Forgiveness Is GIFT

Anything received Before Forgiveness is Compensation. Anything received After Forgiveness Is GIFT.

forgiveness is GIFT

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Anything received Before Forgiveness is Compensation. Anything received After Forgiveness Is GIFT.

Every wrong has righteous probable. And that is to be righted.

Magical and spiritual probable of that is, ‘every wrong could be rightfully followed by forgiveness and gratitude.’

‘Forgiveness’ is done to make space in your life for beautiful new and ‘gratitude’ is for the learning you received through this experience.

There are several and varied ways to right the wrong. It could be verbal, nonverbal and some more other ways. Verbal can be a word ‘sorry’ or a conversation with an explanation or defending the wrongful act. Nonverbal could be through physical gestures, hug, kiss, handshake, something intimate or material things. Other ways can be by writings, blessings or prayer.

Accepting the right in exchange of the wrong is entirely up to the person/party that has been wronged. How and when it is accepted, also depends upon the one that has been wronged.

“Receiving.” When receiving or commanded receiving happens before the forgiveness then, it is a distraction. The distraction is from the work involved in solving and learning from the wrong done by the person or through the situation. It is a compensation.

Compensation is a form of fine or penalty. Reparation for something that is missing or not been fulfilled. This restitution lasts as long as there is attachment or connection with what has been received. It is temporary. It is like a fog/smog which creates an illusion of getting over the wrong or wrong not existing. In fact, it is suppressing the need to understand the wrong. As soon as the fog subsides, the realisation of wrong surfaces with a greater force. By now the opportunity at this time to understand and heal is gone.  The next time same or similar wrong happens, it appears to be larger than before. The largeness of the wrong is directly proportional to the number of times and how long the wrong(s) have not been worked on. Earlier compensation, by this time, is not valid and not enough. Compensation now also becomes a blackmail.

The only way to get out of this web of blackmail for either side, one which has done wrong or the one that has been wronged, is by FORGIVENESS.

Forgiveness comes from understanding ‘what is the wrong.’ Sometimes it may not even be a wrong. Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding.

However, when it is the wrong you could consider to forgive. You need not agree or like or even have the wrong in your space any longer. You could stop giving it attention. You could shift your focus to anything else.

If/when forgiveness follows the wrong. It replaces the wrong. Forgiveness creates the new space to ‘receiving’ wonderful specifics decided by the receiver or to non-specifics like the receiver’s highest and greatest good. What is received after the forgiveness is a gift!

Receiving as GIFT.

Technically and ideally gift is a surprise, fun, free, extra, more. The gift is beautiful. The gift is a blessing.

Receiving and giving a gift is a form of giving and receiving APPROVAL.

Willingness to forgive itself is the greatest gift.  Anything else you receive is a bonus gift.

The essence of receiving the Gift inspires to give. Give yourself the gift of wisdom to understand the wrong and forgive, to have peaceful life experiences.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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