child friend, philosopher, and guide

You want to be a great parent. See your child as a friend, philosopher, and guide.

great Parent


Dear Friend!

Great Tip in Parenting. See your child as a friend, philosopher, and guide.

FRIEND:: As a parent, you could choose to trust and respect your child. As a parent, you could turn to your child for advice. You could see them as somebody to open up to. Someone to have fun with and share your interests and hobbies with.

This kind of interaction with your child makes the unexplored paths of deep knowledge become known to them. They are now given the array of areas that they can pursue to know more about. This keeps their mind active with constructive activities rather than time occupying distractions.

PHILOSOPHER:: As a parent, you take up the role of a wilful apprentice who is learning from the kid. Children are constantly teaching you, what you need to know. This is making you a parent you aspire to be.

In sharing this kind of relationship with your children, you make taking up responsibility as a parent very doable. When you give your child a chance to share an opinion in the form of advice, you are stimulating their mental ability to use their intellectuality and increase their use of creative mind. They get into the process of gathering information, asking questions that are towards explaining clearly what they wish to express.

This helps them share informed points during the discussion.

GUIDE:: A parent needs to take guidance for the betterment of their child/children from their children. While the child is discovering one’s likes and dislikes, this information does not always get translated during communication.

Children are constantly looking for your approval. When there is less or no word communication, their attention is on you, to know if they have got it right. Their likes and dislikes start getting defined based on your word and body reactions. They sometimes even misunderstand their likes and dislikes and therefore sometimes misinform.

Listening to them helps you understand what is going on in their world.

As a parent, you could acknowledge that their world is sometimes alien to you. Most certainly probing and prying has not helped. So instead of having your conversations consisting only of ‘questioning’ them, you could ask them for an opinion. If it is agreeable to you, then you take it. Else you could choose to decide otherwise. This also gives you the practice to create an open channel of communication with your child. This helps you access your own choices and thus helps you get clearer on your decision making. This is a win-win.

As a parent, it is not only your agenda to keep them safe, but it is also knowing that they can keep themselves safe and take care of themselves when you are not physically available for them.

Viewing them as a friend, philosopher and guide will take time and practice, but will ‘guaranteed’ help in making your relationship with your child a robust one. Start with small discussions, easy decisions, comfortable topics. Make this your regular practice. Then see the relationship grow wonderfully.

This is making you comfortable being a parent. You will now enjoy your life with your child in your space.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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