all Children are SMART

Children are as smart as you are willing to teach them.

All Children are smart. They appear to be as smart as the way they are taught.


All children are SMART.jpg

Dear Friend!

A parent, caregiver, anyone who likes that child finds, many or every action or gesture of ‘the child’ enjoyable and adorable.  Then there are other children that exhibit remarkable talents/skills and gain admiration from even complete strangers.

Every child is a prodigy. Every child is unique. They are as smart as the person who is teaching them. Their skills need to be honed as per their unique traits.

Some children show interest in books, others in blocks, and yet others in people. A willing teacher is required for each child. Teachers come in the life of a child as a parent and/or caregiver. It is the responsibility of the teacher of that time, for the child to have patience, care, love/like, respect, and motivation to teach in a manner conducive to the child.

As a parent or caregiver if you are willing to know and believe that the child chose you as a teacher, then seeing the honor in this ‘choosing’, gives you the ‘patience, care, love/like, respect and motivation’ to teach the child.

You need not do everything yourself.

Every parent or caregiver has to have the willingness to delegate the responsibility specific teachings for the child to a specific teacher. Being the parent or a caregiver you are the best person to find the child, the teacher the child needs.

Children do what they see not what they are told.

Whether you are taking the accountability of your behaviour and gestures around a child or not, they are constantly learning from you.

Bored, resting, stressed, tension, these are all terms ‘thought up’ by grownups. So when you hear the child you are the teacher to, speaking these terms describing the state they are in, its time to introduce a new vocabulary that is beneficial to both you and the child that is observing.

Show them sincerity by being sincere with your tasks and schedules. Show them value for what they do, by appreciating what you do. Show respect to their age. Listen to them, acknowledge their presence and talk to them by way of conversation or body language.

There is a general understanding about what their capacity of learning and expressing is, as per their age bracket. You could help them expand by including new processes as per their ability to accept. This could be at the trail basis, maybe more than once. If the child embraces it, then you could make it as a regular introduction of this manner, in the child’s life. The gradual input of this kind can start showing the evidence of the extends in their capacity.

You are making them self-reliant, but keeping them safe is your responsibility.

In helping the child grow, you also have an opportunity to grow. There is no self-sacrifice or self-compromise when the child you are teaching becomes your partner in this endeavor. Your job responsibility becomes less and the yields of what has been done to empower the child become multi-fold.

You are in-charge of training this little child partner.  Monitoring the progress of the partner, after the training is again on you.

Once this process takes off, you will grow as a teacher too. You will have evolved in your creativity. You now have more time for your inventiveness. You can do just about anything with this time, as it is all yours.

You will always be there for the child but the efforts are reduced, yet more rewarding.

Well done, you ‘trainer’ teacher.

Thank you for being the teacher. The world needs more ‘teacher’  like you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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