Keep Learning as & in Reservoir

Keep learning as & in reservoir

Keep Realisation And Learning In/As Your Reservoir. Use Them When You Are Ready.

learning as_in reservoir

Dear Friend!

This world is of continuously growing research data with new findings and scientific evidence in healing science.

And then there are success stories. Different success story has different channels, processes, methodologies to thank. When the situation is tough, then each of these seems like ‘the one’ that will or could work. Whether you buy, learn, follow, execute these learning packages or stop somewhere in between, these learning are yours.

As you gain knowledge from teachers, masterclass, workshops, lectures, discussion, conferences, you start getting clearer and more observant about your life. What to change! What needs to be changed in your life! What is required to make those changes! All these leads to realizations in your Life.

Each realization has to be carefully made note of, de-layered and explained. In this lies the real learning. Realizations are understanding of the life’s situations. ‘Why’, ‘When’, ‘How’, ‘What’ of the life’s situations have a meaning when you comprehend these realizations.

These are the stepping stone to the next part of your life.

The learning and realizations are interwoven. Each contributes to the other like the right piece of the puzzle that fits. When you are trying to make sense out of these learning and/or realizations,  do it yourself or take expert’s help. But do JOURNAL it. It is really easy to see the connections between the events, incidents and the learning. Also, it’s super fun connecting the amazing dots. This brings the interest back in your life and releases the tension and stress that was caused ‘not knowing’.

Sometimes the learning gained and realizations match promptly and it is quick and simple to link them. Other times, the realization come first and learning much later. In these circumstances, linking, grasping the connection is not possible. Yet other times, even if both are aligned but, you are facing resistances and blockages that stop you from recognizing their presence in your space. Here you have realization but you don’t remember the learning or you remember the learning, however, the event, incident and/or interaction does not strike as realization, as you are too busy reacting to it, instead of studying it.

When you know that learning and realization and their immediate significance, it is very comfortable for you to look forward and move forward.

When (a) you do not know either the learning or recognize the realization or (b) you got them both right but did not get the significance then, it is best to keep it in your knowledge base in the reservoir for future use. This is because sometimes they require a new piece of a linker, that just lights the bulb and sheds light on the whole life situation.

When the learning and realization align, either from present or from the reservoir, everything starts to look like ‘it was always meant to be like this.’

This is the best way to know that your healing in that area of that phase has taken place.

Learning and realizations are not something that once you have learned can be forgotten completely. Your mind is such a beautiful machinery that the right knowledge surfaces exactly when you need it. So trust your mind and your capacity. When the time is right the right learning or realization or both from various/any source will come or be brought to your space. So you could trust, value and respect this bringing and not postpone.

Know this, nothing is waste. Your mind is such an amazing storage device that it presents right information just as and when you need it, even before you search for it. It is attentive with you and for you at all times.

Love your beautiful mind and trust that when the right learning comes to you, the right resources is also there.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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