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Leaf Stirs With Your Permission

Not a Leaf Can Stir in Your Universe Without Your Permission.

Leaf Stirs With Your Permission

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Not a Leaf Can Stir in Your Universe Without Your Permission. You are the only deciding factor. You are the kingmaker. Every move and every step are taken only by you.

You like your lovable experiences. You are hurt by your not so lovable experiences.

For good, great and wonderful experiences you either take the credit, give credit or question your credibility depending on how much you have allowed yourself to deserve.

For not so great experiences you have tried to find out the reason so that you do not encounter such experiences again.

The fact is you really need not look too far.

Your life is your Universe. Imagine your Universe in the form of a globe. For entry into this, a passcode is required. The same passcode is required after the entry for any and every activity in this space. It is just not programmed to let anything happen without this passcode. And amazingly only you are the only one with the passcode. You are the only one who can punch in the passcode for every action in your universe, in your life, in your space.

Either this has been introduced to you for the very first time or you are willing to acknowledge this from hereon. Either way, this truly appears as a massive or added responsibility initially.

What does this responsibility mean to you?

Is it a burden?

Do you see this as being abandonment by others?

Before you knew of ‘this fact’ that you are responsible for your life experiences, you had a reason to blame or to praise someone other than you. This was your connectivity with others. This was your form of approval exchange.

But now with this new knowledge, all that has changed. So you may resist accepting this. This could be because you may be afraid to be alone and/or lonely.

You are responsible for every single reaction, comment, incident. All in all, you are responsible for all of your experiences that you encounter in your day to day living.

This only means and says that you are empowered enough to have the life experience(s) that you could desire, that is right for you, that is of your highest good, that is fun for you, that is loving for you, that is safe for you, that is creatively fulfilling for you, that is enhancing for you, that add to your self-growth, that is prosperous for you, that is focused on self-love that is love for you.

So your only real responsibility is to recognise what you truly want/desire and just give permission for only those life experiences.


You could start by using words out-loud, thoughts or in writing that agrees with you and that suits you. Then focus on your actions, reactions, acknowledgments and changes in you and/or in your life. Imagine/ visualize YOU talking to YOU for every life situation and decisions. Start with something small, gradually shift into this role of taking the complete responsibility of self.

Include people, their characteristics and their attributes, that you like or are best for you. Add experiences that take you in the direction that is greatest for you.

You will see your involvement in your life. Some evidence you see immediately and some eventually. This will promote you to do more for you. This will motivate you to receive more for you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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WHY do you trek?

Why Trekking?

“ A trek is exactly like your life. The way you trek is the way you live your life. ”

“You trek so that you can understand your attitude towards/in your life. ”

WHY do you trek




WHY do you trek?
“ A trek is exactly like your life. The way you trek is the way you live your life. ”
“You trek so that you can understand your attitude towards/in your life. ”
Dear Friend!
In trekking, the only way is forward. You will find this as the only choice. Going back is as much work as moving forward. You as well move forward. If you are trekking the place for the first time or repeated number of times you will still find every step you take is towards unknown, unclear or different. You take the steps anyways. The distance you cover is your personal struggle and your personal achievement. You can learn from other’s instructions and strategies, but the method has to be your personalised one.
Only you can decide your strength and your pace. If you are getting back, from the same path you might surprise yourself how you covered the way/path/route. Thus, telling you that you yourself don’t know your strength.
Right support in the form of people, food, drink, directions, strong roots to hold on to, the wind, the sun keeps coming your way.
Each hurt only you endure. Each time you trip you pick yourself up. Each time you lose your way, you find a way to be found again. Each time you get scared, you decide to overcome it and carry on.
On the trek do ponder on whether you are moving forward without enjoying, looking around, admiring and connecting with nature? Why? Are you scared to finish last or losing your way and/or being left behind?
Would you rather have an idea about the path/journey/way or does the suspense of not knowing works for you?
How is your reaction to the people with you during the journey? Some of these people become friends and some you want nothing to do with after the journey.
When you prepare for the trek are you excited or not excited? What exactly are you excited or not excited about? Are you allowing the past experiences to cause resistance in your excitement and preparing for the upcoming trek?
There is an important life’s learning that you learn along the way of trekking. Way/path that seems/looks smooth may not be safe. They could be slippery and thus dangerous. Way/path that seems/looks rocky may not always be tough. It keeps you anchored and grounded, and creates a friction that does not let you slip.
Trekking journey gives you the opportunity to get over your inhibitions, resistance and un-fun beliefs about self and others.
Have you figured out what and why trekking is in your life? Was it because of the forward movement, to see new places, to eat new cuisines, for moving out of your comfort zone, to meet new people, to learn about fun. Is there sartorial reasons, you get to dress up, dress sporty, and/or you do what you have not done before.
During the trek are you in a hurry to reach the end? Are you more interested in knowing what lies beyond the finishing line?
Right after you finish your journey? How do you react? After a day, do you remember your hardships and the achievement? Do you not remember the journey when you reach the peak/end? Does approval and appreciation from others on your performance based on your journey satisfy you and give you happiness or do you question them? Do you celebrate ‘the finishing’ as a milestone?
A trek is exactly like your life.
The way you trek is the way you live your life.
You trek so that you can understand your attitude towards/in your life.
You trek to know what you need to change to have/receive the life you desire.
Notice what are you being guided to do next, that is yet another way to understand your life in the next phase of your life.
Best wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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Need To Know

“What Is It That I Need To Know”, is consultation with your co-creator.

It is not that you are not in control. It is not that you are no good.

Need To Know


Dear Friend!

There are two types of personalities:


If you don’t do it yourself, it will never get done. This is what your attitude is towards the tasks. Sharing responsibilities is not your thing.



Are you the queen of passing on or shifting the responsibilities? Accepting tasks, big or small does not agree with you. Do you have these as an opinion of you, ‘you have butter fingers’ or ‘you are a scatter brain’ or ‘you will never get it right.’

Either you are personality ‘A’ or you are personality ‘B’ or you are both depending on your life situations. If/when you are personality ‘A’ then asking for help is an extra task. If/when you are personality ‘B’ then you have convinced yourself that someone else needs to take over, so you don’t get a chance to ask for help.

You are on this planet to fulfill your life experiences that has been co-decided with the Source.

The Source is your partner in co-creating of your life experiences. You already know what you know about your life. Staying up to speed with what the Source knows is also a requirement. So whether/when, you are personality ‘A’ or ‘B’, connecting and consulting the Source is important for a prudent way to move forward.

Connecting and consulting with the Source is beneficial because it has the information of where you have been in past, where you are at present and where do you need to be in future. Communicating and understanding the messages from the Source is the key to knowing the right path for you towards reaching your life’s goals. The choices, the decisions, the path gets clearer as the strength of connection, communication and conducting as per the guidance, gets better between you and the Source.

All this has a pre-determined parameter and that is ‘your willingness.’

Even if you have a suggestion for a step and you do not agree and you choose to take a different step in another direction, and you change your mind and want a suggestion later, you can very well do that. You do not lose a chance to ask for guidance, just because you did not take it the first time.

While connecting with the Source, if/when you are personality ‘A’ your questions are very specific and if/when you are personality ‘B’ you do not know what to ask. Getting too specific interferes with the answer interpretation as your focus is on the expected reply. Not knowing what to ask, will result in you not asking and therefore will not get you any answers.

The best question is “what is it that I need to know” or “what is the next right step.” If you are too keen to know about a particular area you could choose to ask “what is it that I need to know about —–”, specify what you are interested in knowing about.

You could meditate or ask consciously. Be open to receiving the message through various mediums. Thoughts, writings, audible words, feelings, knowing.

Take the information and implement. You need not do everything yourself or go with a notion that you are not good enough. It is your life and no one can be better at living your life than you.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Your Communication Is YOU

My Communication And Conversation Convey What I Am. I Honor, Value, Love And Respect Them.

Your Communication Is YOU

Dear Friend!

Communication is a combination of listening and responding. Communication is by conversations or non-conversations. Communication through conversations is through direct talk.

Direct talk is by face to face, virtual or wireless. In this form of communication your pitch, decibel, phonetics, and/or pronunciation plays an important part.

Communication through non-conversations are through (b) body language/gestures/ sign language (c) thoughts (d) writing (e) vibration and (f) energy.

Communication is comprehensive or non-comprehensive. Communication is based on your clarity or non-clarity.

Your communication can be left open for derivation or you could be specific.

Clear comprehensive communication is generated by careful inspection of what is it that you wish to convey. This requires a regular practice and by forming it into a habit.

Unclear non-comprehensive communication comes from the stacked experiences of past rejections. These are open-ended conversations like ‘you can do what ever you like’, ‘whenever’ or no conversations called silent treatment.

Other factors like anger, laughter, and joy, sadness also contribute in the what and how you are communicating.

All these contribute to communication that is ‘polite’ or ‘rude’.


So your communicate in a varied manner according to your life situation. What version of YOU are you at each of these times?

Are you comfortable asking questions?

Do you welcome questions or dread them?

Are your communications open to derivation by the receiver or are they very specific?

Language, vocabulary, knowledge also are the essential entities of the communication.

With all these parameters, please do not get intimidated or confused. They are to support your communication not to

To communicate rely on your inner truth.

When you need to communicate just ask yourself “what is it that I need for ‘this person/entity’ to know” or you could ask “what is it that I need to know from ‘this person/entity’ .”

‘Being in silence’, is also a form of communication with the source and/or your inner-self.

Your communications are precious, they are worth the honor, value, love, and respect.

As you understand the importance of your communication, you will know what and how to communicate with Humans, God, Angels, Universe.

You ask and you listen.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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accept the challenge

You love challenges? Then dare yourself to say and do ‘What Is Best For You.’

What is best for you

Dear Friend!

Quite a daredevil you are. You love excitement. You love adventure. You love to try out new things. You just love the challenge.

If that’s what you think you know about you.

Then, here’s one challenge for you. Decide on a number of days. Say 4 days. In these 4 days, under all circumstances, in all situations, ‘You Have To Think And Do What Is Best For You.’

This might be one of the biggest dare devilish act you have ever done. You think you have done something bigger.

Care to put a wager on this. Don’t be fooled by the short and sweet description of ‘the challenge’.

You have to do it every waking and breathing moment.

Every action, every thought, every word has to be in your ‘best interest’.

The beauty of this challenge is every time you fall out. You can re-start, right the next moment there.

Every day find out what percentage of the day you have been able to do the challenge.

Make it a point to keep increasing it in percentage.

You thinking ill of others or getting upset with others is also not fulfilling this task.

The key to doing this is to self-focus. Ask yourself before every action, “Is this for my best.” Even when you are involving others, how you interact with them, reflects your attitude towards yourself.

it might look like a lot of work, but it does get easier with time.

Doing what is best for you does mean you standing up for yourself and/or standing by yourself. However, it does not promote rudeness. The moment you realise,  you could apologise or explain yourself. Does that sound like this is best for you? If yes. Then yay! If not then, you need not take that action. You being comfortable with it, is very important. This applies to all the actions.

Even if you disagree with it initially, but later on you agree. Go ahead and take that action.

Put small reminders all over various places you are traveling, your phone, your home, your office, your car. Use mobile phone reminders in the calendar,  post-its in your car and at your office, use pin up boards, white boards. Remind yourself by writing affirmations.

‘I love myself, and I only want my best.’

‘I love myself and I only do what is best for me.’

‘I love myself and I easily and lovingly do what is best for me.’

‘I love myself and I receive only what is best for me.’

Affirmations increase your awareness. It gives you ‘fill in the blanks’, while you figure out what to think/say/do which is best for you.

Are you curious, what is the outcome of this? Why do this task/challenge?

The most important outcome, every feeling, and vibration are for/of your best. You don’t look for approval from outside. Approval just flows to you. You care about the people you want to care easily. Your learning and growth come to you easily. You are receiving it lovingly.

Your life enhancement happens and you see next level in your life.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Keep Learning as & in Reservoir

Keep learning as & in reservoir

Keep Realisation And Learning In/As Your Reservoir. Use Them When You Are Ready.

learning as_in reservoir

Dear Friend!

This world is of continuously growing research data with new findings and scientific evidence in healing science.

And then there are success stories. Different success story has different channels, processes, methodologies to thank. When the situation is tough, then each of these seems like ‘the one’ that will or could work. Whether you buy, learn, follow, execute these learning packages or stop somewhere in between, these learning are yours.

As you gain knowledge from teachers, masterclass, workshops, lectures, discussion, conferences, you start getting clearer and more observant about your life. What to change! What needs to be changed in your life! What is required to make those changes! All these leads to realizations in your Life.

Each realization has to be carefully made note of, de-layered and explained. In this lies the real learning. Realizations are understanding of the life’s situations. ‘Why’, ‘When’, ‘How’, ‘What’ of the life’s situations have a meaning when you comprehend these realizations.

These are the stepping stone to the next part of your life.

The learning and realizations are interwoven. Each contributes to the other like the right piece of the puzzle that fits. When you are trying to make sense out of these learning and/or realizations,  do it yourself or take expert’s help. But do JOURNAL it. It is really easy to see the connections between the events, incidents and the learning. Also, it’s super fun connecting the amazing dots. This brings the interest back in your life and releases the tension and stress that was caused ‘not knowing’.

Sometimes the learning gained and realizations match promptly and it is quick and simple to link them. Other times, the realization come first and learning much later. In these circumstances, linking, grasping the connection is not possible. Yet other times, even if both are aligned but, you are facing resistances and blockages that stop you from recognizing their presence in your space. Here you have realization but you don’t remember the learning or you remember the learning, however, the event, incident and/or interaction does not strike as realization, as you are too busy reacting to it, instead of studying it.

When you know that learning and realization and their immediate significance, it is very comfortable for you to look forward and move forward.

When (a) you do not know either the learning or recognize the realization or (b) you got them both right but did not get the significance then, it is best to keep it in your knowledge base in the reservoir for future use. This is because sometimes they require a new piece of a linker, that just lights the bulb and sheds light on the whole life situation.

When the learning and realization align, either from present or from the reservoir, everything starts to look like ‘it was always meant to be like this.’

This is the best way to know that your healing in that area of that phase has taken place.

Learning and realizations are not something that once you have learned can be forgotten completely. Your mind is such a beautiful machinery that the right knowledge surfaces exactly when you need it. So trust your mind and your capacity. When the time is right the right learning or realization or both from various/any source will come or be brought to your space. So you could trust, value and respect this bringing and not postpone.

Know this, nothing is waste. Your mind is such an amazing storage device that it presents right information just as and when you need it, even before you search for it. It is attentive with you and for you at all times.

Love your beautiful mind and trust that when the right learning comes to you, the right resources is also there.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Wednesday WHY

Wednesday WHY

IADLife Next Chapter:

Dear Friend!

We have ‘Wednesday Why for’ you.

Any question,’What’,’When’,’Why’,’How’, you are curious about or you wish to have it answered, please let us know and we will answer through IADLife chapters.

With your consent, we will mention you when we post it.
Please decide your questions and write to us.
#WednesdayWhy #youaskweanswer #curiousforanswers #unansweredquestions

Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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Bully or Bossy

Why Be A Bully When You Could Be Bossy

Be Bossy


Dear Friend!

How to deal with a bully?

First, recognise them.

‘Bully incarnate.’ They look large, unhealthy and/or unhealthily large. They are physically aggressive. They are verbally loud and/or condescending.

There are obvious ones. They will always remind and prove to you that you are always less than what is required.

Then there are the ‘subtle and sly ones.’ These are the ones that give you a sense of superiority. They flatter you with words of praises. They scold you and they scream and convince you that you scold them. So you stop, whatever you think you were doing and even apologise.

Look closely, you are confused. The confusion is because you feel suffocated and stifled, because a) you were made angry b)you cannot express yourself c) you are being limited.

These kinds of bullies actually do that so that they can get away with their wrongdoings.

They create a form of addiction. They make you really comfortable and show their vulnerable side. When you get accustomed to their niceness or this kind of presence, they withdraw this niceness and/or presence as per their whim. And the anger and confusion strike unannounced.

These bullies have their schedule and they prance in your space showing comfort to your timings, but they exhibit a little patience and have their reasoning to their timetable. They are actually not lying. This is their honest way.

Bullies in common always want what is yours. Your things, your attention, your time, your approval. They are not good at reciprocating.

Truth. Bullies are bullied. They have a lack in their lives that has been created due to the deprivation of love, respect &/or things by their bully.

If you are a bully and you recognise that now and you wish to stop then you could choose 1) to change completely or b) transform gradually, to stop and to avoid running the risk of getting into guilt and getting reveng’ed’. The safest way is for you to switch from being a bully to being bossy.

If you have a bully and you wish to have that attribute out of your space then do the following::

*    One thing you never do and that is play their game. They bring out the bully in you.

*    All your routines and schedules and timetables have to be ‘self-focussed’. There could be initial refuting, defying, disapproving. But be true to your plan.

*   You need to remember that they create an addiction. So you might want a part of them in your life. Kind suggestion, do not do that.

*   Never be angry at them or because of them. As this only keeps their hurtful attribute(s) in your space longer and takes time and attention away from what you have decided to do.

*    Always, always finish your schedule and tasks. You could alter the way you had decided to do that earlier. No postponing, delaying or canceling.

When you let go bullying, you make space for new support to enter your space. The right attribute will come in its place. Your task, work will be done as you desire.

You could also be doing the bully a favour of getting out of this vicious circle.

Another important aspect is you recognise the bully, so it is the characteristics within you. Convert it into being bossy.

Why is being bossy better than being a bully?

Bossy is considerate, kind and authoritative. Takes responsibility. Prefers to change, rather than to change you by harsh ways. Open to suggestions. Listens. Takes a decision based on what is best for everyone. Focuses on self-improvement and also on the growth of all. Is a winner and makes everyone a winner.  Practices the preached. Walks the talk.

Don’t be the bully be bossy.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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child friend, philosopher, and guide

You want to be a great parent. See your child as a friend, philosopher, and guide.

great Parent


Dear Friend!

Great Tip in Parenting. See your child as a friend, philosopher, and guide.

FRIEND:: As a parent, you could choose to trust and respect your child. As a parent, you could turn to your child for advice. You could see them as somebody to open up to. Someone to have fun with and share your interests and hobbies with.

This kind of interaction with your child makes the unexplored paths of deep knowledge become known to them. They are now given the array of areas that they can pursue to know more about. This keeps their mind active with constructive activities rather than time occupying distractions.

PHILOSOPHER:: As a parent, you take up the role of a wilful apprentice who is learning from the kid. Children are constantly teaching you, what you need to know. This is making you a parent you aspire to be.

In sharing this kind of relationship with your children, you make taking up responsibility as a parent very doable. When you give your child a chance to share an opinion in the form of advice, you are stimulating their mental ability to use their intellectuality and increase their use of creative mind. They get into the process of gathering information, asking questions that are towards explaining clearly what they wish to express.

This helps them share informed points during the discussion.

GUIDE:: A parent needs to take guidance for the betterment of their child/children from their children. While the child is discovering one’s likes and dislikes, this information does not always get translated during communication.

Children are constantly looking for your approval. When there is less or no word communication, their attention is on you, to know if they have got it right. Their likes and dislikes start getting defined based on your word and body reactions. They sometimes even misunderstand their likes and dislikes and therefore sometimes misinform.

Listening to them helps you understand what is going on in their world.

As a parent, you could acknowledge that their world is sometimes alien to you. Most certainly probing and prying has not helped. So instead of having your conversations consisting only of ‘questioning’ them, you could ask them for an opinion. If it is agreeable to you, then you take it. Else you could choose to decide otherwise. This also gives you the practice to create an open channel of communication with your child. This helps you access your own choices and thus helps you get clearer on your decision making. This is a win-win.

As a parent, it is not only your agenda to keep them safe, but it is also knowing that they can keep themselves safe and take care of themselves when you are not physically available for them.

Viewing them as a friend, philosopher and guide will take time and practice, but will ‘guaranteed’ help in making your relationship with your child a robust one. Start with small discussions, easy decisions, comfortable topics. Make this your regular practice. Then see the relationship grow wonderfully.

This is making you comfortable being a parent. You will now enjoy your life with your child in your space.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Let Yourself Listen

So, Let Yourself Listen And Let Others Speak.

Let Yourself Listen

Dear Friend!

When someone is not listening to you or stops you from talking, they are the ones who do not learn from you. Similarly, when you are talking to someone, and you are certain about your facts. You are passionate about the topic/ subject/ person. If you are certain about what you are saying, you need not be concerned about not being able to convince.

A meeting in a corporate had participants from various departments. There were points being discussed on varied topics. Decisions were to be made based on what was being discussed. One of the members was vociferous and was very impatient and was giving his opinion hastily. He showed obvious expressions of discontent when his opinion was not accepted as a final decision. To some, it was causing hesitation as they were not able to put forth their suggestion.

There is no breathing and thinking space between the points suggested and in decision making. Such hurried decisions seem to close the topics soon. Only for the doubts and follow up questions to crop up after the meeting is over.

Such aggressive way to put in the information may seem as if they are blocking information or open/free interaction for a person or people. However, the fact is that this kind of behaviour actually blocks the aggressive speaker’s growth. This person does not grow from this behaviour, does not learn. This person is depriving oneself of a constructive discussion, interaction and expanding one’s horizon in knowledge and thus keeping oneself from making an informed decision.

So why does a person do that? This is clearly not helping anybody or anything. Neither is it helping the person nor is it supporting others. It is also not beneficial nor is it contributing to finding solutions.

The person is behaving that way because the person has a past of rejections. When the person has had the past experience of having had to convince other people to every suggestion made. If the person had been convinced that the person is not qualified enough to contribute, the person has to struggle to make one’s presence and existence felt and noticed. This person has a tough time placing one’s opinion without a fight or argument. This person is completely resigned to recogning self-worth and is certain that anything associated with this person, requires a lot of proving.

A supportive point could be, what if the person is sure and is, therefore, stating with such intensity!

Do you think you are that person or do you encounter such a person?

If you are certain about what you know. And you need others participation. Then placing your information in their space is all you need to do. The passion exhibited can be for the faith in knowledge rather than the defense of the knowledge. The intensity in explaining can be directed towards convincing oneself, rather than in the form of reprimanding everyone who is in conversation with you.

Another form of such people is ‘reactants.’ If you are a leader you certainly are not interested in attracting ‘reactants’. These are the person/people who are constantly questioning your decisions and suggestions in the pretext of clarifying or contributing to a conversation while gaining knowledge on the topic. Their input does not help in your decision making. These add to resistance and lowers the vibrations of the whole purpose.

If you have such people in your space, you need to self-assess your self-confidence. This means you have self-doubt. Have confidence in the decisions you make.

Person/people who show doubt in your propositions, even if you have invited them for discussions, you can decide to respectfully and with confidence state what needs to be done and request for the reconvening of the meeting after the task/project has been done. Then explain with the example of the successful work done. You need not ask or expect for their approval, as you will not be getting it easily from them.

Listening is also a great way to learn and grow. When this happens in a group, the growth is in the group.

So, stop reacting first, listen first.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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