WILLINGNESS is way forward

Where there is unwillingness, there is resistance. Where there is willingness there is way forward.

WILLINGNESS is way forward

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Dear Friend!

CaseStudy: ‘R’ started for Starbucks one Sunday morning a practice that she had started a week ago, for her blog writing something she was very passionate about. Her waking up later than the time she needed to wake up, not remembering to re-schedule with the house staff so now she had to wait for her, receiving an unexpected phone call and her having to revisit the flat to pick up her pen and then her face towel were series of events that were moving her stepping out to a later timing. For every intrusion, she affirmed, ‘This is happening for a very good reason. Something very good will come out for me.’ Sitting in her car, as she placed the key in the ignition, she reviewed all of it. Even after she reached the destination she did not get the desired parking spot. She realised that all those were the resistance that she had encountered.

Question is why?

Even though her understanding was that she was on her way to do what she loved to do that is to go to café and to write on her favourite subject of human science. She still had attracted a battery of situations that were keeping her from doing that comfortably.

These unexpected events that took place between her leaving the home to reaching Starbucks were actually ‘resistance’. Her resistance was due to lack of willingness. She now needed to find out what was ‘the resistance keeping her from achieving’. This would provide her the answer to where the willingness was lacking.

And after she finds out where was her lack of willingness then that would answer what was causing all the resistance to show up and she could work on eliminating them. Letting go or eliminating the resistance will increase the willingness.

‘R’ was also finishing writing a book for which she wanted to clear some time in the week. Once she understood it was connected to the publishing of the book, she addressed the fears, hesitation, and responsibilities connected to completing and publishing the book.

How did she get over the resistance?

Under all conditions, she wrote her book with no excuses. She did tapping/EFT whenever she felt fear or energy lowering while writing the book.

Lack of willingness is unwillingness.

Unwillingness can be obvious or subtle. Some things you don’t like find difficult or don’t agree. Unwillingness for these is obvious. You openly say it or show it. When you love an action, look forward to learning and doing, is as per your plan and you still face situations that make moving forward not smooth. Unwillingness here is subtle.

In obvious unwillingness, you would welcome the resistance and use them as a logical rational reason not to move in that direction. In subtle unwillingness, you need to investigate. You need to dig out the reason for the unwillingness and recognise the resistance. Then you solve or let go them for smooth sail ahead.

These situations that you face are the resistance.

Resistances are towards change, personal growth, to accept help and support. Resistance could come up as situations with money, time, distance, doubt, questions, phone call, sleep, hunger, bio breaks, other alternative engagements, people and/or relationships. Largest resistance is not recognising what you already have and showing gratitude for what you have. Resistance becomes blockages connected to all the above. All these blockages give rise to thoughts and words that bring you down to low vibration. At this vibration, manifestation does not take place or sometimes is difficult or if it does happen, leaves you with the same low vibration in which you so relentlessly manifested. Thus, the joy of manifestation is missing here.

Understanding the reason for the resistance and removal of resistance converts the unwillingness to willingness.

Your willingness can help you achieve all that you set out to act on. It opens doors, creates and brings opportunities, support system, resources and gives energy for all that you want to do.

Willingness gives you the confidence that all is possible.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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