doing RIGHT

It’s not about doing more. It’s about doing right. Till then keep doing more.

doing RIGHT

Dear Friend!

Resigning or quitting is the action step taken when the persuasion of your action step being less than optimum is greater than your faith in your action step(s).

Did you change your mind about what you initially wanted?

If not then, what’s the new plan?

If yes, and you did decide to move on to another desire. You will now make a strategy to achieve your new desire.

What exactly happened that you decided to stop doing what you were doing!

Did you see no results?

Did you see adverse results?

Did the results not match the anticipated result? What were these anticipated results based on statistics or were they in comparison to xyz?

What has been your history with quitting? Has this been a recurring behaviour?

Who or what has influenced you? Did you see people/person hitting the jackpot at once! So when you found your time and/or effort and resource input varying, you just decided either yourself or with other’s influence, that you are doing something less or something wrong. And instead of assessing what all you have, what all you have done and/or how far you have reached, you decided to see what more needs to be done. So now you start analysing the success stories, dissecting their steps taken. Self-suggesting or discussing with others on what else can be done more and/or differently.

Did you see people struggling and not getting anywhere? Has this been your experience before?

Is that what is causing panic or fear!

It is true, just like a treasure hunt, there is only one final point and some people may seem to just know that one way which leads right to the treasure. While others go through diverse paths that ultimately meets the path that takes them to the treasure. Then there are others who keep going but they encounter dead ends and sometimes it takes so long that their patience wears out so they quit, and they never make it to the treasure.

Life’s desires and wants that drives you to these creative paths of achievement, is slightly different.

It is true that some follow the creative path and ….voila… they get what seems like a success in reaching the destination. Others try few things and then few more things and get some experiences, learning and earning. But, they have yet to reach the destination decided. So they try few other things and they ultimately get where they understand is their successfully fulfilling their journey to the destination. On retrospect, they could analyse and find out what could have been the best path. However, in life, each direction is taken for a reason. There are no wrong turns. There is a learning or earning at every turn. Ultimately you reach where you desired or maybe find something better than your wildest expectations.

So those who think of quitting completely must know that your every effort and every experience is valuable and is fulfilling your milestones in your life’s journey. So you can decide to change the path or add additional action steps along the way. But, know this as long as you are on this planet you will knowingly or unknowingly keep trying to fulfill your milestones to the destination that your desires intend to lead and reach.

Yes, it’s amazing to get it right. But, till then keep doing whatever you can and you too shall have your jackpot soon.

Please keep going.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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