is actually a step forward to the next phase.

#Why was this ‘learning’ asked?

It is a requirement for your next phase of life.

#What happens when the ‘learning’ is not completed?

This is very interesting.

The ‘learning’ is mandatory. If you do not complete it, you do not move to your next phase of life. The teacher of the learning will keep coming in your life in same or similar manner. When the teacher repeats its appearance it is called ‘pattern’. The commonality in a pattern is the characteristics of the ‘teacher’. It will leave your space or transform as soon as the learning is complete.

You could affirm to learn the learning lovingly.

This learning is so important because it is for self. The change happens on completion of learning. When you bring the attention to the applying of the change within you, it is ‘self-healing’.

This is in the form of healing, transformation, tweaking by way of self-conversation, self-affirmation and/or introspection,

Your change after the self-learning is complete is a done deal.  When you change, your life gets enhanced. The person, people, environment and/or situations change seamlessly thereafter. This will be for your benefit.

Be willing to learn your learning readily.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Limitless PROMOTE Limitless

Limitless PROMOTE Limitless

Only a limitless person could allow another person to be limitless

Limitless PROMOTE Limitless

Dear friend!

Today you woke up. What is your reason today? Did you wake up to (a) Love, Do more and to Promote Someone? or (b) Scold, Stop and to Limit Someone?

You wake up every day for either of these two reasons.


+You are limiting when …..

You are suggesting on how to improve.

When you don’t give options or consider choices.

When you ask for more time or move timelines.

When you look for shortcuts.

When you worry about receiving.

When you create drama to convey.

When you are rooting to fail.

When you are in doubt.

When loving is conditional.

When you are in perpetual wait.


+You are LIMITLESS when….

When you are giving feedback and testimonials on performance.

When you are willing to learn and change.

When you are sincere and are willing to stand by achievements and give approval easily.

When you look for fun.

When you are comfortable, admire, aspire and celebrate receiving.

When you are communicative.

When you are cheering to win.

When you are in the faith.

When loving, for you is easy and under all conditions.

When you are eager to live and enjoy your NOW.


These attributes mentioned above, of you limiting and limitless, applies to both self and others.

Limiting and limitless are attitudes that can be changed. You need not define yourself completely based on the attitude in an area. Give yourself a chance to find out what are the areas in your life where you wish to be limitless. Make the attitude switch.

Limitless or limiting is a choice you make. You want to grow and want to see the world around you grow, then choose to be limitless.

When you put yourself in danger and endanger others too, that’s reckless. Don’t confuse limitlessness with recklessness.

When you are limited, it is out of fear. Acknowledge, understand and delayer this fear. Who and what are you fearful of. When you clearly see who and what of fear, it starts to diminish and your transition to limitlessness can now commence. It’s evolved here.

You start your journey on this planet as a limitless being. As you advance in your life journey you pick up the understanding of life through observations and experiences, which causes you to shift into limiting. Your life’s learning is this reverse shift from limiting to limitless.

Be limitless and allow and promote people in your space to be one too.

“Let’s all grow and prosper together.” – Louise L Hay.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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START with what you have

Start with the resources at hand. Rest will be provided on the way.

START with what you have

Dear friend!

The moment you get a creative idea, what is your first move. #Do you excitedly look around to make a note about it or share it. #Are you wondering about its possibility of becoming a reality. Followed by returning to your present, which is riddled with past experiences and beliefs that are of ‘yours, and others’.

The fact of the matter is that if you have a creative idea

1) It is guidance towards achieving your desires, directly or as a stepping stone 2) Resources you require for the commencement of the creative idea is already in your space.

Therefore, the moment you get a creative idea, look around for the first thing or person who will help you make a note, remember or discuss the idea further. Writing material, memo app or draft a message on your smartphone, your friend or confidant or associate who will hear your idea. You could go in front of the mirror and share this idea with yourself. While you are there, you could even tap* while sharing the ideas.

In case you are already doing this, ‘Hurray’.

The example of a running race, ‘marathon’ beautifully explains this further. In a marathon, you start your run with what you have, the energy, the hydration, the direction. As you run on your path, the resources like the energy drink, motivating supporters and further instructions on the direction or path are made available for you or are waiting for you as you move forward in a marathon.

When you do so i.e. start with resources at hand, you are looking at what you already have.

When you look at what you can make do with what you have, you are listing what you have and thus acknowledging the availability of what you have. This is being grateful for it. This generates contentment. This keeps your attention on what is possible and keeps you motivated to moving forward.

If your attention is on what needs to be arranged, then you are putting your attention on what is missing.  When you look for preparations even before you begin, you are looking at the lack. What you need to have, translates from what you do not have. This takes your energy and attention to what needs to be arranged and how it will be arranged, instead of the creative aspect of it.

Ones who have trusted their creative ideas started work on it and have allowed for the resources to come to them have actually created marvels, as seen from the example below.

‘In his award accepting speech the director of a movie shared the experience about the movie. During the speech, he narrated about his team’s funding experience. He said, “Our team was ready and the tickets were bought to shoot at a foreign location, we were not sure where will the funding come from. We just knew we were to make a great movie.” The movie indeed was beautifully made and was a commercial blockbuster.’

So when it is said, ‘get started with what you have in hand’, it is a reminder, that you are already prepared for the first step. The added skill and support walks in, turns up, gets created and/or manifests one after another.

This is also an understanding that today, for the next moment and for the day you are prepared. So lovingly accept yourself exactly as you are. Don’t postpone your date, your coffee outing, that meeting, attending that event, party or fun. Continue to change what you wish to change. Resources for the next day, for the next step, will be provided.

*tap is tapping or EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Dear friend!

It has always been according to your convenience.

Whether you have been allowing something.

Whether you have been blocking them.

“I am tired of being in the same place and people blaming me for it,” said a model yelling, who was shortlisted in the elimination round on ‘America’s Top Model’. To this, Tyra Banks, the producer and judge on the same reality show, replied screamingly: “If you were really so, you would have done something about it.”

This is very true. if you wish to change or enhance your life, it is and has always been your choice. Life changes as per your convenience. Be it age, be it gender, be it your region, nothing is limiting you. Everything is in your support. Your willingness to change and/or enhance comes from making it convenient to you.

It’s not about blame or self-blame.

All of this is because you don’t feel you are enough and/or you are ready.

Coming true of your manifestation is your responsibility. Be it postponement or advancement of your manifestation.

It is possible that you may have missed out on an opportunity. But the moment you know that this has happened due to your own convenience, you could make a choice. Get comfortable or stay as is. In either situation respect and accept your decision and yourself. If you do decide to get comfortable with the opportunity, there is a way. But the question could be ‘what if that opportunity is gone for good!’ In that case, affirm “something better will come along, which is of my greatest and highest good.” Now to get comfortable with the next/similar opportunity you could start to work towards it by making preparations for it. Once accepting an opportunity becomes convenient for you, you will definitely get opportunities. Chances are, the same earlier opportunity may come to you in a new light for the new you.

When you are selling yourself short.

When you are underplaying yourself.

You have been doing so because it was convenient for you. But the realisation about you doing this will make you go into blame. You will say that ‘x’ or ‘y’ or ‘z’ is not letting you prosper or grow. You will say if it was ‘a’ or ‘b’ or ‘c’ conditions I would have thrived.

But look closely, isn’t your convenience playing an active role here.

Make your life’s desires your convenience. When you really want your desires but don’t change your ‘convenience status’ then you yourself create a life where choices seem compulsory because if otherwise, you may not work towards them or receive your desires at all. But, these compulsions may not be fun and could be hurtful.
Within you, there is always a reservoir of willingness, creative ideas, strength or energy and potential. You are and have always been enough. You are and have always been ready.

Make your desires your convenience. “It is convenient for me to receive my desire.”

So be it.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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notice where you FOCUS

Noticing and focusing are two different things

Notice where you are focusing

notice where you FOCUS

Dear friend!

NOTICING while paying attention is FOCUSING.

You are noticing only when you are looking or seeing. You are also noticing when you are dreaming. You notice scenes in the dream. When you are noticing, your brain is processing and noting what is in clear eyesight or obscure but around.

Focusing is when you are concentrating on a particular thing or aspect and you are completely invested in it with time, energy, feelings and vibrations.

When you NOTICE, you have a choice whether you wish to have what you are looking at,  in your space.

When you FOCUS you already have it in your space.

This is the most amazing aspect about noticing and focusing. Noticing is done at the conscious level. Focusing can be done at the conscious level too. Focusing is also being done at the semi-conscious level.

This is also the only explanation to the ‘unexplained’ in your life. If you are seeing that unexplained things are manifesting in your life, here is the most valid explanation for it. You are focusing on these unexplained things at the semi-conscious level. This kind of focusing is dictated by earlier life experiences and beliefs.

If you wish to change this notice where you are focusing. If you wish to keep this ‘unexplained’, then deliberately focus on it. Do it at every moment.

So when you are going through the life experiences what are you noticing and what are you focusing?

When you notice, you observe and that is a message to your mind. This is a reminder for a desire or a creative idea in a desire. Then there is a communication with your deservability in you. “You can have it” or “You cannot have it” or a predicament between the both. This conversation happens there. The final outcome of that conversation that registers with you at the time, is what you are focusing on. And that is what appears or manifests in your life.

A shift in direction of noticing happens when you are engrossed in something and you allow your mind to drift. This could happen during driving, walking, watching movies, typing, dancing, studying or meditation.

To make the most of your ‘thinking process’, it is best to focus on what you notice. Or be aware of what you are focusing on at all times. This is important as your thought process is responsible for your communication with the higher power, that is helping with all your manifestations. The higher power is ‘your Universe’ and ‘your Source’. So next time you are driving, walking, watching movies, typing, dancing, studying or meditating, freely notice but focus on your mind conversations. Amidst these conversations are the messages that are your guidance. Through these conversations, you receive answers to the questions that you seek.

So from now on intermittently keep checking with yourself by asking, ‘what are you noticing?’ and ‘what are you focussing?’

Therefore, when you NOTICE others abundance and prosperity, you could FOCUS on your own prosperity in your desire rather than your lack of it.

Another amazing aspect of noticing and focusing is, you are noticing when you are visualizing. You get visions when you are focusing.

If you are not focussing on what benefits you, you could change that right that moment. Bring your focus and attention to what you truly desire.

Bring your desires true by noticing where you are focussing.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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