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LEARNING Is Indispensable


Only LEARNING Is Indispensable. Everything Else Is.

LEARNING Is Indispensable

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Learning is indispensable

When the hurt is too much then the only option that you think is left for you to do is RUN.

Why is hurt too much?

You hit yourself or get hurt in the same place which is not healed, a few times. The next time you get a slight touch, you feel the immense pain. The next time to that even after the healing, suppose you get hurt in the same place. Regardless of the intensity of the hurt, the reaction to the hurt is same as the initial one, because of the memory you hold of it.

Some people, situation, attributes get your attention by hurting you. Then you really need to know this. In life people, experience, situation, memory, characteristics, attribute, are dispensable. When their purpose in your life is served they can leave your space. And when they do start to leave, please let them leave.

You have been taught to be kind, and considerate and never to leave anyone behind. Well! It’s time to make one small change, anything and anybody can leave or can be left. You just need to preserve the learning.

When people get your attention by hurting you. Your attention goes to this person and/or yourself. The attention is blame. Either you are blaming the person.  Or you are blaming yourself. Shift your attention from blame to LEARNING.

“What is it that I need to learn from this situation?” This one question shifts your attention from person to the situation and the learning it carries.

Why is recognizing and learning a necessity?

Learning is the only requisite in any life situation. Rest are playing their part for you to attain your learning.

Have you ever noticed, your life situations seem to repeat in various areas in your life? People give you same/similar behavior whether they are at the personal and in the professional front.

For example, your opinion is not asked. When you volunteer your suggestions it’s not considered and thus you feel underutilised and undervalued in your office. When you observe closely you are definitely having the similar situation in some other area in your life. Maybe with your spouse, or friends.

Do ask. “What is it that I need to know?”

There are two learning here. First one is, all that ignoring needs to take your attention to the fact that you need to value your own opinion before you look for approval from others. The second one is that you need to boost your self-confidence and for that, you could start by focussing on increasing your skills.

Once this learning registers and you start taking action, you will visibly see the changes in the behavior and attitude of others who were previously oblivious to your opinions, suddenly appear to be interested in your propositions.

If the learning is not understood and action is not taken, and even if you decide to move your job, and change your friends or even spouse, the similar situation will arise.

Understanding the learning and taking the action step is central and is key in you moving forward from a situation.

Very important crucial point to be remembered when the learning is completed is, do not hang on to people and situations or behaviors due to emotional attachments. Let them go.

Be willing to learn as it helps you grow. This is the only pivotal part in your life. Rest everything else is dispensable. The ones you can easily let go, do it immediately.

Show loyalty towards your learning and yourself only.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Honor and Value your Feelings

“Honor and Value your feelings. They Will Guide You To Your Life’s Learning”

Honor and Value your Feelings

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

“Honor and Value your feelings. They Will Guide You To Your Life’s Learning”

Emotions are noticed in oneself by what you invisibly feel along with a sensation of heaviness or lightness in the body part(s). These in totality are called feelings.

There are two types of feelings.

(1) Feelings that give hope, add faith, make you happy, energise you, give you an understanding that everything is possible. These are High Vibrational feelings.

(2) Feelings that deplete hope, question faith, make you unhappy, lower your energy, give you an understanding like it’s the end of the world. These are Low Vibrational Feelings.

Now, how do recognizing feelings, lead you to life’s learning? This happens by (a) knowing the Type Of Feeling you are going through and (b) Whether they are beneficial to you.

Both (a) and (b) are recognised based on what is your next move. Do you say or do what is harmful to you or do you say or do what is not hurtful and even beneficial to you!

Recognising, acknowledging and staying in the feelings that are beneficial for you helps you in expediting in recognizing and receiving your manifestations.

Staying in the non-pleasant feelings can cause backward step to receiving your manifestation.

Your steps towards or away from manifestation covers the “life’s learning.” Recognising the blockages and resistance. Letting go. Forgiveness. Self-love and self-respect.

What is it that you need to change within! What is it that you need to know! What is it that you need to do!

High vibrational feelings are connected to the production of endorphins and can cause physical expressions like upward curling of your lips resulting in a smile. It can also be accompanied by laugh and. Visibly there is brightening in the eyes. Conversations with self and others are light and polite.

Low vibrational feelings are connected to the production of Cortisol and can cause physical expressions like downward curling of lips, making what is popularly known as a sad face. It can also be accompanied with cry and tears in eyes. Conversations with self and others are aggravated and impolite.

When you feel good, you look good, you do good. You manifest what is good for you in your life.

Staying in high vibrational feelings is the genesis of connection with high vibrational entities. Hearing guidance from high vibrational entities like Source and Angles is possible. Fact is high vibrational entities are constantly guiding us. We need to match their vibration to hear them clearly, which is attained when you function in high vibration feelings.

Life experiences can seamlessly put you in feelings that cause hurt, harm or hypertension. The moment you realise that you are in this type of feeling you can choose to switch to feelings that are thankful, trusting and loving.

To switch you could say or do things that can shift your mindset to a comfortable one. (1) Say wonderful affirmations about yourself and to yourself that is full of assurance and hope. (2) Pick up your arms and run around. (3) Think/watch/read what lightens your mood, like a funny movie, joke, story, write up. (4) Do physical activity like getting up for a small walk or run, change the position of how you are physically seating/standing, get yourself a glass of water. (5) Meditate or carry out breathing exercises. (6) EFT. (7) Mirror work for self-introspection.

Do whichever or whatever you can, but the aim is to shift your feelings to a better one.

Prolonged experiencing of low vibration feelings can cause disease manifestation at the physical level. Extended staying at the high vibration feelings have been known to cure these diseases.

There is a belief that when you are stressed and strict, you get a lot more work done. And when you are happy and jolly, you tend to be distracted and thus inefficient. Be mindful of this belief and gradually change it to being jolly and focused and efficient, as part of your characteristics. Smile and focus rather than frown and focus, to be in high vibration feeling.

Keep asking yourself, how are you feeling? Function in high vibration feeling and gain great desired results. Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Sweeping Under The Rug

Sweeping Under The Rug.

Sweeping Under The Rug

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

“I don’t want to talk about it.” “Can we not do this now.” “There is nothing to talk about.” “I am FINE. I said ‘I am F I N E.’”

You block someone. You don’t take someone’s call(s) or reply to their message(s). While in conversation you avoid talking about a topic or you change the topic.

Acting or pretending that ‘it’ does not need to be addressed, expressing verbally or by a gesture. The purpose of ‘addressing’ is to delayer, clarify or stand up to a topic/situation/incident that requires the attention at that point. You may choose to ‘not address’, even though it is clear to you that you need to solve something here. Then there are also situations when you don’t realise that something needs to be solved here.

Why do you “Sweeping Under The Rug?”

$ You don’t know how to address it. What to say? How to say? Why to solve this?

$ You are finding it too difficult to solve this.

$ You are embarrassed. You see yourself as unsupported. You don’t know whom to ask for help. You don’t know whom to ask for help.

$ By addressing it you don’t want to open unknown ‘can of worms’ i.e. previously unaddressed and therefore unresolved issues, that you will have to deal with.

$ You very well know that there are going to be another ‘can of worms’, that will open and that will require your time and energy.

When is it ‘ok’ to be “Sweeping Under The Rug” temporarily?

$ When you are shifting a conversation to later, and mindfully bringing it up to solve it.

$ By all means, you really could do that when the energy level is low. You can revisit it when you have good energy for getting your information through.

Why “Sweeping Under The Rug”, is not a good idea?

When something is not solved, the learning remains unlearnt. The same/similar life situations keep coming back. When not solved. These life situations come in your space with a higher intensity. You get hurt by such situations easily. You find it more and more difficult to deal with the situation. You see yourself over reacting at incidents and at hindsight these incidents might look small or silly to you and you attract blame for that. Situations get more unclear and uncertain and as a result, you start to fear facing future and you get more cautious and limiting in your behavior.

Situations happen. Address it. Don’t address it. Deal with it. Don’t deal with it. The only thing you mandatorily do is you acknowledge it in real light. What it means is, you see the issue, see your resources you have and you require then decide you want to solve it with others immediately or at a more conducive time. Whenever you decide to work on it, the important action is you derive the learning.

This applies when other people are involved or you are dealing with your own self.

“Sweeping Under The Rug” never works with self. With self you HAVE TO solve it. With self you HAVE TO finish your learning.

Even when you have resource crunch including motivation and courage to work on it with others, you can take help and support with/from self and solve it and gain the learning.

Only good comes out of it when you address and solve, ‘what was being swept under the rug’, with self.

Solve it to make more space in your life. Live a carefree life. Keep yourself open to new experiences without fear of something unresolved creeping out and interfering with your present.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Leaf Stirs With Your Permission

Not a Leaf Can Stir in Your Universe Without Your Permission.

Leaf Stirs With Your Permission

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Not a Leaf Can Stir in Your Universe Without Your Permission. You are the only deciding factor. You are the kingmaker. Every move and every step are taken only by you.

You like your lovable experiences. You are hurt by your not so lovable experiences.

For good, great and wonderful experiences you either take the credit, give credit or question your credibility depending on how much you have allowed yourself to deserve.

For not so great experiences you have tried to find out the reason so that you do not encounter such experiences again.

The fact is you really need not look too far.

Your life is your Universe. Imagine your Universe in the form of a globe. For entry into this, a passcode is required. The same passcode is required after the entry for any and every activity in this space. It is just not programmed to let anything happen without this passcode. And amazingly only you are the only one with the passcode. You are the only one who can punch in the passcode for every action in your universe, in your life, in your space.

Either this has been introduced to you for the very first time or you are willing to acknowledge this from hereon. Either way, this truly appears as a massive or added responsibility initially.

What does this responsibility mean to you?

Is it a burden?

Do you see this as being abandonment by others?

Before you knew of ‘this fact’ that you are responsible for your life experiences, you had a reason to blame or to praise someone other than you. This was your connectivity with others. This was your form of approval exchange.

But now with this new knowledge, all that has changed. So you may resist accepting this. This could be because you may be afraid to be alone and/or lonely.

You are responsible for every single reaction, comment, incident. All in all, you are responsible for all of your experiences that you encounter in your day to day living.

This only means and says that you are empowered enough to have the life experience(s) that you could desire, that is right for you, that is of your highest good, that is fun for you, that is loving for you, that is safe for you, that is creatively fulfilling for you, that is enhancing for you, that add to your self-growth, that is prosperous for you, that is focused on self-love that is love for you.

So your only real responsibility is to recognise what you truly want/desire and just give permission for only those life experiences.


You could start by using words out-loud, thoughts or in writing that agrees with you and that suits you. Then focus on your actions, reactions, acknowledgments and changes in you and/or in your life. Imagine/ visualize YOU talking to YOU for every life situation and decisions. Start with something small, gradually shift into this role of taking the complete responsibility of self.

Include people, their characteristics and their attributes, that you like or are best for you. Add experiences that take you in the direction that is greatest for you.

You will see your involvement in your life. Some evidence you see immediately and some eventually. This will promote you to do more for you. This will motivate you to receive more for you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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WHY do you trek?

Why Trekking?

“ A trek is exactly like your life. The way you trek is the way you live your life. ”

“You trek so that you can understand your attitude towards/in your life. ”

WHY do you trek




WHY do you trek?
“ A trek is exactly like your life. The way you trek is the way you live your life. ”
“You trek so that you can understand your attitude towards/in your life. ”
Dear Friend!
In trekking, the only way is forward. You will find this as the only choice. Going back is as much work as moving forward. You as well move forward. If you are trekking the place for the first time or repeated number of times you will still find every step you take is towards unknown, unclear or different. You take the steps anyways. The distance you cover is your personal struggle and your personal achievement. You can learn from other’s instructions and strategies, but the method has to be your personalised one.
Only you can decide your strength and your pace. If you are getting back, from the same path you might surprise yourself how you covered the way/path/route. Thus, telling you that you yourself don’t know your strength.
Right support in the form of people, food, drink, directions, strong roots to hold on to, the wind, the sun keeps coming your way.
Each hurt only you endure. Each time you trip you pick yourself up. Each time you lose your way, you find a way to be found again. Each time you get scared, you decide to overcome it and carry on.
On the trek do ponder on whether you are moving forward without enjoying, looking around, admiring and connecting with nature? Why? Are you scared to finish last or losing your way and/or being left behind?
Would you rather have an idea about the path/journey/way or does the suspense of not knowing works for you?
How is your reaction to the people with you during the journey? Some of these people become friends and some you want nothing to do with after the journey.
When you prepare for the trek are you excited or not excited? What exactly are you excited or not excited about? Are you allowing the past experiences to cause resistance in your excitement and preparing for the upcoming trek?
There is an important life’s learning that you learn along the way of trekking. Way/path that seems/looks smooth may not be safe. They could be slippery and thus dangerous. Way/path that seems/looks rocky may not always be tough. It keeps you anchored and grounded, and creates a friction that does not let you slip.
Trekking journey gives you the opportunity to get over your inhibitions, resistance and un-fun beliefs about self and others.
Have you figured out what and why trekking is in your life? Was it because of the forward movement, to see new places, to eat new cuisines, for moving out of your comfort zone, to meet new people, to learn about fun. Is there sartorial reasons, you get to dress up, dress sporty, and/or you do what you have not done before.
During the trek are you in a hurry to reach the end? Are you more interested in knowing what lies beyond the finishing line?
Right after you finish your journey? How do you react? After a day, do you remember your hardships and the achievement? Do you not remember the journey when you reach the peak/end? Does approval and appreciation from others on your performance based on your journey satisfy you and give you happiness or do you question them? Do you celebrate ‘the finishing’ as a milestone?
A trek is exactly like your life.
The way you trek is the way you live your life.
You trek so that you can understand your attitude towards/in your life.
You trek to know what you need to change to have/receive the life you desire.
Notice what are you being guided to do next, that is yet another way to understand your life in the next phase of your life.
Best wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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Need To Know

“What Is It That I Need To Know”, is consultation with your co-creator.

It is not that you are not in control. It is not that you are no good.

Need To Know


Dear Friend!

There are two types of personalities:


If you don’t do it yourself, it will never get done. This is what your attitude is towards the tasks. Sharing responsibilities is not your thing.



Are you the queen of passing on or shifting the responsibilities? Accepting tasks, big or small does not agree with you. Do you have these as an opinion of you, ‘you have butter fingers’ or ‘you are a scatter brain’ or ‘you will never get it right.’

Either you are personality ‘A’ or you are personality ‘B’ or you are both depending on your life situations. If/when you are personality ‘A’ then asking for help is an extra task. If/when you are personality ‘B’ then you have convinced yourself that someone else needs to take over, so you don’t get a chance to ask for help.

You are on this planet to fulfill your life experiences that has been co-decided with the Source.

The Source is your partner in co-creating of your life experiences. You already know what you know about your life. Staying up to speed with what the Source knows is also a requirement. So whether/when, you are personality ‘A’ or ‘B’, connecting and consulting the Source is important for a prudent way to move forward.

Connecting and consulting with the Source is beneficial because it has the information of where you have been in past, where you are at present and where do you need to be in future. Communicating and understanding the messages from the Source is the key to knowing the right path for you towards reaching your life’s goals. The choices, the decisions, the path gets clearer as the strength of connection, communication and conducting as per the guidance, gets better between you and the Source.

All this has a pre-determined parameter and that is ‘your willingness.’

Even if you have a suggestion for a step and you do not agree and you choose to take a different step in another direction, and you change your mind and want a suggestion later, you can very well do that. You do not lose a chance to ask for guidance, just because you did not take it the first time.

While connecting with the Source, if/when you are personality ‘A’ your questions are very specific and if/when you are personality ‘B’ you do not know what to ask. Getting too specific interferes with the answer interpretation as your focus is on the expected reply. Not knowing what to ask, will result in you not asking and therefore will not get you any answers.

The best question is “what is it that I need to know” or “what is the next right step.” If you are too keen to know about a particular area you could choose to ask “what is it that I need to know about —–”, specify what you are interested in knowing about.

You could meditate or ask consciously. Be open to receiving the message through various mediums. Thoughts, writings, audible words, feelings, knowing.

Take the information and implement. You need not do everything yourself or go with a notion that you are not good enough. It is your life and no one can be better at living your life than you.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Your Communication Is YOU

My Communication And Conversation Convey What I Am. I Honor, Value, Love And Respect Them.

Your Communication Is YOU

Dear Friend!

Communication is a combination of listening and responding. Communication is by conversations or non-conversations. Communication through conversations is through direct talk.

Direct talk is by face to face, virtual or wireless. In this form of communication your pitch, decibel, phonetics, and/or pronunciation plays an important part.

Communication through non-conversations are through (b) body language/gestures/ sign language (c) thoughts (d) writing (e) vibration and (f) energy.

Communication is comprehensive or non-comprehensive. Communication is based on your clarity or non-clarity.

Your communication can be left open for derivation or you could be specific.

Clear comprehensive communication is generated by careful inspection of what is it that you wish to convey. This requires a regular practice and by forming it into a habit.

Unclear non-comprehensive communication comes from the stacked experiences of past rejections. These are open-ended conversations like ‘you can do what ever you like’, ‘whenever’ or no conversations called silent treatment.

Other factors like anger, laughter, and joy, sadness also contribute in the what and how you are communicating.

All these contribute to communication that is ‘polite’ or ‘rude’.


So your communicate in a varied manner according to your life situation. What version of YOU are you at each of these times?

Are you comfortable asking questions?

Do you welcome questions or dread them?

Are your communications open to derivation by the receiver or are they very specific?

Language, vocabulary, knowledge also are the essential entities of the communication.

With all these parameters, please do not get intimidated or confused. They are to support your communication not to

To communicate rely on your inner truth.

When you need to communicate just ask yourself “what is it that I need for ‘this person/entity’ to know” or you could ask “what is it that I need to know from ‘this person/entity’ .”

‘Being in silence’, is also a form of communication with the source and/or your inner-self.

Your communications are precious, they are worth the honor, value, love, and respect.

As you understand the importance of your communication, you will know what and how to communicate with Humans, God, Angels, Universe.

You ask and you listen.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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