Honor and Value your Feelings

“Honor and Value your feelings. They Will Guide You To Your Life’s Learning”

Honor and Value your Feelings

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Dear Friend!

“Honor and Value your feelings. They Will Guide You To Your Life’s Learning”

Emotions are noticed in oneself by what you invisibly feel along with a sensation of heaviness or lightness in the body part(s). These in totality are called feelings.

There are two types of feelings.

(1) Feelings that give hope, add faith, make you happy, energise you, give you an understanding that everything is possible. These are High Vibrational feelings.

(2) Feelings that deplete hope, question faith, make you unhappy, lower your energy, give you an understanding like it’s the end of the world. These are Low Vibrational Feelings.

Now, how do recognizing feelings, lead you to life’s learning? This happens by (a) knowing the Type Of Feeling you are going through and (b) Whether they are beneficial to you.

Both (a) and (b) are recognised based on what is your next move. Do you say or do what is harmful to you or do you say or do what is not hurtful and even beneficial to you!

Recognising, acknowledging and staying in the feelings that are beneficial for you helps you in expediting in recognizing and receiving your manifestations.

Staying in the non-pleasant feelings can cause backward step to receiving your manifestation.

Your steps towards or away from manifestation covers the “life’s learning.” Recognising the blockages and resistance. Letting go. Forgiveness. Self-love and self-respect.

What is it that you need to change within! What is it that you need to know! What is it that you need to do!

High vibrational feelings are connected to the production of endorphins and can cause physical expressions like upward curling of your lips resulting in a smile. It can also be accompanied by laugh and. Visibly there is brightening in the eyes. Conversations with self and others are light and polite.

Low vibrational feelings are connected to the production of Cortisol and can cause physical expressions like downward curling of lips, making what is popularly known as a sad face. It can also be accompanied with cry and tears in eyes. Conversations with self and others are aggravated and impolite.

When you feel good, you look good, you do good. You manifest what is good for you in your life.

Staying in high vibrational feelings is the genesis of connection with high vibrational entities. Hearing guidance from high vibrational entities like Source and Angles is possible. Fact is high vibrational entities are constantly guiding us. We need to match their vibration to hear them clearly, which is attained when you function in high vibration feelings.

Life experiences can seamlessly put you in feelings that cause hurt, harm or hypertension. The moment you realise that you are in this type of feeling you can choose to switch to feelings that are thankful, trusting and loving.

To switch you could say or do things that can shift your mindset to a comfortable one. (1) Say wonderful affirmations about yourself and to yourself that is full of assurance and hope. (2) Pick up your arms and run around. (3) Think/watch/read what lightens your mood, like a funny movie, joke, story, write up. (4) Do physical activity like getting up for a small walk or run, change the position of how you are physically seating/standing, get yourself a glass of water. (5) Meditate or carry out breathing exercises. (6) EFT. (7) Mirror work for self-introspection.

Do whichever or whatever you can, but the aim is to shift your feelings to a better one.

Prolonged experiencing of low vibration feelings can cause disease manifestation at the physical level. Extended staying at the high vibration feelings have been known to cure these diseases.

There is a belief that when you are stressed and strict, you get a lot more work done. And when you are happy and jolly, you tend to be distracted and thus inefficient. Be mindful of this belief and gradually change it to being jolly and focused and efficient, as part of your characteristics. Smile and focus rather than frown and focus, to be in high vibration feeling.

Keep asking yourself, how are you feeling? Function in high vibration feeling and gain great desired results. Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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