LEARNING Is Indispensable


Only LEARNING Is Indispensable. Everything Else Is.

LEARNING Is Indispensable

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Dear Friend!

Learning is indispensable

When the hurt is too much then the only option that you think is left for you to do is RUN.

Why is hurt too much?

You hit yourself or get hurt in the same place which is not healed, a few times. The next time you get a slight touch, you feel the immense pain. The next time to that even after the healing, suppose you get hurt in the same place. Regardless of the intensity of the hurt, the reaction to the hurt is same as the initial one, because of the memory you hold of it.

Some people, situation, attributes get your attention by hurting you. Then you really need to know this. In life people, experience, situation, memory, characteristics, attribute, are dispensable. When their purpose in your life is served they can leave your space. And when they do start to leave, please let them leave.

You have been taught to be kind, and considerate and never to leave anyone behind. Well! It’s time to make one small change, anything and anybody can leave or can be left. You just need to preserve the learning.

When people get your attention by hurting you. Your attention goes to this person and/or yourself. The attention is blame. Either you are blaming the person.  Or you are blaming yourself. Shift your attention from blame to LEARNING.

“What is it that I need to learn from this situation?” This one question shifts your attention from person to the situation and the learning it carries.

Why is recognizing and learning a necessity?

Learning is the only requisite in any life situation. Rest are playing their part for you to attain your learning.

Have you ever noticed, your life situations seem to repeat in various areas in your life? People give you same/similar behavior whether they are at the personal and in the professional front.

For example, your opinion is not asked. When you volunteer your suggestions it’s not considered and thus you feel underutilised and undervalued in your office. When you observe closely you are definitely having the similar situation in some other area in your life. Maybe with your spouse, or friends.

Do ask. “What is it that I need to know?”

There are two learning here. First one is, all that ignoring needs to take your attention to the fact that you need to value your own opinion before you look for approval from others. The second one is that you need to boost your self-confidence and for that, you could start by focussing on increasing your skills.

Once this learning registers and you start taking action, you will visibly see the changes in the behavior and attitude of others who were previously oblivious to your opinions, suddenly appear to be interested in your propositions.

If the learning is not understood and action is not taken, and even if you decide to move your job, and change your friends or even spouse, the similar situation will arise.

Understanding the learning and taking the action step is central and is key in you moving forward from a situation.

Very important crucial point to be remembered when the learning is completed is, do not hang on to people and situations or behaviors due to emotional attachments. Let them go.

Be willing to learn as it helps you grow. This is the only pivotal part in your life. Rest everything else is dispensable. The ones you can easily let go, do it immediately.

Show loyalty towards your learning and yourself only.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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