Dear Friend!

Procrastination is always two way. You experience procrastination in your life, that is, what you desire comes to you late or there is postponement in what you have asked for or there is a long wait in receiving what you want. It means you yourself are procrastinating something. But, you have yet to know what is it that you are procrastinating. Or you know what you are procrastinating but have yet to make the change there.

You have tried a process several times and have noticed yourself taking a step or many steps back or even temporarily have quit on it. Ultimately and therefore, the process does not work for you. You have seen the proof of its working. The examples of it working inspired you. You studied the process numerous times and now you know in and out about it. But, it still does not work for you. You believe in it so much that you are willing to recommend to someone you think needs it. You trust it will work for them. But the faith that it will work for you is a bit shaky. It just hasn’t worked for you as per your expectation. You have not reached your aspired goal using this process. You are not a satisfied customer of this process.

You have been attracting lack related incentives and push forward and you plunge into an atrocious confusion to accept or to reject the incentives. You want to keep your receiving open but you do recognise the unattractive lack attached to it.

You are constantly feeling anger and yet you don’t see the need to be. You want to take care of your insufficiencies rather than get upset with somebody about it. You want to give the benefit of the doubt to all. You want to get deep and in detail into your situation that is causing the upsurge of anger and honestly want to attain the learning here. You are not skipping, ducking, dodging and/or running anymore. You want to sincerely move forward in life by respectfully solving the situation.

You are no more trying to change others. You are no more focused in voicing your opinion to person/people who you think have wronged you. Instead, you are only interested in introspecting. You are no more interested in kicking yourself when you are down, nor do you allow anyone else to do that to you.

You have been standing by yourself all through this phase of life. You want to be around to witness the unraveling of the mystery behind the procrastination, delay and lack, by you with help from your support system . You are so ‘up and ready’, to let go anger and fear towards your past and future respectively. You are all set to delegate the ‘how’ to the higher force.

You value something about yourself, even when you do not fully understand completely ‘what about you is it that you value.’

You are now ready to let abundance enter your space. You are noticing even the tiny, minuscule and small quantity of abundance. You are trying to understand how to give it same reaction in vibration and/or in physical expression and body language which is equivalent to the reaction to the high quality that denotes the titanic semblance of ABUNDANCE.

You are doing all this hard, smart and lengthy work for your life situations because of one reason. The reason is that you know you exist.

Your existence is the key to solving all of the mysteries in your life. Your existence is a fact.

Know this, believe this, acknowledge this, accept this and say this.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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