Leaf Stirs With Your Permission

Not a Leaf Can Stir in Your Universe Without Your Permission.

Leaf Stirs With Your Permission

IADLife Blog: https://itsadeservinglife.wordpress.com/2017/06/14/leaf-stirs-with-your-permission/


Dear Friend!

Not a Leaf Can Stir in Your Universe Without Your Permission. You are the only deciding factor. You are the kingmaker. Every move and every step are taken only by you.

You like your lovable experiences. You are hurt by your not so lovable experiences.

For good, great and wonderful experiences you either take the credit, give credit or question your credibility depending on how much you have allowed yourself to deserve.

For not so great experiences you have tried to find out the reason so that you do not encounter such experiences again.

The fact is you really need not look too far.

Your life is your Universe. Imagine your Universe in the form of a globe. For entry into this, a passcode is required. The same passcode is required after the entry for any and every activity in this space. It is just not programmed to let anything happen without this passcode. And amazingly only you are the only one with the passcode. You are the only one who can punch in the passcode for every action in your universe, in your life, in your space.

Either this has been introduced to you for the very first time or you are willing to acknowledge this from hereon. Either way, this truly appears as a massive or added responsibility initially.

What does this responsibility mean to you?

Is it a burden?

Do you see this as being abandonment by others?

Before you knew of ‘this fact’ that you are responsible for your life experiences, you had a reason to blame or to praise someone other than you. This was your connectivity with others. This was your form of approval exchange.

But now with this new knowledge, all that has changed. So you may resist accepting this. This could be because you may be afraid to be alone and/or lonely.

You are responsible for every single reaction, comment, incident. All in all, you are responsible for all of your experiences that you encounter in your day to day living.

This only means and says that you are empowered enough to have the life experience(s) that you could desire, that is right for you, that is of your highest good, that is fun for you, that is loving for you, that is safe for you, that is creatively fulfilling for you, that is enhancing for you, that add to your self-growth, that is prosperous for you, that is focused on self-love that is love for you.

So your only real responsibility is to recognise what you truly want/desire and just give permission for only those life experiences.


You could start by using words out-loud, thoughts or in writing that agrees with you and that suits you. Then focus on your actions, reactions, acknowledgments and changes in you and/or in your life. Imagine/ visualize YOU talking to YOU for every life situation and decisions. Start with something small, gradually shift into this role of taking the complete responsibility of self.

Include people, their characteristics and their attributes, that you like or are best for you. Add experiences that take you in the direction that is greatest for you.

You will see your involvement in your life. Some evidence you see immediately and some eventually. This will promote you to do more for you. This will motivate you to receive more for you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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