Your Communication Is YOU

My Communication And Conversation Convey What I Am. I Honor, Value, Love And Respect Them.

Your Communication Is YOU

Dear Friend!

Communication is a combination of listening and responding. Communication is by conversations or non-conversations. Communication through conversations is through direct talk.

Direct talk is by face to face, virtual or wireless. In this form of communication your pitch, decibel, phonetics, and/or pronunciation plays an important part.

Communication through non-conversations are through (b) body language/gestures/ sign language (c) thoughts (d) writing (e) vibration and (f) energy.

Communication is comprehensive or non-comprehensive. Communication is based on your clarity or non-clarity.

Your communication can be left open for derivation or you could be specific.

Clear comprehensive communication is generated by careful inspection of what is it that you wish to convey. This requires a regular practice and by forming it into a habit.

Unclear non-comprehensive communication comes from the stacked experiences of past rejections. These are open-ended conversations like ‘you can do what ever you like’, ‘whenever’ or no conversations called silent treatment.

Other factors like anger, laughter, and joy, sadness also contribute in the what and how you are communicating.

All these contribute to communication that is ‘polite’ or ‘rude’.


So your communicate in a varied manner according to your life situation. What version of YOU are you at each of these times?

Are you comfortable asking questions?

Do you welcome questions or dread them?

Are your communications open to derivation by the receiver or are they very specific?

Language, vocabulary, knowledge also are the essential entities of the communication.

With all these parameters, please do not get intimidated or confused. They are to support your communication not to

To communicate rely on your inner truth.

When you need to communicate just ask yourself “what is it that I need for ‘this person/entity’ to know” or you could ask “what is it that I need to know from ‘this person/entity’ .”

‘Being in silence’, is also a form of communication with the source and/or your inner-self.

Your communications are precious, they are worth the honor, value, love, and respect.

As you understand the importance of your communication, you will know what and how to communicate with Humans, God, Angels, Universe.

You ask and you listen.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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