Need To Know

“What Is It That I Need To Know”, is consultation with your co-creator.

It is not that you are not in control. It is not that you are no good.

Need To Know


Dear Friend!

There are two types of personalities:


If you don’t do it yourself, it will never get done. This is what your attitude is towards the tasks. Sharing responsibilities is not your thing.



Are you the queen of passing on or shifting the responsibilities? Accepting tasks, big or small does not agree with you. Do you have these as an opinion of you, ‘you have butter fingers’ or ‘you are a scatter brain’ or ‘you will never get it right.’

Either you are personality ‘A’ or you are personality ‘B’ or you are both depending on your life situations. If/when you are personality ‘A’ then asking for help is an extra task. If/when you are personality ‘B’ then you have convinced yourself that someone else needs to take over, so you don’t get a chance to ask for help.

You are on this planet to fulfill your life experiences that has been co-decided with the Source.

The Source is your partner in co-creating of your life experiences. You already know what you know about your life. Staying up to speed with what the Source knows is also a requirement. So whether/when, you are personality ‘A’ or ‘B’, connecting and consulting the Source is important for a prudent way to move forward.

Connecting and consulting with the Source is beneficial because it has the information of where you have been in past, where you are at present and where do you need to be in future. Communicating and understanding the messages from the Source is the key to knowing the right path for you towards reaching your life’s goals. The choices, the decisions, the path gets clearer as the strength of connection, communication and conducting as per the guidance, gets better between you and the Source.

All this has a pre-determined parameter and that is ‘your willingness.’

Even if you have a suggestion for a step and you do not agree and you choose to take a different step in another direction, and you change your mind and want a suggestion later, you can very well do that. You do not lose a chance to ask for guidance, just because you did not take it the first time.

While connecting with the Source, if/when you are personality ‘A’ your questions are very specific and if/when you are personality ‘B’ you do not know what to ask. Getting too specific interferes with the answer interpretation as your focus is on the expected reply. Not knowing what to ask, will result in you not asking and therefore will not get you any answers.

The best question is “what is it that I need to know” or “what is the next right step.” If you are too keen to know about a particular area you could choose to ask “what is it that I need to know about —–”, specify what you are interested in knowing about.

You could meditate or ask consciously. Be open to receiving the message through various mediums. Thoughts, writings, audible words, feelings, knowing.

Take the information and implement. You need not do everything yourself or go with a notion that you are not good enough. It is your life and no one can be better at living your life than you.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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