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To Heal The World

You Want To Heal The World Then, Heal Yourself.

You Want To Change The World Then, Change Yourself

Heal The World

Dear Friend!

Serving is the ultimate way of exhibiting to others that you qualify. By the preachers, it has been peppered, splashed, and/or sprinkled in your space and has ultimately made its way to your mind, that you are supposed to help others.

You are on a planet where you choose to be co-dependant, co-exist, co-operate, co-create with other planet‘mates’. If you have chosen to be a social being, other people are important in/for your life and you are important in/for their life.

If you have been one of the people who has learned and practiced taking care of others as ‘the right thing to do’ then, the point to be considered and pondered over is that, while you are caring for others, what is happening in your space. Who is taking care of YOU? How is this affecting your health, career, relationships?

Are you content, happy, satisfied and thrilled?

Or are you frustrated, irritated and saddened by the lack of acceptance, reciprocation and/or replenishment?

If it is the later then, it is important for you to know that you cannot be contributing to others life if you are in deficit in your own life or going into deficit in your life as a consequence to this contribution. In this state of deficit, any support, help, aid provided will benefit no one.

The lack that you see in your space has little or nothing to do with the quantity. The main deciding factor is willingness. When you are not convinced but you are doing it anyways because of the external factors, then the effort always backfires.

You don’t get returns in gratitude or you don’t see your input being considered or making an impact or being enough situation wise. This may dissuade you and the world could lose your very necessary assistance.

If you are happy contributing in others life then this condition has already been met.

The strongest reason for your joyful and cheerful involvement in others life is your own contentment. You are content because you have the adequate amount of what you wish to share or are sharing.

When you see that you have less then you could work towards bringing adequacy in your life. When you have, you can give. When you have more, you can give more.

You are a compassionate, kind, caring being. It is natural that your desire to provide help and healing to the world. You wish to change the world. You want to do what you can and want to make difference at any and/or many levels. This planet needs more people like you.

To do this in a more effective manner, you need to redirect the same set of supplies of compassion, kindness and care towards yourself. You need to be kind to yourself and take care of yourself.

What this means is, instead of getting pulled into the sadness of what you want to heal. You invest in yourself, equip yourself with the resources like the knowledge that gives you the know-how of how to best take care of the situation.

Take care of your health.

Be in the frame of health and mind to take care of yourself and many others. To change the situation in/of the world you need to change the way you look at the situation. Are you willing to look at the possibilities? Are you willing to put in the time and energy give hope and add faith? If so, you will first need to have enough of that within you.

Once your communication is full of possibilities and your actions will reflect solutions. The designing and implementation are then visible. Awesome results are also evident.

This brings relief to all.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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reply unpleasant question with a question

It Is Wise To Reply To An Unpleasant Question With A Question Rather Than With A Defensive Answer.

reply unpleasant question with a question

Dear Friend!

It is wise to reply to an unpleasant question with a question rather than a defensive answer.

It must not be unheard of to getting pulled into others life situations. You try your best to move forward keeping yourself occupied and dealing with your life situations. Then there comes along a life situation of someone else. They talk about it with you as if you are already a part of it. Truth be told, you have no clue. While you are still finding a foothold in this one-sided discussion of which you are a reluctant participant, bam! comes a question for you. The whole thing has already let you off balance and you did not even realize it and you have a role to play in this. Running low on energy you gather whatever information you have and present it. But, the answer comes out as if you are unclear. You try to get out by stating about the present unavailability or by sharing about the social situation you are in or your schedule with a promise or an assurance to get back. Everything seems to be happening so fast and is getting so out of your control, that your questions that are coming your way appear to be darts that need to dodged. But there is no dodging or ducking, so you are left with one choice and that is spurt out a quick reply.

These quick replies are almost never satisfactory. You then tend to revisit the situation, with an attempt to defend your situation better, in order to make yourself better.

That will never help. Thinking and rethinking what has not worked only attracts similar situations. You also need to remember that these situations have the participation of other person/people. And you will never know what the conversation from the other side is going to be. As a result, yet again, before you know it, you are neck deep into this conversation and this now becomes your life situation.

Instead of reliving or revisiting an unpleasant conversation in your mind or attracting something similar to get a chance to solve it better, how about you think or act beyond the past behaviour.

If it has happened then, find out what information you do not know in that situation. So present a question reliving this situation in your mind. You will realise that only when you are in the present, of the situation that you can have any chance of getting any closer to the actual answer.

You understand now that you have been answering based on limited data provided to you. You need more ‘info’, for you to provide an informed reply.

So next time you become a part of the conversation of which you know little or nothing of, decide to go ahead with it, only when your next question is ready.

So when you become a part of…. He said ….she said….he did…she did … then, some of the questions that can support you while you come up with your apt questions are:

“Why are you saying that?” “Do I need to know more.” “Where are you?” “Are you ok?”

The question has to be for the purpose of gaining clarity. Try to keep the questions specific, rather than general like “What happened?” this will open up the whole box of single perspective data and could really take long.

It is advocated to communicate with all. But, the communication has to happen where you are in an energy level where you could contribute in a mutually beneficial manner. Anything other than that is not helping anyone.

Thank you and Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Gratitude De-layered

Gratitude De-layered

Blockage In Gratitude Is The Misconception That You Need To Like The Giver. It Suffices That You Like The Blessing.

Gratitude De-layered
Dear Friend!

Gratitude, giving thanks, counting your blessings, are ways of saying ‘thank you’.

What is Gratitude?

Acknowledgment of the receipt.

Receipt of what you need and/or have asked now or before.

Who to show Gratitude?

To the giver.

When you receive it is like an ‘exchange of approval’.

What stops you from Gratitude acknowledgment?

Not recognising, underestimating, not satisfied.

Not liking the source ‘from’ and ‘how’ you are receiving.


When the source that is the person, situation and/or the experience is undesirable, unattractive and/or unexciting then they pose as a distraction and therefore recognising what to be grateful for and expressing gratitude here takes a lot of effort.

It is a big misconception that you need to like or love from where you receive.

You have to learn to segregate where are you receiving from with what you are receiving.

You could be grateful and you love or like the blessing received. This could suffice.

When you present yourself with a compulsion of being affectionate, forgive, love, like, respect and/ or accept the unpleasant source from where you are receiving, it is then that you are creating a blockage to recognising and acknowledging the gratitude.

Such sources may come with learning. The learning is the passcode to the next phase. Therefore, it is an important aspect of the life experience for which you could be grateful. If you develop an aversion towards either from or how you received the learning. You may inadvertently reject the learning. Thus, you start experiencing confusion, stagnation or delays in your life’s movement in a required direction. In trying to avoid sources that are hurtful, you don’t complete the learning.


But, how about you choose to recognise the learning for which you are grateful. And deal with the source in a different manner or a little later. By this process, you are able to be grateful and thankful and it helps in keeping you calm. When you are calm, you are able to access the difficulty of/in the situation better and you are therefore able to now work on forgiveness or letting go. An assessment with a calm and composed mind could also help you see the severity of the situation or lack thereof.

Gratitude de-layered makes being thankful possible especially from sources that seem to be unwanted, unwelcome, uninvited. These help in solving these situations and also multiply the blessings counted multi-fold.

Thank you and Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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deciding factor of receiving


The deciding factor of ‘from’ and ‘form’ of receiving of what you have asked for, is directly proportional to the ‘how’ of your asking.

deciding fctor of receiving

Dear Friend!

For giving and receiving there are two important parameters that are required to be aligned with it, the willingness and the vibration. The willingness of ‘what’ and ‘from’ of asking and the willingness of the giver. The vibration of the asking and the vibration of the giving.

You have needs and wants. So you ask. You ask and the Universe is programmed to give what you ask. You get what you have asked. But you may not receive the desired. What you receive is either ‘from’ undesired source or in undesired ‘form.’

The deciding factor of ‘from’ and ‘form’ of receiving of what you have asked for, is directly proportional to the ‘how’ of your asking.

When you ask for something or anything, what is your temperament? Are you desperate, angry, frustrated, jealous, complaining, fearful, tearful, doubtful? When your asking is influenced by these then the quality of your receiving will be influenced by such.

What you receive seems inadequate. The style/design of the product is not to your liking. You miss out in the receiving, due to your unavailability. The source/giver is undesirable, unattractive and/or unexciting. The receiving is not in the timelines of your request. The receiving is not fun.

Such receiving further breeds stringency and strictness in asking and thus you can get caught in the whirlpool of a vicious circle of undesired receiving and asking.

When the receiving is undesired it is the sign of blockage. Blockage to moving forward from your comfort zone. Blockage to flexibility. Blockage to ‘trusting and faith’. Blockage to expansion and self-growth.

The receiving of this kind comes with a learning. Learning is to let go the blockage.

Complete the learning by adding the willingness to let go blockage(s) and then change the temperament while asking.

Change can be done in two ways.

  1. A) Receive it. Stay with it, only if you know that you are safe and you feel comfortable going through this. Understand and finish the learning.
  2. B) Change the ‘how’ of asking.

The ‘how’ of asking could be hopeful, happy, excited, loving, satisfied, appreciative.

The starting of this change could be by asking politely and respectfully. This can move your asking towards the desirable ‘form’ and ‘from’.

You will amazingly see the enhancement in the quality in ‘form’ and ‘from’ of receiving.

The fundamental rule of asking and receiving is “how you ask that’s how you receive.”

This could be considered as a sequel to the write up on RECEIVING.

Thank you and Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Dear Friend!

Procrastination is always two way. You experience procrastination in your life, that is, what you desire comes to you late or there is postponement in what you have asked for or there is a long wait in receiving what you want. It means you yourself are procrastinating something. But, you have yet to know what is it that you are procrastinating. Or you know what you are procrastinating but have yet to make the change there.

You have tried a process several times and have noticed yourself taking a step or many steps back or even temporarily have quit on it. Ultimately and therefore, the process does not work for you. You have seen the proof of its working. The examples of it working inspired you. You studied the process numerous times and now you know in and out about it. But, it still does not work for you. You believe in it so much that you are willing to recommend to someone you think needs it. You trust it will work for them. But the faith that it will work for you is a bit shaky. It just hasn’t worked for you as per your expectation. You have not reached your aspired goal using this process. You are not a satisfied customer of this process.

You have been attracting lack related incentives and push forward and you plunge into an atrocious confusion to accept or to reject the incentives. You want to keep your receiving open but you do recognise the unattractive lack attached to it.

You are constantly feeling anger and yet you don’t see the need to be. You want to take care of your insufficiencies rather than get upset with somebody about it. You want to give the benefit of the doubt to all. You want to get deep and in detail into your situation that is causing the upsurge of anger and honestly want to attain the learning here. You are not skipping, ducking, dodging and/or running anymore. You want to sincerely move forward in life by respectfully solving the situation.

You are no more trying to change others. You are no more focused in voicing your opinion to person/people who you think have wronged you. Instead, you are only interested in introspecting. You are no more interested in kicking yourself when you are down, nor do you allow anyone else to do that to you.

You have been standing by yourself all through this phase of life. You want to be around to witness the unraveling of the mystery behind the procrastination, delay and lack, by you with help from your support system . You are so ‘up and ready’, to let go anger and fear towards your past and future respectively. You are all set to delegate the ‘how’ to the higher force.

You value something about yourself, even when you do not fully understand completely ‘what about you is it that you value.’

You are now ready to let abundance enter your space. You are noticing even the tiny, minuscule and small quantity of abundance. You are trying to understand how to give it same reaction in vibration and/or in physical expression and body language which is equivalent to the reaction to the high quality that denotes the titanic semblance of ABUNDANCE.

You are doing all this hard, smart and lengthy work for your life situations because of one reason. The reason is that you know you exist.

Your existence is the key to solving all of the mysteries in your life. Your existence is a fact.

Know this, believe this, acknowledge this, accept this and say this.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Shame, is fear of rejection!

Shame, is fear of rejection!

What is it- shame


Dear Friend!

Shame, is fear of rejection!

What is it?

This is fear sourced inner instruction to curl up deep within oneself, in a place that is the safest place in your Universe. This is an attempt to keep oneself safe. This is an act of self-preservation.

The fear is that of rejection from oneself, anyone and/or anything else.

Why do you feel shame?

It is a defense mechanism.
It is an action based on words and/or actions of someone or something that you trust or trusted. Something could be a scripture or writing. This someone or something that got your attention, convinced you directly or by being an example. These words and/or actions of someone or something refrains you from dealing with or stops you from facing, the situation. This is a flight mode defense that is adapted by your brain/mind to keep you safe, from situations where you have been made to believe that, they are not safe for you.

To understand the situation on your own, whether they are safe or otherwise, you need to be in the situation for a moment or two longer to comprehend the safety nature of the situation. Please note, staying in the situation does not mean you have to stay in the same vibration.

When you are not in the situation you do not have the opportunity to comprehend and therefore not able to solve the situation.

The reason for the flight action is that the intensity is too high, it is of pain and/or pressure.

In addition to that the convincing that, ‘it is beyond your capacity to handle’, adds to the pain and/or pressure, specifically because it is a vicious circle of not being able to solve the situation and not being able to station yourself in the situation long enough to find/see the solution.

Shame, humiliation, embarrassment, what level impact do they have and why? How does it come into effect?

The impact is very deep. The reason for that is it is unsolved and the learning has not been completed. Every time you encounter a situation that is shameful, humiliating or embarrassing and you have not solved the situation, it gets buried a level deeper than before. The only part that remains on the surface is the memory. The depth of the impact is determined by the time duration that has passed since the encounter of the first unresolved incident that was the genesis of the understanding that something needs to be hidden or something from which you need to run. Another parameter that determines the depth of the impact is the number of times same or similar situations that have occurred and has gone unresolved.

How to recognise shame? How to get over it?

Notice what shames you. Notice what embarrasses you. Notice when you feel humiliated easily.
Now recall what were you shamed for/about? From the incidents connect to the actual reason.

Was the main reason based on ‘efficiency level’, ‘prestige’, ‘your existence based on your gender’.

The moment this aspect of shame is clear, the shame becomes a choice.

Now when you decide then ‘letting go’ shame becomes easy.

Why is shame in your Life? What is the purpose of the shame?

The purpose of the shame is to redirect your attention towards the larger purpose of yours, decided by you, through which you will change and/or enhance your life and ultimately life in/of the world.

Why does shame come as hurtful experience?

Shame is intense. It catches your attention. Even if you are only quietly reacting on the outside, the internal reaction is massive and loud.

A very publically discussed rape case, which shook the whole nation, had the same question attached. Why did this sad shameful incident happen? If one is attracting one’s life experiences, then why would one attract such life experiences? How can this be explained?

To understand something as intense and hurtful as that. First, calm yourself, please. Now know this, here this brave person had a larger purpose of ‘changing the world, in a way to make the world a safer place for women.’

When your purpose involves the willingness of others, it may not align with others plan. So sometimes the experience is hurtful.

Therefore, when you know and recognise the shame, first decide if you wish to keep it or let go. Along with that while you are still deciding, please remember to affirm to keep yourself safe.

You are important to this planet and only you can fulfill your life purpose.

Understand shame and move past it. Let it not be your reason for ‘not doing’ anything anymore.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Ask Only When You Are Ready

Ask Only When You Are Ready &/Or Willing To Receive.

Ask Only When You Are Ready
Dear Friend!

A delivery in your name arrives at your doorstep, and you for some, ‘xyz reason’, are not available to receive it. The package but of course returns.

Exactly the same thing happens when you ask for something. That something or similar is brought to you and if for some reason you seem to be unavailable to receive it, the ‘something’ goes away.

To receive it again you have to place a fresh request and you may receive the exact same one as the first time or something different.

Your reasons for being unavailable is that you think you are not ready and/or you are unsure.

You are not ready and/or you are unsure for you see yourself as unprepared and you are convinced that there is more required for you to be adequately equipped to qualify or to deserve to receive.

So much mistrust! Is it here already? Am I receiving what I asked? Why did it arrive so early?

When you ask it is already in the pipeline to be delivered. Asking and receiving is a very efficient process.

It is you who needs to be ready to receive.

The reason because of which you doubt this could be your own or a borrowed one. In any case, if you are unable to be ready to receive and you still have asked, then be willing.

You do that by accepting what arrives. You show thankfulness. You don’t need to force yourself to take an action immediately. You could calmly shift the final decision of taking the action to a little later. There can be situations where you can get enough chance to think it over. And there are situations where taking action i.e. stating whether you accept or let go, has to be impromptu. When you have time to decide, you can weigh the pros and cons, convince yourself for or against it and then take the action. When you have to take the action instantly, you could decide to trust that you are always provided what you have asked. However, if you choose to decide that, what you have asked and hence received is not what you wish to have, you can say NO to what you have received.

But do ask again and again be ready and/or willing to receive.

When you receive and you are unsure, then you need to be more aware of what you are asking for. What you have asked for and thereafter received, may not be pleasant. If you are not paying attention to what you have been asking you may receive what you have asked but do not desire. The receiving of this undesirable something may leave you baffled. Either you know that you could have asked for something like this for yourself or you are completely unawares. In any situations when what is received is not agreeable, you can say NO to it.

But be more aware of what you are asking for.

You need to pay more attention to what you have been saying, thinking and/or feeling. All of it matters. Every word/sentence of yours either out loud or as thought is precious and valuable. Every syllable is responsible for bringing true what you are asking for.

So it’s time to get mindful and also to be careful about it.

This practice only brings to you an experience of asking what you desire.

When what you ask arrives, you are ready with open arms or you receive with open willingness.

May you be comfortable receiving all that you ask.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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What am I doing right?

What am I doing right?

What am I doing right

Dear Friend!

When it gets to a point where it is making less and less sense, due to lack of receiving comprehension or confirmation on the direction and/or results. Confusion on whether you are on the right track arises. You are very very keen to do whatever it takes for you to have what you so intently desire.  When no matter what you do, it does not seem to be taking you any closer to what your whole endeavor has been about. You see the results, some results, but you don’t see the results you are expecting or even the navigation validation.

Then you start to look around for motivation to keep going.

And when you look around and see others who seem to be getting what you too desired or similar then that may tempt you to ask, ‘what are they doing right?’

Looking at others to admire or to get inspired has to be just enough to trigger your inner motivation and outer guideline. If you follow too much of detail of what others are doing, it will not work for you. Very simply because both you and the one you are looking at are unique beings. Only one on this planet.

Looking at others for more clues on same success causes the comparison to begin. Your attention might go to bias, unfair allocation of desires or injustice in the efforts put in.

Other’s steps may be good enough to chalk out an outer guideline, but only you can know what works for you. Similarly, your success story will merely be a guideline for some other person, who is looking for such guidance.

Now, instead of that if you could shift your focus on “what you are doing right?”. All your energy on detailing of every single step and every sub-step and every micro-step that you have taken and you have been taking, starts to highlight all your capabilities that could have been either gone unnoticed, unappreciated or underappreciated or was underutilised.

The knowledge of all these new self-recognitions can further build your self-confidence. This brings to your kind attention all that you could be grateful for in what you know, what you have and what you have managed to achieve. Self-focus on ‘what you are doing right’, shows to you how much you have traveled in this journey towards your desire and how far you have come from where you have started.

“What am I doing right?” also, brings out what all you could do or possibly want to do or changes you might want to make in what you are doing.

All this regular introspection redirects all your energy, focus and attention to what you have from what you don’t have. That is, shifts your attention from lack to abundance.

Many sources start to show all that you are doing right. You get the right compliments, right messages all of which states that you are on the right path or starts to nudge you towards the absolute right path towards your desires.

This gets the wheel churning towards sustaining you till you can start believing that you are in the right direction to receive what you desire. And ultimately you get to see your desires come to you.

May your desires or something higher come to YOU.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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clarity willingness CLARITY

Dear Friend!

The key driver in your life’s forward movement is CLARITY.

Clarity in which direction you wish to move. Clarity in what you want. Clarity in knowing that ‘how’ of a desire need not be on your ‘to-do list’.

Clarity shows the way for willingness to appear. With willingness everything becomes possible. #Right creative ideas that are your action steps towards receiving or bringing true your desires starts to come to you. #You start attracting the right support system and resources. #You start noticing what you already have.

Clarity gives the motivation that is required to jumpstart your next step towards the creative idea that pops into your head. You can know that bringing it to fruition is definitely possible even when the final version of the creativity is yet to be seen.

This Motivation now gives the energy for the physical, verbal and emotional work involved in the fulfillment of the creative work.

Clarity gives you vision for the future and thus an eye for the sight beyond the ‘not so desirable’ immediate results. This gives a push to plow through the current situation that might look like failures and delays.

Clarity gives you that helping hand that is much needed to stand right back up every time you slip or you take a step or two in the different or opposite direction.

Clarity raises faith, that you are on the right path.

Clarity helps visualise. This expedites and adds speed in your manifesting.

Clarity shows the steps you have covered and can help you celebrate the milestones reached.

Clarity pulls you to move towards the levels of your greater and higher good.

Clarity supports in recognising your full potential.

Clarity gives hope, even when the work to be done look gigantic, and returns are not in sight.

So when clarity brings in willingness. It is the willingness that is at play for everything else from then on.

When due to some or any reason, it starts to get less clear, it is the willingness that supports in still marching ahead till the clarity starts to reappear in the life’s processes.

Many times you say ‘yes’ and you end up meaning ‘maybe or no’. Because clarity in your ‘yes’ is mandatory.

How to convert ‘maybe or no’ to a ‘true YES’!

# Convince your self before you request: In convincing, you end up digging out or pulling out the clarity of why did you make the request and in turn know, what is the real request.

# While getting this clarification, you could start by making changes at the words level, while thinking or speaking. Add this prefix to all affirmations ‘I am willing….’, ‘I am willing to understand my request’, ‘I am willing to gain clarity in my requests.’

Let your clarity and willingness support each other.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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CLARITY Comes With Willingness AND WILLINGNESS Brings Back Clarity

clarity willingness CLARITY


all Children are SMART

Children are as smart as you are willing to teach them.

All Children are smart. They appear to be as smart as the way they are taught.


All children are SMART.jpg

Dear Friend!

A parent, caregiver, anyone who likes that child finds, many or every action or gesture of ‘the child’ enjoyable and adorable.  Then there are other children that exhibit remarkable talents/skills and gain admiration from even complete strangers.

Every child is a prodigy. Every child is unique. They are as smart as the person who is teaching them. Their skills need to be honed as per their unique traits.

Some children show interest in books, others in blocks, and yet others in people. A willing teacher is required for each child. Teachers come in the life of a child as a parent and/or caregiver. It is the responsibility of the teacher of that time, for the child to have patience, care, love/like, respect, and motivation to teach in a manner conducive to the child.

As a parent or caregiver if you are willing to know and believe that the child chose you as a teacher, then seeing the honor in this ‘choosing’, gives you the ‘patience, care, love/like, respect and motivation’ to teach the child.

You need not do everything yourself.

Every parent or caregiver has to have the willingness to delegate the responsibility specific teachings for the child to a specific teacher. Being the parent or a caregiver you are the best person to find the child, the teacher the child needs.

Children do what they see not what they are told.

Whether you are taking the accountability of your behaviour and gestures around a child or not, they are constantly learning from you.

Bored, resting, stressed, tension, these are all terms ‘thought up’ by grownups. So when you hear the child you are the teacher to, speaking these terms describing the state they are in, its time to introduce a new vocabulary that is beneficial to both you and the child that is observing.

Show them sincerity by being sincere with your tasks and schedules. Show them value for what they do, by appreciating what you do. Show respect to their age. Listen to them, acknowledge their presence and talk to them by way of conversation or body language.

There is a general understanding about what their capacity of learning and expressing is, as per their age bracket. You could help them expand by including new processes as per their ability to accept. This could be at the trail basis, maybe more than once. If the child embraces it, then you could make it as a regular introduction of this manner, in the child’s life. The gradual input of this kind can start showing the evidence of the extends in their capacity.

You are making them self-reliant, but keeping them safe is your responsibility.

In helping the child grow, you also have an opportunity to grow. There is no self-sacrifice or self-compromise when the child you are teaching becomes your partner in this endeavor. Your job responsibility becomes less and the yields of what has been done to empower the child become multi-fold.

You are in-charge of training this little child partner.  Monitoring the progress of the partner, after the training is again on you.

Once this process takes off, you will grow as a teacher too. You will have evolved in your creativity. You now have more time for your inventiveness. You can do just about anything with this time, as it is all yours.

You will always be there for the child but the efforts are reduced, yet more rewarding.

Well done, you ‘trainer’ teacher.

Thank you for being the teacher. The world needs more ‘teacher’  like you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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