Where & When To Start

If You Are Wondering Where & When To Start. It’s Right here. It’s Right Now. It’s this very Moment.

Where & When To Start

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Dear Friend!

You get/have an idea. You are thinking of the resources. You are sketching a design. You are conjuring a strategy. You are waiting for an auspicious moment.

Eventually, you start. Now you are with a plan.

You had a good or not so nice start and then due to some x y z reason(s), you stop, stall or pause.

There is always a reason(s) why something did not work.

But there are many reasons ‘why’ it can work.

‘Being flexible to change’, is the major reason.

List the reasons to keep going. The ‘journey’ itself is the biggest reason. The experience, learning, contribution, growth, joy is what your journey is all about.

Another inducing factor is the thought of your final outcome.

Many times you may not know what exactly the idea/plan leads to. In that case, review your chalked out plan. Decide on what your final outcome could be. The accepted wisdom that helps here is of thinking about how you would like to feel. You would like to see yourself ‘successful, satisfied, and triumphant’. What feelings do you attach with being ‘successful, satisfied, and triumphant’. Keep those as your final goal. This also helps in having a clear understanding of what you can expect after the final step.

Many are of opinion, which mostly stems from your previous experience and/or other’s experience, that is you need to be stressful and have to undergo hardships to achieve. Please change this. Please don’t include anything that has health hazards. So adding “I/we are safe” as an underlying condition is a great suggestion, in the list of things to think/affirm.

If you still need some help there. Then, please affirm “may the result be whatever is the greatest and highest good for all involved.”

Make a vision board, about the journey, the result and/or the existence after this plan is completed. Do visualisation of the steps involved and/or of the final step daily. Please see yourself, comfortable, enjoying, celebrating, accepting, open to ideas and decisive all through the journey.

All this motivates you. To pick up right where you had left off or if you have not started yet, in anticipation of what might follow or entail the path.

Well! now you decide that.

Is the responsibility too much. Then start with something known or start with the known part of the big project/task/idea. Excited yet.

Every moment of your participation in the project/task/idea you have in mind is important. Ideas that you get are always a part of the much larger divine plan. Step back, look at any of your contributions and see where it has lead. Whether you had a creative intent or a destructive one. Everything you do matters.

Know this, be aware of this, but keep the focus on your involvement.

What can encourage and inspire you to take that first/next step! What resources and skills you need. Keep uplifting your morale by assessing how much you have achieved and/or could achieve.

Are you still wondering, ‘where to start?’ This very moment, collect your writing materials and imprint it. That’s a START.

Else, go to the mirror and make a commitment, that you are willing to follow through with your plan. Else, in your mind take help from a higher power to help you with this idea.

Respect your impact on this idea/plan. Take the step.

Start now.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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