accept the challenge

You love challenges? Then dare yourself to say and do ‘What Is Best For You.’

What is best for you

Dear Friend!

Quite a daredevil you are. You love excitement. You love adventure. You love to try out new things. You just love the challenge.

If that’s what you think you know about you.

Then, here’s one challenge for you. Decide on a number of days. Say 4 days. In these 4 days, under all circumstances, in all situations, ‘You Have To Think And Do What Is Best For You.’

This might be one of the biggest dare devilish act you have ever done. You think you have done something bigger.

Care to put a wager on this. Don’t be fooled by the short and sweet description of ‘the challenge’.

You have to do it every waking and breathing moment.

Every action, every thought, every word has to be in your ‘best interest’.

The beauty of this challenge is every time you fall out. You can re-start, right the next moment there.

Every day find out what percentage of the day you have been able to do the challenge.

Make it a point to keep increasing it in percentage.

You thinking ill of others or getting upset with others is also not fulfilling this task.

The key to doing this is to self-focus. Ask yourself before every action, “Is this for my best.” Even when you are involving others, how you interact with them, reflects your attitude towards yourself.

it might look like a lot of work, but it does get easier with time.

Doing what is best for you does mean you standing up for yourself and/or standing by yourself. However, it does not promote rudeness. The moment you realise,  you could apologise or explain yourself. Does that sound like this is best for you? If yes. Then yay! If not then, you need not take that action. You being comfortable with it, is very important. This applies to all the actions.

Even if you disagree with it initially, but later on you agree. Go ahead and take that action.

Put small reminders all over various places you are traveling, your phone, your home, your office, your car. Use mobile phone reminders in the calendar,  post-its in your car and at your office, use pin up boards, white boards. Remind yourself by writing affirmations.

‘I love myself, and I only want my best.’

‘I love myself and I only do what is best for me.’

‘I love myself and I easily and lovingly do what is best for me.’

‘I love myself and I receive only what is best for me.’

Affirmations increase your awareness. It gives you ‘fill in the blanks’, while you figure out what to think/say/do which is best for you.

Are you curious, what is the outcome of this? Why do this task/challenge?

The most important outcome, every feeling, and vibration are for/of your best. You don’t look for approval from outside. Approval just flows to you. You care about the people you want to care easily. Your learning and growth come to you easily. You are receiving it lovingly.

Your life enhancement happens and you see next level in your life.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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