clarity willingness CLARITY

Dear Friend!

The key driver in your life’s forward movement is CLARITY.

Clarity in which direction you wish to move. Clarity in what you want. Clarity in knowing that ‘how’ of a desire need not be on your ‘to-do list’.

Clarity shows the way for willingness to appear. With willingness everything becomes possible. #Right creative ideas that are your action steps towards receiving or bringing true your desires starts to come to you. #You start attracting the right support system and resources. #You start noticing what you already have.

Clarity gives the motivation that is required to jumpstart your next step towards the creative idea that pops into your head. You can know that bringing it to fruition is definitely possible even when the final version of the creativity is yet to be seen.

This Motivation now gives the energy for the physical, verbal and emotional work involved in the fulfillment of the creative work.

Clarity gives you vision for the future and thus an eye for the sight beyond the ‘not so desirable’ immediate results. This gives a push to plow through the current situation that might look like failures and delays.

Clarity gives you that helping hand that is much needed to stand right back up every time you slip or you take a step or two in the different or opposite direction.

Clarity raises faith, that you are on the right path.

Clarity helps visualise. This expedites and adds speed in your manifesting.

Clarity shows the steps you have covered and can help you celebrate the milestones reached.

Clarity pulls you to move towards the levels of your greater and higher good.

Clarity supports in recognising your full potential.

Clarity gives hope, even when the work to be done look gigantic, and returns are not in sight.

So when clarity brings in willingness. It is the willingness that is at play for everything else from then on.

When due to some or any reason, it starts to get less clear, it is the willingness that supports in still marching ahead till the clarity starts to reappear in the life’s processes.

Many times you say ‘yes’ and you end up meaning ‘maybe or no’. Because clarity in your ‘yes’ is mandatory.

How to convert ‘maybe or no’ to a ‘true YES’!

# Convince your self before you request: In convincing, you end up digging out or pulling out the clarity of why did you make the request and in turn know, what is the real request.

# While getting this clarification, you could start by making changes at the words level, while thinking or speaking. Add this prefix to all affirmations ‘I am willing….’, ‘I am willing to understand my request’, ‘I am willing to gain clarity in my requests.’

Let your clarity and willingness support each other.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

CLARITY Comes With Willingness AND WILLINGNESS Brings Back Clarity

clarity willingness CLARITY


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