Ask Only When You Are Ready

Ask Only When You Are Ready &/Or Willing To Receive.

Ask Only When You Are Ready
Dear Friend!

A delivery in your name arrives at your doorstep, and you for some, ‘xyz reason’, are not available to receive it. The package but of course returns.

Exactly the same thing happens when you ask for something. That something or similar is brought to you and if for some reason you seem to be unavailable to receive it, the ‘something’ goes away.

To receive it again you have to place a fresh request and you may receive the exact same one as the first time or something different.

Your reasons for being unavailable is that you think you are not ready and/or you are unsure.

You are not ready and/or you are unsure for you see yourself as unprepared and you are convinced that there is more required for you to be adequately equipped to qualify or to deserve to receive.

So much mistrust! Is it here already? Am I receiving what I asked? Why did it arrive so early?

When you ask it is already in the pipeline to be delivered. Asking and receiving is a very efficient process.

It is you who needs to be ready to receive.

The reason because of which you doubt this could be your own or a borrowed one. In any case, if you are unable to be ready to receive and you still have asked, then be willing.

You do that by accepting what arrives. You show thankfulness. You don’t need to force yourself to take an action immediately. You could calmly shift the final decision of taking the action to a little later. There can be situations where you can get enough chance to think it over. And there are situations where taking action i.e. stating whether you accept or let go, has to be impromptu. When you have time to decide, you can weigh the pros and cons, convince yourself for or against it and then take the action. When you have to take the action instantly, you could decide to trust that you are always provided what you have asked. However, if you choose to decide that, what you have asked and hence received is not what you wish to have, you can say NO to what you have received.

But do ask again and again be ready and/or willing to receive.

When you receive and you are unsure, then you need to be more aware of what you are asking for. What you have asked for and thereafter received, may not be pleasant. If you are not paying attention to what you have been asking you may receive what you have asked but do not desire. The receiving of this undesirable something may leave you baffled. Either you know that you could have asked for something like this for yourself or you are completely unawares. In any situations when what is received is not agreeable, you can say NO to it.

But be more aware of what you are asking for.

You need to pay more attention to what you have been saying, thinking and/or feeling. All of it matters. Every word/sentence of yours either out loud or as thought is precious and valuable. Every syllable is responsible for bringing true what you are asking for.

So it’s time to get mindful and also to be careful about it.

This practice only brings to you an experience of asking what you desire.

When what you ask arrives, you are ready with open arms or you receive with open willingness.

May you be comfortable receiving all that you ask.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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