deciding factor of receiving


The deciding factor of ‘from’ and ‘form’ of receiving of what you have asked for, is directly proportional to the ‘how’ of your asking.

deciding fctor of receiving

Dear Friend!

For giving and receiving there are two important parameters that are required to be aligned with it, the willingness and the vibration. The willingness of ‘what’ and ‘from’ of asking and the willingness of the giver. The vibration of the asking and the vibration of the giving.

You have needs and wants. So you ask. You ask and the Universe is programmed to give what you ask. You get what you have asked. But you may not receive the desired. What you receive is either ‘from’ undesired source or in undesired ‘form.’

The deciding factor of ‘from’ and ‘form’ of receiving of what you have asked for, is directly proportional to the ‘how’ of your asking.

When you ask for something or anything, what is your temperament? Are you desperate, angry, frustrated, jealous, complaining, fearful, tearful, doubtful? When your asking is influenced by these then the quality of your receiving will be influenced by such.

What you receive seems inadequate. The style/design of the product is not to your liking. You miss out in the receiving, due to your unavailability. The source/giver is undesirable, unattractive and/or unexciting. The receiving is not in the timelines of your request. The receiving is not fun.

Such receiving further breeds stringency and strictness in asking and thus you can get caught in the whirlpool of a vicious circle of undesired receiving and asking.

When the receiving is undesired it is the sign of blockage. Blockage to moving forward from your comfort zone. Blockage to flexibility. Blockage to ‘trusting and faith’. Blockage to expansion and self-growth.

The receiving of this kind comes with a learning. Learning is to let go the blockage.

Complete the learning by adding the willingness to let go blockage(s) and then change the temperament while asking.

Change can be done in two ways.

  1. A) Receive it. Stay with it, only if you know that you are safe and you feel comfortable going through this. Understand and finish the learning.
  2. B) Change the ‘how’ of asking.

The ‘how’ of asking could be hopeful, happy, excited, loving, satisfied, appreciative.

The starting of this change could be by asking politely and respectfully. This can move your asking towards the desirable ‘form’ and ‘from’.

You will amazingly see the enhancement in the quality in ‘form’ and ‘from’ of receiving.

The fundamental rule of asking and receiving is “how you ask that’s how you receive.”

This could be considered as a sequel to the write up on RECEIVING.

Thank you and Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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