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Dear Friend!
Understanding Life’s LEARNING. When do you really know that THE LEARNING IS COMPLETE?
Life’s learning comes from people, person and/or situation. It involves characteristics, attributes, behaviors, incidents, interactions. These come as a one-time occurrence or in a recurring manner.
The ones that are hard hitting get the attention. When these, attention-grabbing ones are recurring then there is no ignoring them.
These life’s learning helps you grow. When you get more accepting and stop resisting the changes in your life, the way these learning come in your life start to ease off.
Be willing to move on, every chance you get. Don’t get entrapped in past with the emotional attachments. You don’t miss out on anything.
Learning don’t leave you unless you have ‘learned.’
What Happened? What is happening in your life, that needs to be explained and needs to be understood!
#When you are ditched or abandoned. When you see yourself as ‘alone’.
#When love, respect, and kind actions are not reciprocated.
#When you don’t get what you want.
#When there is a delay.
#When there is a person or thing whose presence bothers you.
#Receiving what you are not asking.
#Going back and forth in your learning. Doing what you don’t agree with yourself, in doing.
What to learn from what is happening in your life?
#You can do this on your own. You have the power and you need to realise that now.
#The contribution of the former significant person/thing/place is over and/or done, in your space.
#Focus on self-love. Notice where have you been ignoring yourself. Do things for yourself, because ‘you exist’, you need not look for external factors.
#Re-assess your asking. Be clear in asking. Get clear in what you want. Ask what aligns with your true self.
#Increase in trust. Move from specificity in asking to ‘asking’ for your greatest and highest good.
#The attribute of the person/thing bothering you is a part of your characteristics that has been bothering you. Embrace it or be ready to change it.
#De-clutter, allow new to enter your space.
#Stop procrastination, get out of your comfort zone. You are safe.
#When you get it!
#When you don’t feel like giving energy to it. This means when you stop reacting to it. You don’t consciously think about it.
#When people, attribute, characteristics, situation CHANGE.
An important point to note is that manifestation and learning are mutually exclusive. Manifestation occurs after the learning is complete. However, learning do not end after the manifestation happens.
The summation of all learning is, gain clarity and trust that you deserve your greatest and highest good. This helps you see life incidents and interactions as life experiences. Learn and move on to the next phase to the next learning.
Best wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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