Remember and/to Implement

Remember and/to Implement

Remember AND implement the healing TECHNIQUE. Remember TO implement the healing PROCESS, AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Remember and_to Implement

Dear Friend!

The healing process, techniques, and modality are numerous and in plenty. Anyone who can think of any situation in their lives to change or enhance can find a healing process that will solve it.

Knowing, learning and putting it to use for your life situation is discretional.

Healing processes/techniques are like a language or a skill. It requires regular practice. The better you want to get at it, the more diligence you need to show to the practice. To the practice add your resources time, understanding, and faith in the practice.

While you learn and practice a healing processes/techniques, making regular notes is highly advisable. This helps you note the important points, your observations, your questions, your input from your personal life situations. Journaling or noting also helps you see how far you have come.

Another way of getting better at the healing processes/techniques is, by always asking questions. Keep your mind open to receive the answers. Noting and deciphering the answers without bias or self-prejudice or non-beneficial beliefs is also a study which needs to be accompanied with regular practice.

Some healing techniques need availability and arrangements of certain specific components and amenities. Some healing techniques need some pre-preparations. Some healing techniques have duration, the time for the process and time of the day fixed. For some there are alternatives and while others are particular in the process protocol.

And then there are some healing techniques, where knowledge of it could suffice and provides easy to do, flexible ways to carry it out.

You have invested your resources to learn, to practice, to understand, to clarify these healing techniques.

In choosing the right healing processes/techniques, and it’s when and where is also very important.

For example, do not meditate, do mirror work or anything else that requires your attention or concentration when you are driving or operating heavy machinery. Please stay safe while carrying out the healing process.

Conversing with the Source, Angels or Self-conversations is what can be done comfortably at all times. In your mind or out loud is also the what you can decide according to your comfort level of the environment. The beauty of this practice is that you need to be more aware of the present environment, what you see and what you hear. The conversations, the people, animals, the writings, the words you hear or that come as your thought.

This plethora of knowledge of highly effective healing techniques and protocols in your space will be highly beneficial to you only if you know when to apply it. It is your responsibility to remember to use the one that is applicable in each situation. You also need to be conscious of the resources available. Then, based on the situation and availability of the resources you implement the healing technique(s).

Remember and implement the healing process. Remember to implement the healing process.

To Remember and/to Implement, you could place reminders strategically at places where you can see for yourself.  Reminders like ‘What are you thinking now.’ ‘Wonder, what is the learning is here?’ ‘What are you grateful for.’ Put these or similar ones all over the house/home (entrance, kitchen, window, fridge), the bag that you carry, travel vehicle, office space.

With regular remembering and/to implementing, using the healing techniques and processes becomes automatic and seamless.

May the healing journey continue.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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