Gratitude De-layered

Gratitude De-layered

Blockage In Gratitude Is The Misconception That You Need To Like The Giver. It Suffices That You Like The Blessing.

Gratitude De-layered
Dear Friend!

Gratitude, giving thanks, counting your blessings, are ways of saying ‘thank you’.

What is Gratitude?

Acknowledgment of the receipt.

Receipt of what you need and/or have asked now or before.

Who to show Gratitude?

To the giver.

When you receive it is like an ‘exchange of approval’.

What stops you from Gratitude acknowledgment?

Not recognising, underestimating, not satisfied.

Not liking the source ‘from’ and ‘how’ you are receiving.


When the source that is the person, situation and/or the experience is undesirable, unattractive and/or unexciting then they pose as a distraction and therefore recognising what to be grateful for and expressing gratitude here takes a lot of effort.

It is a big misconception that you need to like or love from where you receive.

You have to learn to segregate where are you receiving from with what you are receiving.

You could be grateful and you love or like the blessing received. This could suffice.

When you present yourself with a compulsion of being affectionate, forgive, love, like, respect and/ or accept the unpleasant source from where you are receiving, it is then that you are creating a blockage to recognising and acknowledging the gratitude.

Such sources may come with learning. The learning is the passcode to the next phase. Therefore, it is an important aspect of the life experience for which you could be grateful. If you develop an aversion towards either from or how you received the learning. You may inadvertently reject the learning. Thus, you start experiencing confusion, stagnation or delays in your life’s movement in a required direction. In trying to avoid sources that are hurtful, you don’t complete the learning.


But, how about you choose to recognise the learning for which you are grateful. And deal with the source in a different manner or a little later. By this process, you are able to be grateful and thankful and it helps in keeping you calm. When you are calm, you are able to access the difficulty of/in the situation better and you are therefore able to now work on forgiveness or letting go. An assessment with a calm and composed mind could also help you see the severity of the situation or lack thereof.

Gratitude de-layered makes being thankful possible especially from sources that seem to be unwanted, unwelcome, uninvited. These help in solving these situations and also multiply the blessings counted multi-fold.

Thank you and Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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