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Others TRUST You As Much, You TRUST Yourself.



Dear Friend!

Trust emerges from reliability. When reliability shakes then TRUST dwindles. As trust ends, dictation starts. Dictation is the lack of faith. When you absolutely ‘have to’, ‘have to’, say it repeatedly because you don’t have any evidence that what you are saying is being comprehended, embraced and will be executed, that’s the indication of lack of trust.


Where is this trustlessness coming from?

# When you were constantly having what you did not want in your life, like life experiences, material things, mismatched desire manifestation.

#When you are called a liar when it is your word against others, and it is not enough.

All this starts to diminish faith in self. This raises questions on your self-worth and reliability.

You start being cautious of your own thoughts and words, ‘Can what I say, be accepted’, ‘Will what I say, be trusted.’


How to gain self-trust?

# Be true to yourself: Whatever you say or do has to come from you and it has to be agreeable to you. You don’t need to get self-righteous about your level of honesty. Be willing to customise your version according to the audience. But, be very very honest with self.

# Acknowledge, value and respect your existence: You are important. You are the most important person in your Universe. Your existence is a fact. Your existence has meaning, has a purpose and a reason.

# Know what you have done is enough: With the resources, you have in hand, you have completed what will be adequate for the moment. You need to consider the time, energy and understanding that you put in to learn and deal with the resistance too.

# And still, give yourself permission to do more: While you know, given the circumstances and resources you have done enough. However, if you wish to do more or change something, you could still consider it.

# Always keep asking yourself “What did I do right?’, ‘What am I doing right, at this very moment’: Every moment bring your attention and focus on your capability, what you are capable of. From this kind of space, your self-confidence starts to move up like a rocket.

All this boosts self-faith and self-TRUST.


If you have been experiencing the situations and incidents that indicate other’s lack of ‘trust’ in you then, it is time to self-introspect and find out where there is a lack of self-trust.


Others show of trust in you extend as much as your own trust in you. Others impression of trust for you expand as much as your self-trust.


So now it is time, to increase your self-trust.


Affirmation “I have trust in me.” “I trust myself.” “I trust my life.”

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Remember and/to Implement

Remember and/to Implement

Remember AND implement the healing TECHNIQUE. Remember TO implement the healing PROCESS, AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Remember and_to Implement

Dear Friend!

The healing process, techniques, and modality are numerous and in plenty. Anyone who can think of any situation in their lives to change or enhance can find a healing process that will solve it.

Knowing, learning and putting it to use for your life situation is discretional.

Healing processes/techniques are like a language or a skill. It requires regular practice. The better you want to get at it, the more diligence you need to show to the practice. To the practice add your resources time, understanding, and faith in the practice.

While you learn and practice a healing processes/techniques, making regular notes is highly advisable. This helps you note the important points, your observations, your questions, your input from your personal life situations. Journaling or noting also helps you see how far you have come.

Another way of getting better at the healing processes/techniques is, by always asking questions. Keep your mind open to receive the answers. Noting and deciphering the answers without bias or self-prejudice or non-beneficial beliefs is also a study which needs to be accompanied with regular practice.

Some healing techniques need availability and arrangements of certain specific components and amenities. Some healing techniques need some pre-preparations. Some healing techniques have duration, the time for the process and time of the day fixed. For some there are alternatives and while others are particular in the process protocol.

And then there are some healing techniques, where knowledge of it could suffice and provides easy to do, flexible ways to carry it out.

You have invested your resources to learn, to practice, to understand, to clarify these healing techniques.

In choosing the right healing processes/techniques, and it’s when and where is also very important.

For example, do not meditate, do mirror work or anything else that requires your attention or concentration when you are driving or operating heavy machinery. Please stay safe while carrying out the healing process.

Conversing with the Source, Angels or Self-conversations is what can be done comfortably at all times. In your mind or out loud is also the what you can decide according to your comfort level of the environment. The beauty of this practice is that you need to be more aware of the present environment, what you see and what you hear. The conversations, the people, animals, the writings, the words you hear or that come as your thought.

This plethora of knowledge of highly effective healing techniques and protocols in your space will be highly beneficial to you only if you know when to apply it. It is your responsibility to remember to use the one that is applicable in each situation. You also need to be conscious of the resources available. Then, based on the situation and availability of the resources you implement the healing technique(s).

Remember and implement the healing process. Remember to implement the healing process.

To Remember and/to Implement, you could place reminders strategically at places where you can see for yourself.  Reminders like ‘What are you thinking now.’ ‘Wonder, what is the learning is here?’ ‘What are you grateful for.’ Put these or similar ones all over the house/home (entrance, kitchen, window, fridge), the bag that you carry, travel vehicle, office space.

With regular remembering and/to implementing, using the healing techniques and processes becomes automatic and seamless.

May the healing journey continue.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Admiration Vs Inspiration


Admiration Vs Inspiration

Admiration Vs Inspiration

Dear Friend!

Admire or Inspire Just do what you can to make a life better, starting from and preferably your own.

You already could know what you admire about yourself.

You most definitely will not know what inspires you, till you come across it for the first time.

Both Admiration and Inspiration is nearly the same thing.

It is about a person or some other thing. It is an attribute, which could be behavioural or physical ones. It could be achievements in acquiring assets or reaching their lifetime goals like marriage, children, job position, earning, vehicle, house, skills, creativity, fitness, quality of life. It could be the extra curriculum achievements like, running a marathon or climbing a mountain, doing what no one or not many have done. If it is some other thing then its magnanimity, detailing, engineering, function, utility.

You observe, find out and choose what you wish to admire or get inspired by.

Similarly, others are/can choose what is admirable and/or inspirational about you.

Between Admiration and Inspiration, there is, however, a small difference.

Admiration is something that you like/love about someone or something else, but you think will need to strive to have.

Inspiration is something that you like/love about someone or something else and is motivating enough for you know that it is achievable.

When you admire you may appreciate and stop at that. It is more like a complement and is whole in itself.

When you are inspired you want to set a goal and work towards it or set your mind.

Both admiration and inspiration can be for something that is beneficial for the humankind, world and you. Both admiration and inspiration can be for something that is not so beneficial. Be mindful in choosing what you decide to admire and what you get inspired from.

Why do you ADMIRE someone or something?

It basically reflects your traits that you have. Some you recognise and others not so much. And these traits you see it in others. It is recognisable or noticed in others much before you recognise or notice in your own self. But it’s a part of you. It’s in you. So it is self-praise.

Why do you get INSPIREd by someone or something?

Because you need that push and pull to get to a higher level than you are now.

You know what you were exposed to. When you come across someone or something that was non-existent in your space because it was/seemed beyond your realm of achievement. Then, getting to know their existence, now gives you a task of new goal setting. You keep it in your space. You find out more and more about it. You get the details and then start to contemplate what can be done and how you can get closer to that.

Thus, start your journey of self-growth and self-expansion.


Whether you admire or get inspired. Whether you Inspire or get admired. Both, show upward movement in your life’s journey. Keep observing and knowingly and unknowingly keep inspiring and getting admired.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Receiving is Receiving. Regardless, Who or from Where or How much you are RECEIVING.


Dear Friend!

Receiving could be in food, money, other items.

Receiving is also of, support, wishes, gifts, love, respect, invitations, attention, approval, thanks, communication.

In an ideal scenario, when you receive, your vibration is supposed to be that of gratitude and therefore high, that is you are supposed to be ‘happy’. This is a reciprocation communication to the Universe to receive more of this, meaning, you are saying to the Universe that ‘when you are receiving, you are happy receiving.’. Therefore, when you receive in high vibration, then you are grateful easily. This just brings in more of such receiving from sources that are in this vibrational bracket.

One of the major reasons of blockage to receiving is the specificity of source or product.

The confusion to receive or not to receive arises when the source from where you are receiving or the product that you are receiving, is with which you require ‘healing’.

Now, consider this, suppose you want to receive food of specific cuisine but you receive food of a different cuisine.

You did receive. You could please recognise that. So, instead of focusing on you receiving something other than what you desired, reroute your focus on the fact that you received.

You choose to buy pants and your acquaintance insisted that he pays for it as a gift. Suppose you are not comfortable with your acquaintance gifting you your favourite pants, as that becomes an obligation for you.

You take a call here. You could refuse or you could receive the gift and your agreeing to this receiving and saying/showing gratitude respecting his wishes could suffice.

The hesitation to receive is not recognising ‘the receiving’ and thus implies that it’s saying ‘NO’ to receiving.

If you specific to getting a specific kind of job or in a specific area/ company. If you are specific to kind of money or from a certain way or from certain person or place.

The moment you receive from another source the vibration is ‘not of acknowledgment’. It is of or equivalent to not receiving. This is a message to the Universe to continue receiving from sources that keep making you feel like ‘this’, that is in low vibration. Low vibration receiving is not acknowledged receiving thus not registered as receiving and therefore you feel you are not receiving at all.

To change this way of receiving, you need to increase your gratitude. Write down. Say it out-loud verbally.

The reason for the receiving from that source that bothers you is so that you heal your receiving. This means you don’t react as you could when you receive. Giving thanks to this receiving is healing, and this brings you into the  vibrational alignment to the ‘source of liking to receive.’ And after the vibrational alignment is attained you start to receive from ‘source of your choice’ too.

Recognise Receiving. Make receiving your choice.

To receive from a specific source or to receive a specific product, you need to recognise, acknowledge and show approval to general sources from where you are receiving and products you are receiving in order to get specific.

Following are the affirmations that can be customised according to what you wish.

“I am receiving ‘this’ through ‘this source’ too’ ”

For example, ‘I am receiving good money through various sources under grace, and also through my earnings’ and another one ‘I am receiving good love from all and also from my loved ones.’

You could even say it in two different sentences. You could make the affirmation general, or specific or a combination of both.

Receiving is a major player in your giving.

So, happy Receiving.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Return Gift

Return Gift

Saturday Learning by Reena Yadav

Return Gift

Why do you visit functions and birthday parties or any other occasions? You get to dress up, meet your friends and some other new people, eat yummy savories, participate in fun games, maybe dance to music, all in all, you have fun.

Then comes the time for the much-anticipated return gift. In birthday parties kids eagerly wait to receive the goodies beautifully packaged in a fun bag. In India especially in South of India, it is customary to give a coconut during festive functions like house warming, wedding, puja (prayers to God with specific rituals). Along with that, there is a gift given nicely wrapped in a shiny paper and placed in a small bag.

Many times at birthday parties parents miss out on the return gift and in functions children don’t receive the return gift.

Have you ever wanted to have the return gift in a birthday party? What did you tell yourself?  ‘I am too old for these things.’ But, what thoughts are EXACTLY running through your mind. ‘I wish I could have one too.’

When did it first occur to you that, ‘you are now big, you don’t get these gifts.’ Did you accept the rule or do you secretly crave for the fun colourful mystery goodies?

If you do receive it, you would use it as you plan or give it away or just keep it in a place in your room/house. There is a possibility that being a grown up you may not even need or use those ‘kiddy’ items. Then the most important question that needs to be solved is, ‘why do you want it so much?’

The reason for that is, giving and receiving gifts are equivalent to giving and receiving approval. When you are not considered for the gifts you take it as rejection. Because this has never been realised and/or explained to you, you continue with the processes of suppressing the thoughts or have a discussion with your friends subtly mentioning to them, to ‘test the waters’, to see if they share the same sentiments, or you may even mention it to the host.

Another possibility is that you might convince yourself, ‘I did not need it anyway’, or ‘I can buy better stuff for myself.’ You may actually resort to retail therapy to make yourself feel better.

The craving and the rejection that is experienced on not receiving the ‘return gift’, is because of the years of practice of telling yourself and being told to yourself that ‘you not enough, you don’t have enough, you will never be enough.’

Some parent(s) who live this moment vicariously through their kid(s), what happens to them when the kid does not get the return gift or misses out collecting it from the host as he/she was too busy playing/eating/watching what interests him/her.’ Do you get upset and show your discontent in an obvious manner. The child did not care about the gift because the child is still in the phase of knowing that he/she is enough. All that he/she needs is always there, rest do not interest a child.

But the scolding of missing out is registered as a mistake. Something he/she needs to be mindful of doing to have the parents approval and love reciprocation. Next time possibly the child will remember.

This is just one of the ways that the understanding to the child of not being enough or not having enough is introduced. Eventually, it becomes part of their belief system. Thus, having/receiving gifts becomes important to them.

But till it is not established in a child’s mind, during the function, if a child is told ‘this is for older people only, and you get gifts in birthday parties’, they find this a satisfactory explanation. Also, kids rather have something useful for themselves, so they move on real quick.

Whatever you need at this time of your life is there with you. Whatever you desire you can still work towards it. This contentment will attract more of what you desire, deserve and/or need.

‘I am enough.’ ‘I have enough.’ ‘I will always be enough.’

To assimilate this new information, you could do the following:

  • Count your blessings, i.e. all that you are grateful for.
  • Till you can completely agree with this, keep asking ‘what more can I do.’

While you are working on understanding, acknowledging, agreeing ‘about being enough’, if you still want that ‘return gift’ or a ‘gift’, then comfortably request for it from the respective person or your own self.


what are they TEACHING you

Waves teach you relentlessness.

Every thing around you has something to inspire you. Be curious what are they TEACHING you.

what are they TEACHING you

Dear friend!

What do Waves teach you?

Relentless, they keep coming in and going back and the next one comes in and so on, they never give up. You could see it about you moving forward and going back in your progress in life, but never ever give up. It is never too soon to give up. Next chance you get, try again.

Each wave is different. Every wave that reaches the shore is a new one and is never repeated. They teach you that every moment in your life is new. You get a chance to live a completely new enhanced prosperous life. Every moment is that GOLDEN new opportunity.

People are regularly inspiring you, with the events of their life experiences and achievements. Nature too has a bundle of admirable and inspiring traits just by doing what they do.

Mountains stand tall and robust under all condition. They give you a message to stand by all your life’s learning with dignity and grace.

Streams, are calm and are flowing continuously, inspiring you to calmly and continuously keep moving forward in your life’s journey.

Sun shines when your part of the planet is facing it. It does so without prejudice and judgment. Sun teaches you to take care of your responsibility under all conditions.

All are doing what they are responsible for dutifully, nothing can convince them to do otherwise.

Plants find a route to their resources they need. They spread their roots to find every possible way to find and reach their basic amenities like sunlight and water. They teach you to find and create your own support system that you need for that phase of your life. Plants and chameleons are adaptive and change themselves according to the environment and they thrive. They teach resilience and to accept change by adapting to it, rather than being stringent about it.

Animals too are contributing to the list that can be admired. They are beautiful and stay true to their nature. They have taught you about the fight and flight response. They decide where to stay back and fight and where to choose to escape. In your life, you get to decide where you think you could stand up for yourself and/or for others. And where you take the high road as the anger and resentment that is causing the stress and disease in your body are not worth it.

Birds allow their little ones to hatch out of the egg with little or no help at all. The process makes their muscles stronger. Thus teaching you that you will be grateful for what you are finding difficult now as it has a learning, and imbibing that makes you stronger to step into the world of new experiences.

Birds nudge their young out of the nest to motivate them to fly. Thus, when life pushes you out of your comfort zone, know that it just the life’s way of showing that you can do more and you are ready. Life is always nudging you to move out of your limiting beliefs and towards limitlessness.

Eagle lives a long life by accepting to go through the painful change shedding old body parts, for the new to grow. Thus teaching us that in order to have what you want you will need let go what you no longer need. Be willing to change to have what you so intently desire. You do this even if it seems like a painful and long process.

Larvae to pupa to butterfly. This insect teaches that change in the form of transformation is the key to finally being your true self. Be willing to go through life’s experiences that cause transformation in you and help you to emerge as a beautiful strong you.

Look around and look into the mirror, there are people and others that are a treasured source of inspiration.

May you stay inspired at all times.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife

Book Reader UNIVERSE You

Like Book is to a Reader, Universe is to YOU

Book Reader UNIVERSE You


Dear Friends!

To find the answer that satisfies, appeases, stimulates your curiosity, as a reader, you must find yourself the right book. A book has the knowledge to the questions you seek an answer for.

Similarly, Universe plays the same role for YOU. The universe is a data bank of knowledge. The answers that you desire is guidance for the life and life purpose.

Just as to gain access to the right answers you need to reach the right book, the right chapter, the right page, the right paragraph and then you have to comprehensively read them.

Similarly, to get answers regarding your life, you need to connect with the Universe in the right way then ask the right question and then interpret it in as the right manner to decipher the answer.

The question has to be asked by connecting with the Universe. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance are the various ways of connecting with the Universe.

So you can be in a meditative pose. Decide how much time do you wish to meditate. Then ask “What is it that I need to know” or “what is it that I need to know regarding …..(fill in with anything you wish to ask).” During the meditation, you see images or words, scenes from real or reel life or words. You may choose to ask a question with your eyes open, remember to breathe in a calm, defined manner, not too fast. Then wait for an answer. As you stay conscious of your environment, some things will come in your mind as thoughts and again images or words, scenes from real or reel life. Make a note. Next, interpret and decipher to the best of your ability or take help from an expert.

Many times the answer that you seek comes after some time. Everything that catches your attention, pictures, words and/or numbers just about anywhere, holds the clue or is a direct answer to your question.

If there are other way(s) that are unique to you that you have found in which you connect with the Universe, and it is making sense to you, then please do that. Also, stay open to new and established way(s).

In case you have never done this process, or have yet to get connected, then keep practicing. The connection and interpretation keep getting better as you practice.

Please remember the Universe is constantly conversing with you, it is you who needs to find a way to listen and comprehend.

Sometimes universe may point you to a book that is right for you as an answer to the question that you asked.

There are no limitations or budgeting or quota that decides for how many times you can connect with the Universe.

Please know this that there are no wrong questions and the Universe does not hold grudges.

The replies you receive will be kind and will be what is favorable to you.

If you are hearing fearful messages please know it is an adulterated version of the message which is coming from your impression of you based on others belief or  old/previous beliefs about your deservability.

So continue asking till you hear the messages in a way that you are comfortable with.

May you have an awesome communication with the Universe and may you receive all your answers clearly in a way you can understand.


Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife



place to put EFFORT

Facing and recognising resistance can be taken as recognition of place where you need to put in effort

place to put EFFORT

Dear friend!

Resistance is when you need to put in more effort for something that could have happened easily.

Resistance and blockages are noticed in the form of head heaviness, upsurge of anger and irritation.

Resistance is when you encounter a blockage that seems like a wall with no way further. Here pause and ponder, ‘what could be the reason.’

You start reading a book and the bell rings. You are in a conversation over the phone and something at your end asks for your attention, or phone cuts off, or the connection is not proper. You get work instructions and you notice the tone or something else you don’t like. There is an argument in a relationship, you are emotionally hurt and you want to get out of the relationship.

All these are forms of resistance.

When next time you see the signs at the circumstantial level and notice the effect at the physical level, know this that this is causing resistance because you need to know that there is learning here and you have to ‘change’. As soon as you acknowledge this resistance, be willing be put in the effort to change.

The change could be, you need to realise something, you need to forgive someone and/or self, you need to let go and/or you need to look at other options.

Knees and legs are a representation of moving forward. When you are not moving forward for any/various reasons, you have physical situations in your knee or leg. (courtesy – You Can Heal Your Life book pg182) The Left is the feminine energy side, so resistance to moving forward in a relationship with a female someone or femininity within you is the cause for the situation in your left knee or leg. The right side is the masculine energy side, so resistance to moving forward in a relationship with a male someone or masculinity within you is the cause for the situation in your left knee or leg.

This situation in the knee or leg is the resistance which is a clear indication of the attention and effort that is required in moving forward in life. It could be relationship, health, career.

You could start the process of healing by Pranic Healing and/or by the affirmation “I am moving forward with love and ease.” More affirmations on the same page in the book (mentioned above).

Sometimes resistance like, not finding your keys or door not closing while leaving your place, car not starting or traffic jam, are some of the examples where you need to pause and check what is causing this. At this point instead of getting irritated, put in the effort to notice what is it that in your favor in this situation. Maybe something needs to be switched off before you left your home or you reached the meeting even after the traffic jam for a chance meeting with the person with whom you were trying to get an appointment for a long time.

The point here is to pay close attention or re-visit what is causing the resistance.

The more is the resistance the more is the reason to put in the effort to solve that situation. Because once you solve, the chances of you gaining from this are many folds.

If you don’t like a job, relationship or place, put in the effort and find out what is your learning here. Completion of the learning here is bound to take you to the next phase of your life.

Now you know next time you see or feel the indicators of resistance, the way forward is to invest your resources and solve something there. Moving forward happens right after.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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enough TIME

There Is Always Enough Time When You Are Not Stressed and Not Tired.

enough TIME

Dear friend!

‘Time and tide wait for no one.’ ‘Time is precious.’  You could have heard these.

If you have more time than the tasks you have to do then with this extra time you are supposed to be doing something. Even sleeping and relaxing and meditating are counted as doing something.

‘work expands to fill the time.’ If you don’t like to get bored. Then with the things you have to do that can be easily done, you may expand the process by doing it slowly or at intervals or by carrying it out at the last moment of the time allotted.

‘I don’t have time.’  When you say that, then it becomes your affirmation and whatever you do, you will always find yourself in a shortage of time.  Every time you make a statement ‘there is always enough time to do what I love to do’. You will always have time to do what you love to do.

Change the affirmation according to what your wish.

Some things can be done faster, for example reading. You can learn to read comprehensively fast from Jim Kwik. Some things require fixed timing for example gestation period for the birth. Some things can be done at their own customised pace, for example, driving to cover an area in distance, learning, cooking.

The key to finding enough time is to see to it that you have enough energy. When the energy is low then easiest of the tasks seem mammoth.

Stress is what keeps you in very low energy. A lot of energy goes in thinking of past, future and/or ‘what ifs’. Only hold you have is on your present. That is the only reality. Lack of energy tires you.

Lack of energy tires you. When you are tired you slow down and thus the work, task or job at hand takes longer. You feel sleepy sometimes or you manifest physical situations like a headache or upper/lower back ache.

Dealing with stress is very necessary here. This is done through (a) Energy healing: By Pranic healing cleansing of both solar plexus and both heart chakra. (B)EFT or tapping. (c) Affirming. (d) Doing things that make you comfortable like watch a short funny series, play with babies, nature walk, playing indoor/outdoor games.

Once you have reduced your stress then increase your energy. Again by energy healing like the Pranic healing both solar plexus and both heart chakra are energised.

Following simple exercise can help you regain energy instantly.

Choose a place, then with your eyes closed or with your eyes open. Call upon any entity higher than yourself that you believe in or the Universe. Visualise a stream of white light with golden stars entering through the top of your middle of the skull/head through the crown chakra. Then allow this light to cleanse and energise as it flows through your forehead and every part of your body and every cell from the top of the head to the tip of the toe.

Notice the stress clearing and fresh energy increasing in you. Thank the Universe and/or the higher entity.

Now go on and do what you set in your schedule to finish.

Please remember there has to be cleansing before energizing that is the basic rule in healing.

Every situation you find tough you make it really stressful. Please don’t do that. Delayer it and divide it into small tasks and try again.

Find ways to keep yourself in good energy level. Stress stays low. You don’t experience tiredness. You will always have enough energy now. You will be enthusiastic to utilise your energy.

A lot of your work gets done.

There is an abundance of time in your space. Whatever you desire to do, there is always the right amount of time to do that.

May you be full of revitalizing energy all throughout the day.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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to ANSWER or not to answer

Question is required to be answered. Comment is an individual’s prerogative.

to ANSWER or not to answer

Dear friend!

Conversations happen when one or both parties decide to pass on a message.  After one party passes on the message, there could be a return of the conversation from the other side.

Opinions are statements that are of individuals. These statements are kind of trademarked by the individual, whose opinion it is said to be. It could be based on their own understanding or could be based on someone else’s or could be a mixture of both.

In a conversation, there can be as many opinions as there are people that are participating. When the opinions are entertained, two things can happen. One, it can lead to clarification or added information for the initial message. Two, it could cause confusion and may lead into a direction very different than the purpose of the message.

To keep the meaning of message intact as was intended when the message was shared at first is the responsibility of the message bearer/initiator. When a question arises with an intention of seeking a clarification, it deserves an answer. This could be followed by further questions and answers as replies. Channelizing this conversation in the direction of delayering and further enhancing the understanding of the original message, is again the responsibility of the message bearer/initiator.

Then there can sometimes be ‘isolated sentences’. These sentences from the individual or individuals seem like a final opinion. These are ‘comments’. These are not questions. Therefore, these are opinions in words to which a reply is not anticipated.

Comments, however, could require approval and/or acknowledgment. Giving and receiving approval and/or acknowledgment, on one’s comments is an individual’s call.

So if it is not a question then why do you feel the compulsion to write a counter sentence or comment or opinion? Comments that are appealing give the motivation to show thanks. Comments that are not appealing could offend. This gives rise to a reminder of having an authority on the original message. Many times other participants could take that role. The result is counter comments or questions.

Once a ‘comment’ is stated it is like a ‘full stop’ after that, carrying it further in a conversation has to be individual’s prerogative.

If in doubt ask direct questions. Rhetorical, teasing or testing questions may not clarify your doubts.

The inherent need to voice your opinion is a decision at the individual’s level. Comment is an individual’s prerogative and entitlement. Counter comment in the form of comment or question again is participant’s prerogative and entitlement.

The purpose of the conversation is a flow of knowledge.

The flow is seamless and gainful when the distinction between the question and a comment is understood. To keep the sanctity and respect of the conversation it is your responsibility as a participant to know where to continue and where you don’t need to pursue.

Keep participating in knowledge intake through conversations. Don’t let a question or two and a comment or two that is not appealing be the blockage in your desire for people interaction.

Interaction is the key to information. All that you want to know, you will get through self-interaction, people-interaction and through interaction with sources which have reservoirs of this information.

So please continue interacting.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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