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What am I doing right?

What am I doing right?

What am I doing right

Dear Friend!

When it gets to a point where it is making less and less sense, due to lack of receiving comprehension or confirmation on the direction and/or results. Confusion on whether you are on the right track arises. You are very very keen to do whatever it takes for you to have what you so intently desire.  When no matter what you do, it does not seem to be taking you any closer to what your whole endeavor has been about. You see the results, some results, but you don’t see the results you are expecting or even the navigation validation.

Then you start to look around for motivation to keep going.

And when you look around and see others who seem to be getting what you too desired or similar then that may tempt you to ask, ‘what are they doing right?’

Looking at others to admire or to get inspired has to be just enough to trigger your inner motivation and outer guideline. If you follow too much of detail of what others are doing, it will not work for you. Very simply because both you and the one you are looking at are unique beings. Only one on this planet.

Looking at others for more clues on same success causes the comparison to begin. Your attention might go to bias, unfair allocation of desires or injustice in the efforts put in.

Other’s steps may be good enough to chalk out an outer guideline, but only you can know what works for you. Similarly, your success story will merely be a guideline for some other person, who is looking for such guidance.

Now, instead of that if you could shift your focus on “what you are doing right?”. All your energy on detailing of every single step and every sub-step and every micro-step that you have taken and you have been taking, starts to highlight all your capabilities that could have been either gone unnoticed, unappreciated or underappreciated or was underutilised.

The knowledge of all these new self-recognitions can further build your self-confidence. This brings to your kind attention all that you could be grateful for in what you know, what you have and what you have managed to achieve. Self-focus on ‘what you are doing right’, shows to you how much you have traveled in this journey towards your desire and how far you have come from where you have started.

“What am I doing right?” also, brings out what all you could do or possibly want to do or changes you might want to make in what you are doing.

All this regular introspection redirects all your energy, focus and attention to what you have from what you don’t have. That is, shifts your attention from lack to abundance.

Many sources start to show all that you are doing right. You get the right compliments, right messages all of which states that you are on the right path or starts to nudge you towards the absolute right path towards your desires.

This gets the wheel churning towards sustaining you till you can start believing that you are in the right direction to receive what you desire. And ultimately you get to see your desires come to you.

May your desires or something higher come to YOU.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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clarity willingness CLARITY

Dear Friend!

The key driver in your life’s forward movement is CLARITY.

Clarity in which direction you wish to move. Clarity in what you want. Clarity in knowing that ‘how’ of a desire need not be on your ‘to-do list’.

Clarity shows the way for willingness to appear. With willingness everything becomes possible. #Right creative ideas that are your action steps towards receiving or bringing true your desires starts to come to you. #You start attracting the right support system and resources. #You start noticing what you already have.

Clarity gives the motivation that is required to jumpstart your next step towards the creative idea that pops into your head. You can know that bringing it to fruition is definitely possible even when the final version of the creativity is yet to be seen.

This Motivation now gives the energy for the physical, verbal and emotional work involved in the fulfillment of the creative work.

Clarity gives you vision for the future and thus an eye for the sight beyond the ‘not so desirable’ immediate results. This gives a push to plow through the current situation that might look like failures and delays.

Clarity gives you that helping hand that is much needed to stand right back up every time you slip or you take a step or two in the different or opposite direction.

Clarity raises faith, that you are on the right path.

Clarity helps visualise. This expedites and adds speed in your manifesting.

Clarity shows the steps you have covered and can help you celebrate the milestones reached.

Clarity pulls you to move towards the levels of your greater and higher good.

Clarity supports in recognising your full potential.

Clarity gives hope, even when the work to be done look gigantic, and returns are not in sight.

So when clarity brings in willingness. It is the willingness that is at play for everything else from then on.

When due to some or any reason, it starts to get less clear, it is the willingness that supports in still marching ahead till the clarity starts to reappear in the life’s processes.

Many times you say ‘yes’ and you end up meaning ‘maybe or no’. Because clarity in your ‘yes’ is mandatory.

How to convert ‘maybe or no’ to a ‘true YES’!

# Convince your self before you request: In convincing, you end up digging out or pulling out the clarity of why did you make the request and in turn know, what is the real request.

# While getting this clarification, you could start by making changes at the words level, while thinking or speaking. Add this prefix to all affirmations ‘I am willing….’, ‘I am willing to understand my request’, ‘I am willing to gain clarity in my requests.’

Let your clarity and willingness support each other.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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CLARITY Comes With Willingness AND WILLINGNESS Brings Back Clarity

clarity willingness CLARITY


all Children are SMART

Children are as smart as you are willing to teach them.

All Children are smart. They appear to be as smart as the way they are taught.


All children are SMART.jpg

Dear Friend!

A parent, caregiver, anyone who likes that child finds, many or every action or gesture of ‘the child’ enjoyable and adorable.  Then there are other children that exhibit remarkable talents/skills and gain admiration from even complete strangers.

Every child is a prodigy. Every child is unique. They are as smart as the person who is teaching them. Their skills need to be honed as per their unique traits.

Some children show interest in books, others in blocks, and yet others in people. A willing teacher is required for each child. Teachers come in the life of a child as a parent and/or caregiver. It is the responsibility of the teacher of that time, for the child to have patience, care, love/like, respect, and motivation to teach in a manner conducive to the child.

As a parent or caregiver if you are willing to know and believe that the child chose you as a teacher, then seeing the honor in this ‘choosing’, gives you the ‘patience, care, love/like, respect and motivation’ to teach the child.

You need not do everything yourself.

Every parent or caregiver has to have the willingness to delegate the responsibility specific teachings for the child to a specific teacher. Being the parent or a caregiver you are the best person to find the child, the teacher the child needs.

Children do what they see not what they are told.

Whether you are taking the accountability of your behaviour and gestures around a child or not, they are constantly learning from you.

Bored, resting, stressed, tension, these are all terms ‘thought up’ by grownups. So when you hear the child you are the teacher to, speaking these terms describing the state they are in, its time to introduce a new vocabulary that is beneficial to both you and the child that is observing.

Show them sincerity by being sincere with your tasks and schedules. Show them value for what they do, by appreciating what you do. Show respect to their age. Listen to them, acknowledge their presence and talk to them by way of conversation or body language.

There is a general understanding about what their capacity of learning and expressing is, as per their age bracket. You could help them expand by including new processes as per their ability to accept. This could be at the trail basis, maybe more than once. If the child embraces it, then you could make it as a regular introduction of this manner, in the child’s life. The gradual input of this kind can start showing the evidence of the extends in their capacity.

You are making them self-reliant, but keeping them safe is your responsibility.

In helping the child grow, you also have an opportunity to grow. There is no self-sacrifice or self-compromise when the child you are teaching becomes your partner in this endeavor. Your job responsibility becomes less and the yields of what has been done to empower the child become multi-fold.

You are in-charge of training this little child partner.  Monitoring the progress of the partner, after the training is again on you.

Once this process takes off, you will grow as a teacher too. You will have evolved in your creativity. You now have more time for your inventiveness. You can do just about anything with this time, as it is all yours.

You will always be there for the child but the efforts are reduced, yet more rewarding.

Well done, you ‘trainer’ teacher.

Thank you for being the teacher. The world needs more ‘teacher’  like you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Others TRUST You As Much, You TRUST Yourself.



Dear Friend!

Trust emerges from reliability. When reliability shakes then TRUST dwindles. As trust ends, dictation starts. Dictation is the lack of faith. When you absolutely ‘have to’, ‘have to’, say it repeatedly because you don’t have any evidence that what you are saying is being comprehended, embraced and will be executed, that’s the indication of lack of trust.


Where is this trustlessness coming from?

# When you were constantly having what you did not want in your life, like life experiences, material things, mismatched desire manifestation.

#When you are called a liar when it is your word against others, and it is not enough.

All this starts to diminish faith in self. This raises questions on your self-worth and reliability.

You start being cautious of your own thoughts and words, ‘Can what I say, be accepted’, ‘Will what I say, be trusted.’


How to gain self-trust?

# Be true to yourself: Whatever you say or do has to come from you and it has to be agreeable to you. You don’t need to get self-righteous about your level of honesty. Be willing to customise your version according to the audience. But, be very very honest with self.

# Acknowledge, value and respect your existence: You are important. You are the most important person in your Universe. Your existence is a fact. Your existence has meaning, has a purpose and a reason.

# Know what you have done is enough: With the resources, you have in hand, you have completed what will be adequate for the moment. You need to consider the time, energy and understanding that you put in to learn and deal with the resistance too.

# And still, give yourself permission to do more: While you know, given the circumstances and resources you have done enough. However, if you wish to do more or change something, you could still consider it.

# Always keep asking yourself “What did I do right?’, ‘What am I doing right, at this very moment’: Every moment bring your attention and focus on your capability, what you are capable of. From this kind of space, your self-confidence starts to move up like a rocket.

All this boosts self-faith and self-TRUST.


If you have been experiencing the situations and incidents that indicate other’s lack of ‘trust’ in you then, it is time to self-introspect and find out where there is a lack of self-trust.


Others show of trust in you extend as much as your own trust in you. Others impression of trust for you expand as much as your self-trust.


So now it is time, to increase your self-trust.


Affirmation “I have trust in me.” “I trust myself.” “I trust my life.”

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Remember and/to Implement

Remember and/to Implement

Remember AND implement the healing TECHNIQUE. Remember TO implement the healing PROCESS, AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Remember and_to Implement

Dear Friend!

The healing process, techniques, and modality are numerous and in plenty. Anyone who can think of any situation in their lives to change or enhance can find a healing process that will solve it.

Knowing, learning and putting it to use for your life situation is discretional.

Healing processes/techniques are like a language or a skill. It requires regular practice. The better you want to get at it, the more diligence you need to show to the practice. To the practice add your resources time, understanding, and faith in the practice.

While you learn and practice a healing processes/techniques, making regular notes is highly advisable. This helps you note the important points, your observations, your questions, your input from your personal life situations. Journaling or noting also helps you see how far you have come.

Another way of getting better at the healing processes/techniques is, by always asking questions. Keep your mind open to receive the answers. Noting and deciphering the answers without bias or self-prejudice or non-beneficial beliefs is also a study which needs to be accompanied with regular practice.

Some healing techniques need availability and arrangements of certain specific components and amenities. Some healing techniques need some pre-preparations. Some healing techniques have duration, the time for the process and time of the day fixed. For some there are alternatives and while others are particular in the process protocol.

And then there are some healing techniques, where knowledge of it could suffice and provides easy to do, flexible ways to carry it out.

You have invested your resources to learn, to practice, to understand, to clarify these healing techniques.

In choosing the right healing processes/techniques, and it’s when and where is also very important.

For example, do not meditate, do mirror work or anything else that requires your attention or concentration when you are driving or operating heavy machinery. Please stay safe while carrying out the healing process.

Conversing with the Source, Angels or Self-conversations is what can be done comfortably at all times. In your mind or out loud is also the what you can decide according to your comfort level of the environment. The beauty of this practice is that you need to be more aware of the present environment, what you see and what you hear. The conversations, the people, animals, the writings, the words you hear or that come as your thought.

This plethora of knowledge of highly effective healing techniques and protocols in your space will be highly beneficial to you only if you know when to apply it. It is your responsibility to remember to use the one that is applicable in each situation. You also need to be conscious of the resources available. Then, based on the situation and availability of the resources you implement the healing technique(s).

Remember and implement the healing process. Remember to implement the healing process.

To Remember and/to Implement, you could place reminders strategically at places where you can see for yourself.  Reminders like ‘What are you thinking now.’ ‘Wonder, what is the learning is here?’ ‘What are you grateful for.’ Put these or similar ones all over the house/home (entrance, kitchen, window, fridge), the bag that you carry, travel vehicle, office space.

With regular remembering and/to implementing, using the healing techniques and processes becomes automatic and seamless.

May the healing journey continue.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Admiration Vs Inspiration


Admiration Vs Inspiration

Admiration Vs Inspiration

Dear Friend!

Admire or Inspire Just do what you can to make a life better, starting from and preferably your own.

You already could know what you admire about yourself.

You most definitely will not know what inspires you, till you come across it for the first time.

Both Admiration and Inspiration is nearly the same thing.

It is about a person or some other thing. It is an attribute, which could be behavioural or physical ones. It could be achievements in acquiring assets or reaching their lifetime goals like marriage, children, job position, earning, vehicle, house, skills, creativity, fitness, quality of life. It could be the extra curriculum achievements like, running a marathon or climbing a mountain, doing what no one or not many have done. If it is some other thing then its magnanimity, detailing, engineering, function, utility.

You observe, find out and choose what you wish to admire or get inspired by.

Similarly, others are/can choose what is admirable and/or inspirational about you.

Between Admiration and Inspiration, there is, however, a small difference.

Admiration is something that you like/love about someone or something else, but you think will need to strive to have.

Inspiration is something that you like/love about someone or something else and is motivating enough for you know that it is achievable.

When you admire you may appreciate and stop at that. It is more like a complement and is whole in itself.

When you are inspired you want to set a goal and work towards it or set your mind.

Both admiration and inspiration can be for something that is beneficial for the humankind, world and you. Both admiration and inspiration can be for something that is not so beneficial. Be mindful in choosing what you decide to admire and what you get inspired from.

Why do you ADMIRE someone or something?

It basically reflects your traits that you have. Some you recognise and others not so much. And these traits you see it in others. It is recognisable or noticed in others much before you recognise or notice in your own self. But it’s a part of you. It’s in you. So it is self-praise.

Why do you get INSPIREd by someone or something?

Because you need that push and pull to get to a higher level than you are now.

You know what you were exposed to. When you come across someone or something that was non-existent in your space because it was/seemed beyond your realm of achievement. Then, getting to know their existence, now gives you a task of new goal setting. You keep it in your space. You find out more and more about it. You get the details and then start to contemplate what can be done and how you can get closer to that.

Thus, start your journey of self-growth and self-expansion.


Whether you admire or get inspired. Whether you Inspire or get admired. Both, show upward movement in your life’s journey. Keep observing and knowingly and unknowingly keep inspiring and getting admired.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Receiving is Receiving. Regardless, Who or from Where or How much you are RECEIVING.


Dear Friend!

Receiving could be in food, money, other items.

Receiving is also of, support, wishes, gifts, love, respect, invitations, attention, approval, thanks, communication.

In an ideal scenario, when you receive, your vibration is supposed to be that of gratitude and therefore high, that is you are supposed to be ‘happy’. This is a reciprocation communication to the Universe to receive more of this, meaning, you are saying to the Universe that ‘when you are receiving, you are happy receiving.’. Therefore, when you receive in high vibration, then you are grateful easily. This just brings in more of such receiving from sources that are in this vibrational bracket.

One of the major reasons of blockage to receiving is the specificity of source or product.

The confusion to receive or not to receive arises when the source from where you are receiving or the product that you are receiving, is with which you require ‘healing’.

Now, consider this, suppose you want to receive food of specific cuisine but you receive food of a different cuisine.

You did receive. You could please recognise that. So, instead of focusing on you receiving something other than what you desired, reroute your focus on the fact that you received.

You choose to buy pants and your acquaintance insisted that he pays for it as a gift. Suppose you are not comfortable with your acquaintance gifting you your favourite pants, as that becomes an obligation for you.

You take a call here. You could refuse or you could receive the gift and your agreeing to this receiving and saying/showing gratitude respecting his wishes could suffice.

The hesitation to receive is not recognising ‘the receiving’ and thus implies that it’s saying ‘NO’ to receiving.

If you specific to getting a specific kind of job or in a specific area/ company. If you are specific to kind of money or from a certain way or from certain person or place.

The moment you receive from another source the vibration is ‘not of acknowledgment’. It is of or equivalent to not receiving. This is a message to the Universe to continue receiving from sources that keep making you feel like ‘this’, that is in low vibration. Low vibration receiving is not acknowledged receiving thus not registered as receiving and therefore you feel you are not receiving at all.

To change this way of receiving, you need to increase your gratitude. Write down. Say it out-loud verbally.

The reason for the receiving from that source that bothers you is so that you heal your receiving. This means you don’t react as you could when you receive. Giving thanks to this receiving is healing, and this brings you into the  vibrational alignment to the ‘source of liking to receive.’ And after the vibrational alignment is attained you start to receive from ‘source of your choice’ too.

Recognise Receiving. Make receiving your choice.

To receive from a specific source or to receive a specific product, you need to recognise, acknowledge and show approval to general sources from where you are receiving and products you are receiving in order to get specific.

Following are the affirmations that can be customised according to what you wish.

“I am receiving ‘this’ through ‘this source’ too’ ”

For example, ‘I am receiving good money through various sources under grace, and also through my earnings’ and another one ‘I am receiving good love from all and also from my loved ones.’

You could even say it in two different sentences. You could make the affirmation general, or specific or a combination of both.

Receiving is a major player in your giving.

So, happy Receiving.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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