Judge or judgemental

You are pre-programmed to judge. You have an option not to be judgemental.

Judge or judgemental

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Dear Friend!

As soon as your learning starts, you are taught to judge. The training to judge starts much earlier than when you adapt the meaning of the word ‘judging’.

It starts with colors, numbers, alphabets, shapes. Then information of ‘like’ and ‘not like’ gets attached. As you move from one teacher to another, the database of knowledge gets added. Behaviors, styles, class, I.Q./intelligence, physical appearance, E.Q./emotions, are now part of your information databank. Choices are introduced. Choices contribute in making decision(s). Reasons are required for the decision making. Reasons for bias, picks, choices, favorites, preferences, are decided by relying on information from the data bank.

This is the genesis of the programming of your brain to JUDGE.

Using the information from data, facts, statistics you do have to judge. This helps you decide on the day to day activities. What to think? What to say? What to do? All are based on the follow-up product of the judging. So, clearly judging eventually does become the regular and necessary part of the daily routine.

As you live your life moment by moment you simultaneously are judging yourself and/or others.

So you automatically, judge. However, to be Judgemental is a purely optional.

Judging is innocent and harmless. Getting judgemental can be not so pleasant experience for you and/or for others.

When the adverse action gets added into judging, then it becomes judgmental.

When you are judgemental even when the action is words, conversations, opinions, it can be hurtful. It can cause as much or more harm as an aggressive physical action.

Being judgemental instigates making statements that can be far from your true self. These statements become your affirmation even if you are saying about others. Because all the while you think you are saying about others but the conscious and/or subconscious conversation is focussed on you. How you don’t want that. How you don’t want to be that. These affirmations start coming true for you. And when they do, you may not like it.

How to stop from judging to becoming judgemental?

Instead of getting into analysing a person’s or situation, wish them well and safe. Wish yourself well and safe. Show trust that that person and/or you are doing your best and that only good will come out of their/your situation.

So don’t feel guilty or upset on judging or being judged. Don’t get judgemental.

Judging is observing and differentiating. That can be considered a quality. With the articulate, valid and logical reasoning it can be an added asset in a flourishing and thriving career.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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