IADLife BlessingMay You Be Happy Healthy And Safe. May you Have FUN”


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Dear Friend!

Saying or giving ‘BLESSING’ is an affirmation of beautiful words.

You can choose to share with your reflection in the mirror. You can choose to give it to any another person or thing.

What you say for yourself comes true for you. What you say for others who value you will also come true for them. It’s their trust in you that, opens doors of accepting this command, that you send to their Universe,  which is in the form of blessings.

Blessings are always in high vibration. Anything said in this vibration for your own self or others, if you and others chose to accept will come true.

Blessing certainly is a matter of great responsibility. It is like a present or gift given that has to suit the need of the receiver. It is a lot of work too, to think of the right blessing for the right person for the right occasion.

What would you like to cover in a blessing?  What aspects of life would you like covered in the blessing? What occasion and to whom would that cater to?

What if you have a common set of words, that is:

(*) Easy to remember.

(*) Stands true in all occasions.

(*) Applies to all conditions.

(*) You are comfortable saying/giving /sharing.

(*) Caters to various and all needs.

(*) Is for all.

In a blessing Happiness, Health, Safety covers all. With a dash of Fun added, it is complete.

“May You Be Happy Healthy And Safe. May you Have FUN”

This is the IADLife blessing for you. Wish it for yourself. Wish it and share with others and the world.

You need to have enough of anything for you to be able to share or give. Even to give to yourself you need to have enough.

This is all you need to have and to give.

As you wake up in the morning please go to the mirror and bless yourself by saying these blessings a few times.

Try saying it to others, even if you bless people in your mind. It is effective when you and others who have faith in you, receive it in high vibration. Wishing well for others does not deplete anything from your space. Keep the flow by affirming something for yourself too each time you are sharing with/for others.

Giving blessing is a beautiful gesture of giving/ sharing approval. As an accolade or praise you could affirm ‘May this come to me multi-fold’, or when you are receiving from others you could give them a return gift ‘May this come to you multi-fold’.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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