Receiving is Receiving. Regardless, Who or from Where or How much you are RECEIVING.


Dear Friend!

Receiving could be in food, money, other items.

Receiving is also of, support, wishes, gifts, love, respect, invitations, attention, approval, thanks, communication.

In an ideal scenario, when you receive, your vibration is supposed to be that of gratitude and therefore high, that is you are supposed to be ‘happy’. This is a reciprocation communication to the Universe to receive more of this, meaning, you are saying to the Universe that ‘when you are receiving, you are happy receiving.’. Therefore, when you receive in high vibration, then you are grateful easily. This just brings in more of such receiving from sources that are in this vibrational bracket.

One of the major reasons of blockage to receiving is the specificity of source or product.

The confusion to receive or not to receive arises when the source from where you are receiving or the product that you are receiving, is with which you require ‘healing’.

Now, consider this, suppose you want to receive food of specific cuisine but you receive food of a different cuisine.

You did receive. You could please recognise that. So, instead of focusing on you receiving something other than what you desired, reroute your focus on the fact that you received.

You choose to buy pants and your acquaintance insisted that he pays for it as a gift. Suppose you are not comfortable with your acquaintance gifting you your favourite pants, as that becomes an obligation for you.

You take a call here. You could refuse or you could receive the gift and your agreeing to this receiving and saying/showing gratitude respecting his wishes could suffice.

The hesitation to receive is not recognising ‘the receiving’ and thus implies that it’s saying ‘NO’ to receiving.

If you specific to getting a specific kind of job or in a specific area/ company. If you are specific to kind of money or from a certain way or from certain person or place.

The moment you receive from another source the vibration is ‘not of acknowledgment’. It is of or equivalent to not receiving. This is a message to the Universe to continue receiving from sources that keep making you feel like ‘this’, that is in low vibration. Low vibration receiving is not acknowledged receiving thus not registered as receiving and therefore you feel you are not receiving at all.

To change this way of receiving, you need to increase your gratitude. Write down. Say it out-loud verbally.

The reason for the receiving from that source that bothers you is so that you heal your receiving. This means you don’t react as you could when you receive. Giving thanks to this receiving is healing, and this brings you into the  vibrational alignment to the ‘source of liking to receive.’ And after the vibrational alignment is attained you start to receive from ‘source of your choice’ too.

Recognise Receiving. Make receiving your choice.

To receive from a specific source or to receive a specific product, you need to recognise, acknowledge and show approval to general sources from where you are receiving and products you are receiving in order to get specific.

Following are the affirmations that can be customised according to what you wish.

“I am receiving ‘this’ through ‘this source’ too’ ”

For example, ‘I am receiving good money through various sources under grace, and also through my earnings’ and another one ‘I am receiving good love from all and also from my loved ones.’

You could even say it in two different sentences. You could make the affirmation general, or specific or a combination of both.

Receiving is a major player in your giving.

So, happy Receiving.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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